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Recent projects (items depicted are one-of-a-kind custom creations and are not for sale, although they can be duplicated on request):

nixie     sd

Nixie tube tester

Electronic component jewelry

Left to right:

  • Inductor - Alchemy
    Inductors are to electronics what the Philosopher's Stone was to alchemists, with their ability to convert energy directly between electricity and magnetism. Inductors made possible the invention of motors, generators and radios.
  • Full-Bridge Rectifier - Order from chaos
    The solid-state full-bridge rectifier circuit, which converts AC to DC, was essential to the development of handheld electronics.
  • Fuse - Protection from excess
    Fuses protect circuits from damage due to excess current flow.
  • EMI componensts - Protection from interference
    Made entirely of components used to block radio frequency interference, including ferrite beads and a toroidal choke.