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Location: Johnson City, NY - Grid FN22ac - 42° 7' 23" N 75° 58' 36" W
  • Transceivers: Yaesu FT-897D, Icom IC-T2H, Rock-Mite 40m and 80m QRP transceivers
  • Receivers: Icom R8500, Radio Shack DX440 (aka Sangean ATS803), numerous scanners
  • Antennas: G5RV Junior (HF), Grove Omni-II vertical (VHF/UHF)
Interests: LW/MW/SW/VHF/UHF monitoring (especially utilities), DX, digital modes, electronics tinkering
Personal statement: As a kid i was a shortwave monitoring enthusiast & ham operator. I gave up the hobbies when i left for college in 1981, and let my Novice license expire thereafter. Soon after the turn of the millenium i learned that the squeaks and squawks i heard as a youngster (digital signals) could be decoded with a PC soundcard & shareware. I acquired a Radio Shack DX440 (aka Sangean ATS803a) and renewed my interest in monitoring, later purchasing an Icom broadband receiver. In 2002 i took & passed my Technician Class license, and subsequently upgraded to General class.

By day i'm an EMI (electromagnetic interference) technician at a local engineering firm, and by night i'm a professional musician. I am a past president of the Binghamton Amateur Radio Association.


We are entrusted with radio spectrum that has enormous value -- which means that there is lots of competition for it, competition that would take it away from us unless we constantly demonstrate our value through public service and constantly grow our numbers. -Bill Coleman (N2BC)
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