allen's folk/dance tune index

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125ieme de Sainte Loui... Montreal Session
250 to Vigo Montreal Session
6/8 André à Toto Montreal Session
6/8 de Petit Sarny Montreal Session
6/8 du Petit Sarny Portland 2
6/8 en Ré Portland 2
60 Bougies Montreal Session
60 Roses All in a Roe Waltz Book 4
69th Steet Polka SPUDS
7/8 des Balkans Montreal Session
A Janta a Ja Little Couple-Dancemusik
A Jig Portland 3
A La Mode de France Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
A la Mode de France see Nonesuch Barnes 1
Aaron's Favorite YFN
Aaron's Key Portland 3
Aberdeen, or The De'ils Dead Barnes 2
Abergenny Barnes 1
Abe's Retreat Portland 1
Abigail Judge Montreal Session
Abram Circle Dance, The Barnes 2
Absent-Minded Man, The O'Neill's
Absent-Minded Man, The Montreal Session
Absentminded Woman, The O'Neill's
Absent-Minded Woman, The O'Neill's
Absent-Minded Woman, The Montreal Session
Accidental Portland 3
Accomplished Maid, The Barnes 1
Accordion Crimes Portland 3
Accordéonistes, Reel des Portland 1
accordéonistes, Reel Montreal Session
Ace And Deuce Of Piper... Montreal Session
Ace and Deuce of Pipering, The O'Neill's
Achil Air Montreal Session
Acorn Stomp, Part 2 Portland 3
Across the Black River Portland 3
Active Old Man, The Montreal Session
Adieu, The Barnes 2
Adirondack, The Portland 3
Adriatic Bridge, The Portland 3
Adson's Saraband Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Adson's Sarabande Barnes 1
Adventure at Margate, An Barnes 2
Advice, The Montreal Session
Africain, Reel Montreal Session
After Battle of Aughrim YFN
After Midnite Hornpipe Portland 2
After the Ball Was Over Little Couple-Dancemusik
After the Battle of Aughrim Fiddler's Fakebook
After the Battle of Aughrim SPUDS
After the Sun Goes Down O'Neill's
After The Sun Goes Down Montreal Session
Afton Water Little Couple-Dancemusik
ag bearra d na caoire Montreal Session
ag lia tra d sios an c... Montreal Session
ag liatra d air an seagal Montreal Session
ag sgra tana cd annsa ... Montreal Session
ag suiri d iad go leir Montreal Session
Agatha Barnes 2
ag-foileacd tri na noi... Montreal Session
Ah! Sure Such A Pair Montreal Session
Ahrntaler Landler Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ai Vise Lou Loop Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ailbe Grace's Polka Montreal Session
Aile Brise, L' Montreal Session
Aille's Arabesque Montreal Session
Aimé Gagnon Portland 3
Aimée Gagnon Montreal Session
aindear annsa crann si... Montreal Session
aindear deas ua ca bai... Montreal Session
aindear ua a t-luain, an Montreal Session
Air (Purcell) see Michael and All Angels Barnes 1
Air (Purcell) see Satisfaction Barnes 2
air galo da c an coile... Montreal Session
air la fuar gei mrea d Montreal Session
aisling an dia bail Montreal Session
aisling og an grai d Montreal Session
aislingui g me air mo ... Montreal Session
Aker Erland's Schottis SPUDS
Alabama Jubilee SPUDS
alambis, L' Montreal Session
Albany Assembly Barnes 2
Alchurch Barnes 1
Alderman's Hat, The Barnes 1
Alewoman, The Montreal Session
Alexander's Favourite Montreal Session
Alexander's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Alexandrovski Little Couple-Dancemusik
Alfred Montmarquette's SPUDS
Algorhythms see Frank Palmer Barnes 2
Alice Barnes 2
Alice - Siciliano Mendocino Tune Book
Alice's Reel Portland 2
Alison, Reel d' Montreal Session
All Alive Barnes 1
All Alive O'Neill's
All Alive Montreal Session
All Covered With Moss O'Neill's
All Covered With Moss Montreal Session
All Hands Around O'Neill's
All Hands Around Montreal Session
All Hands Upon Deck Montreal Session
All I Want is a Decent... Montreal Session
All in Together Montreal Session
All Quiet long the Potomac To-Night Civil War Songbook
All the Flwas [Alla Lopper; hambo] SPUDS
All The Night I Lay Awake Montreal Session
All the Rage Portland 1
All the Rage (Larry Unger 1989) SPUDS
All the Way to Galway O'Neill's
All the Way to Galway Portland 1
All the Way to Galway SPUDS
All The Way To Galway Montreal Session
Alle Bruder SPUDS
Allendale Piper, The Montreal Session
Allie Crocker Fiddler's Fakebook
Allistrum's March Montreal Session
Allmogesvang Little Couple-Dancemusik
Alma Brasileira Waltz Book 4
Almanac, The Mendocino Tune Book
Along with My Love I'll... Montreal Session
Alouette's Waltz Waltz Book 4
Alpenglow Waltz Book 4
Alta Sierra Waltz Waltz Book 3
Alter Plattler Little Couple-Dancemusik
Alterations Barnes 1
Althea Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Always Welcome O'Neill's
Always Welcome Montreal Session
Aly's Waltz Waltz Book 3
