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Short write-up: Klezmer, Celtic, Americana, Scandinavian and other world/folk styles

Medium write-up: Allen Lutins is a multi-instrumentalist/ethnomusicologist who performs acoustic folk/world music with numerous ensembles in New York's central and Southern Tier regions.

Long write-up: Allen Lutins, a multi-instrumentalist/ethnomusicologist, performs with numerous acoustic ensembles in New York's central and Southern Tier regions. He is a co-founder of Klez Project (a klezmer ensemble), Rosetree (a contra dance band) and Playford Gang (an English Country Dance ensemble). He performs regularly with a number of folk and ethnic ensembles, including Klezmer Kings, Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble, and The Bardo Brothers. His primary instruments are clarinet, Irish whistles and guitar; he also plays Turkish saz and various percussion instruments, and received two years of training in Hindustani music on the sitar.

Photo with guitar courtesy of Marie Lutins.
Photo with clarinet courtesy of Murray Werner.
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