Am Buaichaille Ban Little Couple-Dancemusik
Amarillis Barnes 1
Amarillis Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Amazing Grace Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Amelia Pinewoods
Amelia Waltz Book 1
Amelia's Waltz see Leah's Waltz SPUDS
America Lies Far Away Montreal Session
American Husband, The Barnes 1
amitié, Reel de l' Montreal Session
Amorito Little Couple-Dancemusik
Amphitryon see Scotch Measure Barnes 1
Amphitryon, or The Two Sosias see Enfield Common Barnes 2
Amsbury Barnes 2
Amy in the Bog YFN
Ancestral Landscape Montreal Session
Anchor Steam Reel, The Portland 2
And the Cat Came Back Fiddling Across America
André Alain, Gigue Montreal Session
André Alain, Reel Montreal Session
Andrea's Waltz Barnes 2
Andrea's Waltz Waltz Book 2
Andrew Carey O'Neill's
Andrew Carr Montreal Session
Andy Cutting's Schotti... Montreal Session
Andy De Jarlis Portland 2
Angeline the Baker 2 Fiddler's Fakebook
Angelene the Baker Pinewoods
Angeline the Baker Fiddling Across America
Angeline the Baker SPUDS
Angeline the Baker YFN
Angeline the Baker I Fiddler's Fakebook
Angels Unawares Barnes 2
Angel's Whisper, The Montreal Session
Angry Peeler, The O'Neill's
Angry Peeler, The Montreal Session
Angus Campbell Fiddler's Fakebook
Animals (Purcell) see Measured Obsession Barnes 2
Aniseed Water Robin Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
ann ne na c tea gmail ... Montreal Session
anna ann ne nac mea br... Montreal Session
Anna Maria Barnes 1
Anna Maria Mendocino Tune Book
Anne Marie, Reel Montreal Session
Annelis Vals Waltz Book 4
Annie O'Neill Montreal Session
Anniversary Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Another Amelia's Waltz Waltz Book 3
Another Jig Will Do Fiddler's Fakebook
Another Jig Will Do O'Neill's
Another Jig Will Do! Montreal Session
Another Nancy's Fancy Barnes 2
Answer I Got, The Montreal Session
Antrim Lasses, The O'Neill's
Antrim Lasses, The Montreal Session
Anty's Fancy Portland 2
Anything for Joe John Montreal Session
Aon 's Do Na Pipbaireacda Montreal Session
Aonach druim-da-leac Montreal Session
Apley House Barnes 1
Apley House Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Apley House Mendocino Tune Book
Apple Blossom Fiddler's Fakebook
Apple Blossom Portland 2
Apples in Winter O'Neill's
Apples in Winter Montreal Session
Apprentice Boy, The Montreal Session
April Storm Portland 2
April Waltz Waltz Book 1
April Waltz (Selma Kaplan) SPUDS
Araby's Daughter Montreal Session
Archbishop II, The Barnes 2
Archbishop, The Barnes 1
Archibald McDonald Waltz Book 2
Archie Menzie's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Archie's Fancy Montreal Session
Are You Willing? O'Neill's
Are You Willing? Montreal Session
Argeers Barnes 1
Argeers Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Argo's Reel Portland 3
Aria di Camera see She Rose and Let Me In Barnes 2
Ariette du Printemps Montreal Session
Aristocracy Pinewoods
Arizona Portland 2
Arkansas Traveler YFN
Arkansas Traveler 1 Fiddler's Fakebook
Arkansas Traveler 2 Fiddler's Fakebook
Arkansas Traveler 3 Fiddler's Fakebook
Arkansas Traveler, The Montreal Session
Arlington Assembly Barnes 2
Armstrong's Waltz see Star of the County Down Barnes 1
Arnold's Circle Barnes 2
Around The World For S... Montreal Session
Around the World For Sport O'Neill's
A'Rovin' see Faithless Nancy Dawson Barnes 1
Arrah My Dear Eveleen! Montreal Session
Arran Air Arthur, Reel Montreal Session
Arran Boat Song Waltz Book 4
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba see Queen of Sheba II, The Barnes 2
Art O'Keefe's Montreal Session
Arthur Darley's Montreal Session
Arthur Seat Fiddler's Fakebook
Artist Life Little Couple-Dancemusik
As I Roved Out One Mor... Montreal Session
As Luck Will Have It see Halsway Sicilian Barnes 2
As Quick As You Please Barnes 1
As Slow Our Ship O'Neill's
As Through The Woods I... Montreal Session
As We Go About Our Work Montreal Session
Ash Grove SPUDS
Ash Grove Waltz Book 1
Ash Grove, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Asher Portland 1
Ashford Anniversary Mendocino Tune Book
Ashford Anniversary, The Barnes 1
Ashford Assembly, The Barnes 1
Ashokan Farewell Pinewoods
Ashokan Farewell Waltz Book 1
Ashokan Farewell Montreal Session
Ashplant reel Montreal Session
Ashtree Grove, The Montreal Session
Ask My Father O'Neill's
Ask My Father Montreal Session
Ass in the Graveyard Montreal Session
Astley's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Astonished Archaeologist, The Barnes 2
Astoria Lass Barnes 1
Asturian Way Portland 3
At hull Highlanders, The Fiddler's Fakebook
At Midnight Hour Montreal Session
At Nancy's House Barnes 2
At Rainbow's End Barnes 2
At the Side of the Road O'Neill's
Ata tu imthigthe fas u... Montreal Session
Athlone, The Montreal Session
Athole Highlander's Farewell to Loch Katrine, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Atholl Highlanders Portland 1
Atholl Highlanders SPUDS
Attingham Waltz, The Montreal Session
Attitude Problem (Ellie Knickman) SPUDS
Au Clair de la Lune Clarke Penny Whistle
Audenard Battle Barnes 2
Aughamore Montreal Session
Auld Fiddler, The Portland 3
Aunt Mary's [May's] Canadian Jig SPUDS
Aure Francoise Little Couple-Dancemusik
Auretti's Dutch Skipper Barnes 1
Auretti's Dutch Skipper Mendocino Multipart
Auretti's Dutch Skipper Mendocino Tune Book
Austin Barratts Montreal Session
Autumn in Amherst Barnes 2
Autumn Waltz Waltz Book 1
Autumn Woods O'Neill's
Autumn Woods Montreal Session
Avalanche Fiddler's Fakebook
Avalon Quickstep Fiddler's Fakebook
Aveugle, Le Reel Portland 1
Avonmore, The O'Neill's
Avonmore, The Montreal Session
Aye Me Barnes 1
Aye Me Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Ayre (Clarke) see Dance of the Lakes, The Barnes 2
B in the Bonnet, A see Bryon's Boutade Barnes 2
Béatrice, Reel Portland 1
Béloeil, Reel Portland 2
Baby Boomer's Birthday Barnes 2
Back of the Haggard O'Neill's
Back Of The Haggard Montreal Session
Back Step Cindy Fiddler's Fakebook
Back To Chernobyl Montreal Session
Back Up and Push Fiddler's Fakebook
Bad Hair Portland 1
Bad Hair (Rodney Miller 1985) SPUDS
Bad Luck to this Marching O'Neill's
Badger Gavotte Little Couple-Dancemusik
Baerendans Portland 3
Baffled Knight, The Barnes 1
Bag of Spuds Montreal Session
Baie St-Paul, La galop... Montreal Session
baintreabhach eireachd... Montreal Session
Baker's Breakdown Fiddler's Fakebook
Baker's Flower, The see Lavender Barnes 2
Baldheaded Bachelor, The Montreal Session
Balet Anglois see Demon Barber of Oak Hill, The Barnes 2
Balfe's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Balkan Hills Little Couple-Dancemusik
ball ua dia air do bir... Montreal Session
Ballahaboy Fair Montreal Session
Ballinasloe Fair O'Neill's
Ballinasloe Fair Montreal Session
Ballincollig In The Mo... Montreal Session
Ballincollig in the Morning O'Neill's
Balls to Hall Montreal Session
Bally Patrick Montreal Session
Ballydesmond Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ballyhooley O'Neill's
Ballyhooley Montreal Session
Ballykeal Jig, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Ballynamona Oro O'Neill's
Ballyoran Polka #1 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ballyoran Polka #2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ballyvaughan Reel, The O'Neill's
Balmoral Castle Clarke Penny Whistle
Balmoral Castle Little Couple-Dancemusik
Baltiorum Montreal Session
banais sineidin Montreal Session
Band Played On, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Bandon Bridge Montreal Session
Bang Your Frog On The ... Montreal Session
Banish Misfortune Fiddler's Fakebook
Banish Misfortune O'Neill's
Banish Misfortune Montreal Session
Banished to America Montreal Session
Bank of Ireland, The O'Neill's
Bank of Ireland, The Montreal Session
Bank of Ireland, The Portland 3
Bank of Turf, The Portland 3
Banks Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Banks Medley Tune Fiddling Across America
Banks O' Doon, The Waltz Book 3
Banks of Ahasnagh, The O'Neill's
Banks of Allan, The Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Banks of Avonmore, The O'Neill's
Banks of Banna, The Montreal Session
Banks of Claudy, The Montreal Session
Banks of Dunmore, The Montreal Session
Banks Of Lough Foyle, ... Montreal Session
Banks Of Lough Gowna, ... Montreal Session
Banks of Lough Gowna, The O'Neill's
Banks of Lough Gowna, The Portland 2
Banks of the Allan, The Portland 1
Banks of the Barrow, The Montreal Session
Banks of The Black Wat... Montreal Session
Banks of the Ilen, The O'Neill's
Banks Of The Ilen, The Montreal Session
Banks of the Nile, The Montreal Session
Banks Of The Shannon, ... Montreal Session
Banks of the Suir, The Montreal Session
Bannocks of Barley Meal Montreal Session
Banquet, The Montreal Session
Banshee, The Portland 1
Banshee, The Montreal Session
Banshee's Cry, The Montreal Session
Banshee's Wail Montreal Session
Bantry Bay O'Neill's
Bantry Bay Montreal Session
Bantry Bay Boys Montreal Session
Bantry Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Bantry Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Bantry Lasses O'Neill's
Bantry Lasses, The Montreal Session
Bar A Bar Mendocino Multipart
Bar A Bar Mendocino Tune Book
Bar-a-Bar Barnes 1
Barbara's Fancy Fiddler's Fakebook
Barbarini's Tambourine Barnes 1
Barbarini's Tambourine Mendocino Tune Book
Bard of Armagh, The Montreal Session
Bare Necessities Barnes 1
Bare Necessities Mendocino Tune Book
Bare Necessities Waltz Book 2
Barefoot Boy, The Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Barefoot Boy, The O'Neill's
Barefoot Boy, The Montreal Session
Bargenny Bowling Green Portland 2
Barham Down Barnes 1
Barley Grain, The Montreal Session
Barley Mow, The Barnes 2
Barlow Knife Fiddler's Fakebook
Barmaid, The Montreal Session
Barn Elms Barnes 1
Barndoor Jig, The Montreal Session
Barney Brallaghan O'Neill's
Barney Brallaghan Montreal Session
Barney Brallaghan see Hop-Pickers Feast Barnes 1
Barney O'Finnegan Montreal Session
Barney O'Neill O'Neill's
Barney O'Neill Montreal Session
Barony Jig, The O'Neill's
Barony Jig, The Montreal Session
Barrack Hill Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Barrack Hill O'Neill's
Barrack Hill Montreal Session
Barronstown Races, The O'Neill's
Barronstown Races, The Montreal Session
Barrowburn Reel (Addie Harper) SPUDS
Barrowburn Reel, The Portland 2
Barter's Hill Portland 3
Bartholomew Fair Barnes 1
Bartlett House Barnes 1
Bashful Bachelor, The O'Neill's
Bashful Bachelor, The Montreal Session
Bashful Beau, The Montreal Session
Bashful Lover, The Montreal Session
Bashful Maid, The O'Neill's
Bashful Maid, The Montreal Session
Bashful Swain Barnes 1
Basket of Oysters, The Montreal Session
Basket of Turf, The O'Neill's
Basket Of Turf, The Montreal Session
Basket of Yarn Portland 1
Batchelder's Portland 1
Batchelder's SPUDS
Batchelder's Montreal Session
Bath Carnival Barnes 1
Bath Medley Barnes 1
Bath Road Hornpipe Montreal Session
Battering Ram, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Battering Ram, The Montreal Session
Battle Cry of Freedom, The Civil War Songbook
Battle Eve, The Montreal Session
Battle Hymn of the Republic Civil War Songbook
Battle of Aughrim, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Battle of Aughrim, The Montreal Session
Battle of Killicrankie, The O'Neill's
Battle of Limerick, The O'Neill's
Battle of Waterloo, The Portland 3
Bay of Bantry, The O'Neill's
Bay Of Biscay O, The Montreal Session
Bay of Fundy Portland 1
Bay of Fundy YFN
Bay of Fundy I SPUDS
Bay of Fundy II SPUDS
Bay Tree, The Montreal Session
Bayrisch Polka #1 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Bayrisch Polka #2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Bayrischer Bauer Little Couple-Dancemusik
Be Easy You Rogue! O'Neill's
Be Easy You Rogue! Montreal Session
Beach Spring Barnes 2
Beadle of Grubb Street see Burghee's Hole Barnes 1
Beamish Hall Revisited Barnes 2
Beamish's Goat O'Neill's
Beamish's Goat Montreal Session
bean paidin ui mur ca da Montreal Session
beanti gearna maire ra... Montreal Session
Bear Gently, So Gently, the Roughly Made Bier Civil War Songbook
Beardless Boy, The Montreal Session
Beare Island Montreal Session
Beatrice, Reel Montreal Session
Beaulieu, Reel Montreal Session
Beaumont Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Beau's Retreat, The Barnes 2
Beauteous Fair Molly O'Neill's
Beauties of Ireland, The O'Neill's
Beauties Of Ireland, The Montreal Session
Beauties of the Ballroom Portland 3
Beautiful Fields Barnes 2
Beautiful Mary McKeon Montreal Session
Beauty in Tears Montreal Session
Beauty, The Waltz Book 3
Because He was A Bonny... Montreal Session
Because I Was a Bonnie... Montreal Session
Becky's Mode Portland 2
Bed Breaker Mendocino Tune Book
Bedford's Delight Montreal Session
Beechen Grove's New Hall Barnes 2
Been to the East, Been to the West Portland 1
Been to the East, Been to the West SPUDS
Bee's Knees, The Montreal Session
Bee's Wing Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Bee's Wing, The Montreal Session
Beethoven's Favorite Waltz SPUDS
Before I was Married O'Neill's
Before I Was Married Montreal Session
Beggar Boy, The Barnes 1
Beggar Boy, The Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Beggar's Belief Montreal Session
Beginning of the World, The Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Behind the Bush in the Garden O'Neill's
Behind the Bush in the Garden Portland 1
Behind the Bush in the Garden SPUDS
Behind The Bush In The... Montreal Session
Behind the Haystack O'Neill's
Behind The Haystack Montreal Session
Belfast Hornpipe Little Couple-Dancemusik
Belfast Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Belfast Jig Portland 2
Belfast Lasses, The O'Neill's
Belfast Lasses, The Montreal Session
Belgia Retriev'd Barnes 1
Belharbour, The Montreal Session
Believe Me For Each Little Couple-Dancemusik
Belknap's March Portland 2
Bell Cow Portland 3
Bell in Flag Montreal Session
Bellamira Barnes 1
Belle Catherine, La Portland 1
belle Catherine, La Montreal Session
Belle Gaspésie, La Portland 2
Belle Gaspésie, La YFN
Belle of Lexington, The Portland 3
Bellechasse, Reel de Montreal Session
Belles Of Clonallan, The Montreal Session
Belles of Liscarroll O'Neill's
Belles Of Liscarroll, ... Montreal Session
Belles of Omagh, The O'Neill's
Belles of Tipperary, The O'Neill's
Bellisle's March see The Review Barnes 1
Bellman's Jig SPUDS
Bells of Dover Portland 3
Beloeil, reel de Montreal Session
Bend of the River, The Montreal Session
Bending My Elbow (Enid Diamante) SPUDS
Bending the Ferret Montreal Session
Benjamin's Birth Day Barnes 2
Bennet's Favorite Portland 2
Benton's Dream Portland 1
Benton's Dream (Benton Flippen) SPUDS
Berceuse pour Hannah Waltz Book 4
Berceuse pour Hannah Montreal Session
Beren Tanz YFN
Berg Rosa Little Couple-Dancemusik
Bergerette: Sans Roche see Orly Triumphant Barnes 2
Bergslags Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Berkeley Reel Portland 3
béris, Reel de Montreal Session
Berserker Mazurka Montreal Session
Bert Ferguson Portland 1
Bert Ferguson Montreal Session
Bert Ferguson (Ian Burns) SPUDS
Bertil Ferneborg Vals Waltz Book 2
Beside a Rath O'Neill's
Beside A Rath Montreal Session
Beside a Silvery Stream Montreal Session
Beside the Bann O'Neill's
Beside the White Rocks Montreal Session
Besom in Bloom, The O'Neill's
Besom In Bloom, The Montreal Session
Bessy Murphy O'Neill's
Bessy Murphy Montreal Session
Best in the Bag, The O'Neill's
Best In The Bag, The Montreal Session
Best of Both Worlds Waltz Book 2
Beth Cohen's Portland 2
Bethena Little Couple-Dancemusik
Betrayed Lover, The Barnes 2
Betty Blue Barnes 2
Betty Liken Fiddler's Fakebook
Between the Strings Montreal Session
B-fuil amhras agad orm? Montreal Session
Bibb County Hoedown Portland 3
Biddy Early O'Neill's
Biddy Early Montreal Session
Biddy from Limerick Montreal Session
Biddy from Sligo Portland 1
Biddy I'm Not Jesting Fiddling Across America
Biddy I'm Not Jesting Montreal Session
Biddy is my Darling Montreal Session
Biddy Maloney O'Neill's
Biddy Maloney Montreal Session
Biddy's Wedding O'Neill's
Biddy's Wedding Montreal Session
Big Bear Portland 2
Big Chief SPUDS
Big Dan O'Mahony O'Neill's
Big Dan O'Mahony Montreal Session
Big John McNeil Montreal Session
Big Liza Jane Portland 1
Big Liza Jane SPUDS
Big Pat's Reel Montreal Session
Big Phatt Rag (Sarah Gowan) SPUDS
Big Sandy River Fiddler's Fakebook
Big Scioty Portland 2
Big Scioty YFN
Big Scioty, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Bijoux, Reel Portland 3
Bill Black's Portland 2
Bill Black's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Bill Black's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Bill Cheatham 1 Fiddler's Fakebook
Bill Cheatham 2 Fiddler's Fakebook
Bill Clancy's Delight O'Neill's
Bill Clancy's Delight Montreal Session
Bill Coffins' Jig Portland 1
Bill Ellis' Hornpipe Montreal Session
Bill Harte's Montreal Session
Bill Sullivans Polka YFN
Bill's French Tune (Bill Quern) SPUDS
Billy Barlow O'Neill's
Billy Barlow Montreal Session
Billy Byrne of Ballymanus Montreal Session
Billy Church Memorial Breakdown, The Portland 1
Billy in Lowground YFN
Billy in the Lowground SPUDS
Billy in the Lowground Portland 3
Billy in the Lowground 1 Fiddler's Fakebook
Billy in the Lowground 2 Fiddler's Fakebook
Billy in the Lowlands Portland 2
Billy McCormack O'Neill's
Billy Mccormick Montreal Session
Billy O'Rourke is the Boy O'Neill's
Billy O'rourke Is The Boy Montreal Session
Billy Taylor's Fancy Montreal Session
Billy Wilson Portland 2
Birchard's Hornpipe (Mike Springer) SPUDS
Bird Alone, The Montreal Session
Bird In a Gilded Cage, A Little Couple-Dancemusik
Bird in the Bush, The Montreal Session
Bird in the Bush, The Portland 3
Bird in the Cage, The O'Neill's
Bird in the Tree, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Birdie A Fiddler's Fakebook
Birdie B Fiddler's Fakebook
Birds in the Bushes, The O'Neill's
Birthday Greetings Barnes 2
Birthday Jubilee Barnes 2
Birthday Waltz, The Barnes 2
Bishop, The Barnes 1
Bitter Creek Fiddler's Fakebook
Bitter Creek Portland 3
Bittersweet Barnes 2
Bivouac of the Dead, The O'Neill's
bla ta dea g bolai g Montreal Session
Black and Grey see Trip to Kilburn Barnes 1
Black and the Grey, The Montreal Session
Black and White Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Black And White Rag Fiddling Across America
Black Boy Alley Barnes 1
Black Boy, The Barnes 1
Black Burke O'Neill's
Black Cat (reel), The Portland 1
Black Cat Jig, The Portland 1
Black Cock o' Whickham... Montreal Session
Black Donald the Piper O'Neill's
Black Donald The Piper Montreal Session
Black Earth Circle Little Couple-Dancemusik
Black Eyed Sailor, The Montreal Session
Black Eyed Susan Montreal Session
Black Eyed Suzie Fiddler's Fakebook
Black Eyed Suzie Pinewoods
Black Friday Portland 2
Black Frog, The Montreal Session
Black Haired Darling, ... Montreal Session
Black Haired Girl, The Montreal Session
Black Haired Lass, The O'Neill's
Black Haired Lass, The Montreal Session
Black Headed Darling, ... Montreal Session
Black Jack Barnes 1
Black Jack Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Black Jack Grove Portland 2
Black Joke YFN
Black Joke see Black Jack Barnes 1
Black Joke, The O'Neill's
Black Lettered List, The Montreal Session
Black Mathew Montreal Session
Black Mountain Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Black Nag Fiddler's Fakebook
Black Nag Mendocino Multipart
Black Nag YFN
Black Nag, The Barnes 1
Black Nag, The Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Black Nag, The Mendocino Tune Book
Black Rock Portland 3
Black Rogue, The O'Neill's
Black Rogue, The Montreal Session
Black Scoter, The Portland 3
Black Slender Boy, The Montreal Session
Black Velvet Waltz, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Blackberry Blossom YFN
Blackberry Blossom I Fiddler's Fakebook
Blackberry Blossom Reel Montreal Session
Blackberry Blossom, The O'Neill's
Blackberry Blossom, The Montreal Session
Blackberry Blossoms Portland 1
Blackbird SPUDS
Blackbird And The Hen,... Montreal Session
Blackbird, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Blackbird, The O'Neill's
Blackbird, The Montreal Session
Blackett o' Wylam Montreal Session
Blackeyed Biddy O'Neill's
Blackeyed Biddy Montreal Session
Blackeyed Sailor, The O'Neill's
Black-Eyed Susie Portland 2
Blackhaired Lass, The O'Neill's
Blackhawk Waltz Waltz Book 3
Blackheath Barnes 2
Blackmountain Jig Portland 1
Blackthorn Stick SPUDS
Blackthorn Stick, The O'Neill's
Blackthorn Stick, The YFN
Blackthorn Stick, The Montreal Session
Blackwell Hall Barnes 1
Blair Atholl Portland 1
Blair Atholl YFN
Blanchland Races Montreal Session
Blarney Pilgrim, The O'Neill's
Blarney Pilgrim, The Montreal Session
Blast of Wind, A Montreal Session
Blaw the Wind Southerly Montreal Session
Blaydon Races Barnes 1
Blazing Turf Fire, The O'Neill's
Blazing Turf Fire, The Montreal Session
Blenheim House Barnes 2
Blenheim Pound Barnes 2
Blewitt's Jig O'Neill's
Blind Billy Montreal Session
Blind Man's Reel, The Portland 1
Blind Mary Montreal Session
Bliven's Favorite O'Neill's
Blodau'r Drain SPUDS
Blood-Red Rose, The Montreal Session
Bloom of Youth, The O'Neill's
Bloom Of Youth, The Montreal Session
Bloom of Youth, The Montreal Session
Bloom of Youth, The Portland 3
Blooming Meadows, The O'Neill's
Blooming Meadows, The Montreal Session
Bloomsbury Market Barnes 2
Blow The Candle Out Montreal Session
Blue Bonnets Jig O'Neill's
Blue Bonnets Over the Border Portland 3
Blue Bonnet's Jig O'Neill's
Blue Bonnet's Jig Montreal Session
Blue Dress Waltz Waltz Book 4
Blue Earth Special, The Portland 3
Blue Eyed Maid, The Montreal Session
Blue Garters, The Montreal Session
Blue Jig (Joel Mabus 1994) SPUDS
Blue Jig, The Portland 2
Blue Monday Waltz Book 2
Blue Tuque, The Portland 2
Blue-Eyed Stranger Barnes 2
Blue-Eyed Stranger (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Bluegrass in the Backwoods Fiddler's Fakebook
Bluejay, The Portland 1
Bluemont Waltz Waltz Book 1
Blue's Gaen Oot o' the... Montreal Session
Bo Breac, An Montreal Session
bo t ag an aona c, an Montreal Session
Boat on Loch Lavan, The see Fifty-Fifty Barnes 2
Boatin' Up Sandy Fiddler's Fakebook
Boating Up Sandy YFN
Boatman Portland 2
Boatman (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Boatman, The Barnes 1
Boatman, The Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Boats of Killaloe Portland 2
Bob McQuillen's Reel Portland 2
Bob Olson Portland 2
Bobbing for Eels O'Neill's
Bobbing Joe Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Bobby Casey's Montreal Session
Bobby Shaftoe Fiddler's Fakebook
Bobby Shaftoe see Beamish Hall Revisited Barnes 2
Bobcat Shuffle (Bob Pasquarello) SPUDS
Bocht agus Sona ag 53 Portland 2
Boda Waltz Waltz Book 1
Bog Blossom, The Montreal Session
Bohemes, Les Montreal Session
Bohemian Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Boher O Huaid O'Neill's
Boil the Beefsteak Early O'Neill's
Boil the Breakfast Early O'Neill's
Boil The Breakfast Early Montreal Session
Boiled Goat's Milk O'Neill's
Boiled Goat's Milk Montreal Session
Boite a Frissons, La Montreal Session
Bold Deserter, The O'Neill's
Bold Deserter, The Montreal Session
Bold Dragon, The Montreal Session
Bold John O'Leary O'Neill's
Bold John O'Leary Montreal Session
Bold Soldier Boy, The Montreal Session
Bollywogs Montreal Session
Bolt the Door Mendocino Multipart
Bolt the Door Mendocino Tune Book
Bolt the Door Mendocino Tune Book
Bolt the Door O'Neill's
Bolt The Door Montreal Session
Bolt the Door see Jack's Health Barnes 1
Bonaparte Crossing the Catatonk YFN
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine Fiddler's Fakebook
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine Pinewoods
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine SPUDS
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine YFN
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine Portland 3
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine see First of October, The Barnes 2
Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains Fiddler's Fakebook
Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains YFN
Bonaparte Crossing The... Montreal Session
Bonaparte's Advance O'Neill's
Bonaparte's Advance Montreal Session
Bonaparte's Defeat O'Neill's
Bonaparte's Defeat Montreal Session
Bonaparte's Grand March Clarke Penny Whistle
Bonaparte's Grand March Montreal Session
Bonaparte's Retreat Fiddler's Fakebook
Bonaparte's Retreat O'Neill's
Bonaparte's Retreat Montreal Session
Bonheur au Quotidien, Le Montreal Session
bonhomme et la bonne f... Montreal Session
Bonhomme, Reel du Montreal Session
Bonhomme, Reel du Portland 3
Bonjour, comment ça va? Montreal Session
Bonnets So Blue Barnes 1
Bonnets So Blue Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Bonnie Anne Montreal Session
Bonnie At Morn Little Couple-Dancemusik
Bonnie at Morn Waltz Book 3
Bonnie Blue Flag, The Civil War Songbook
Bonnie Blue Flag, The Montreal Session
Bonnie Boy, The O'Neill's
Bonnie Boy, The Montreal Session
Bonnie Bunch of Roses Montreal Session
Bonnie Cate Barnes 1
Bonnie Charlie Mendocino Tune Book
Bonnie Charlie Portland 1
Bonnie Highlander, The O'Neill's
Bonnie Highlander, The Montreal Session
Bonnie Isabel Robertson Portland 3
Bonnie Isle O' Whalsay Fiddler's Fakebook
Bonnie Kate Fiddler's Fakebook
Bonnie Kate O'Neill's
Bonnie Kate Montreal Session
Bonnie Lad, The Montreal Session
Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord Fiddler's Fakebook
Bonnie Lassie, The O'Neill's
Bonny Breast Knot Barnes 1
Bonny Breast Knot (Sussex) Barnes 2
Bonny Breast Knot, The Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Bonny Cuckoo, The Barnes 1
Bonny Green Garters Barnes 2
Bonny Grey-Ey'd Morn Barnes 2
Bonny Laboring Boy Montreal Session
Bonny Pit Laddie, The Montreal Session
Bonny Sweet Robin see Ten for the Ten Commandments Barnes 2
Bonny Woods and Braes Montreal Session
Bonny, Bonny Broom (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Boo Baby's Lullabye Waltz Book 3
Book of Rights, The O'Neill's
Book Of Rights, The Montreal Session
Boot Shuffle Portland 1
Booth Shot Lincoln Portland 2
Booth Shot Lincoln SPUDS
Boring the Leather Portland 3
Bossom That Beats, The O'Neill's
Boston March (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Boston Urban Ceilidh, ... Montreal Session
Boswell's Fancy Portland 1
Botar Na Congbail Montreal Session
bothar go Cnoch-chuile... Montreal Session
Bottle of Porter, The Montreal Session
Bottom of the Punchbowl, The Portland 1
Bottom of the Punchbowl, The SPUDS
Bottom of the Punchbowl, The YFN
Bottom of the Punchbowl, The see Webley Figure Eight Barnes 2
Bouchaleen Bawn O'Neill's
Bouchaleen Buie O'Neill's
Bouchaleen oge O'Neill's
Bouchard's Hornpipe Portland 1
Bounce Upon Bess O'Neill's
Bouncing Boy, The Montreal Session
Bound to Have a Little Fun Portland 3
Boureé (Handel) see Handel With Care Barnes 1
Bouree Little Couple-Dancemusik
Bouree Droite de Fortpays Little Couple-Dancemusik
Bouree Tournant Montreal Session
Bouree Tournante du Pays Little Couple-Dancemusik
Bouzer Castle Barnes 2
Bowlegged Tailor, The O'Neill's
Bow-legged Tailor, The O'Neill's
Bow-Legged Tailor, The Montreal Session
Bowser I Portland 1
Bowser II Portland 1
Box About the Fireplace, The O'Neill's
Box Man, The Montreal Session
Box Man, The Portland 3
Boy From Home, A Montreal Session
Boy From the Glens, The Montreal Session
Boy From the Mountain, The O'Neill's
Boy From The Mountain,... Montreal Session
Boy From The Top Of Th... Montreal Session
Boy in the Boat, The O'Neill's
Boy in the Gap, The Portland 1
Boy of My Heart, The Montreal Session
Boy That Shaved His Father (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Boyne Hunt, The O'Neill's
Boyne Hunt, The Montreal Session
Boyne Water, The Montreal Session
Boyne Water Portland 3
Boys From Ballinafad, The O'Neill's
Boys from Kerry, The Montreal Session
Boys from Scart, The O'Neill's
Boys From Scart, The Montreal Session
Boys from the East, The Montreal Session
Boys in the Gap, The Montreal Session
Boy's Lament for his Dragon, The Portland 1
Boys of 25 (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Boys of Antrim SPUDS
Boys of Antrim, The Portland 3
Boys of Ballinafad, The O'Neill's
Boys Of Ballinafad, The Montreal Session
Boys of Ballinamore, The O'Neill's
Boys Of Ballinamore, The Montreal Session
Boys Of Ballinchalla, ... Montreal Session
Boys of Ballinchalla, The O'Neill's
Boys of Ballisadare, The O'Neill's
Boys of Ballisodare, The O'Neill's
Boys of Ballycastle Montreal Session
Boys of Ballycastle, The Portland 1
Boys Of Ballysadare, The Montreal Session
Boys of Ballysimon, The O'Neill's
Boys Of Ballysimon, The Montreal Session
Boys of Blue Hill YFN
Boys of Blue Hill, The Montreal Session
Boys of Bluehill, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Boys of Bluehill, The O'Neill's
Boys of Cappoquin, The O'Neill's
Boys Of Cappoquin, The Montreal Session
Boys of Carrigallen, The Montreal Session
Boys Of Comanore, The Montreal Session
Boys of Coomanore, The O'Neill's
Boys of Coomanore, The Montreal Session
Boys of Curraghmore, The Montreal Session
Boys of Galway, The O'Neill's
Boys Of Galway, The Montreal Session
Boys of Glanlough, The Montreal Session
Boys of Limerick, The O'Neill's
Boys of Malin, The Portland 3
Boys of Portaferry, The O'Neill's
Boys Of Portaferry, The Montreal Session
Boys of Tandragee, The Portland 1
Boys of the Lough, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Boys of the Lough, The O'Neill's
Boys of the Lough, The Portland 3
Boys of the Lough, The Montreal Session
Boys of the Town, The O'Neill's
Boys of the Town, The Portland 2
Boys of the Town, The Montreal Session
Boys of the West, The Montreal Session
Boys of Wexford, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Boys Of Wexford, The Montreal Session
Boys, My Money's All Gone Portland 2
Braes of Dornoch Barnes 2
Bran Deasmu Ma, a Montreal Session
Bran Iastadoire, a Montreal Session
Brandevin, Le Barnes 2
Brandy, Le Montreal Session
Brandywine Portland 3
Branle des Chevaux see Horseplay Barnes 2
Branohm Brave Volunteers, The Montreal Session
Brasstown Portland 2
Brave Boys Are They! Civil War Songbook
Braw Lads o' Jethart, ... Montreal Session
Braye's Maggot Barnes 2
Breakdown, The Montreal Session
Breaking Up Christmas Fiddler's Fakebook
Breakwater Boys Breakdown, The Portland 2
Breeches Mary O'Neill's
Breeches Mary Montreal Session
Brenda Stubbert YFN
Brenda Stubbert's Portland 1
Brenda Stubbert's Montreal Session
Brenda Stubbert's (Jerry Holland) SPUDS
Brendan McMahon's Portland 3
Breton 1 Montreal Session
Breton 2 Montreal Session
Breton Gavotte 1 Montreal Session
Breton Gavotte 2 Montreal Session
Breton Gavotte 3 Montreal Session
Brian Boru's March Montreal Session
Brian O'Lynn O'Neill's
Brian the Brave O'Neill's
Brian the Brave Montreal Session
Briarpicker Brown Fiddler's Fakebook
Briarpicker Brown Portland 1
Brick Makers Barnes 1
Brickyard Joe Fiddler's Fakebook
Bridal Jig, The O'Neill's
Bridal Jig, The Montreal Session
Bride of Malahide, The Montreal Session
Bride's a Bonnie Thing, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Bride's Reel, The Portland 2
Bridge of Athlone, The Montreal Session
Bridget McBride Montreal Session
Bridget McRory Montreal Session
Bridget's Back in Town (Larry Unger 1991) SPUDS
Bridgewater Boys Breakdown, The Portland 2
Bridgewater's Gain see Mrs. Pomeroy's Pavane Barnes 1
Bright Black Rose, The Montreal Session
Bright Evening, A Montreal Session
Bright Love of My Heart Montreal Session
Bright May Morning, A O'Neill's
Bright May Morning, A Montreal Session
Bright Morning, A Montreal Session
Bright Sun's Glorious Ray, The O'Neill's
Brighton Camp Country Dance Tunes (set 1)
Brilliancy Medley Fiddler's Fakebook
Bring on the Rain Montreal Session
Brink Of The White Roc... Montreal Session
Brisk Irish Lad, The O'Neill's
Britain's Success Barnes 2
Britains, The Barnes 2
Britains, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Britches Full of Stitches Montreal Session
Broad Sentry Montreal Session
Brochan Lorn Clarke Penny Whistle
Broken Pledge, The O'Neill's
Broken Pledge, The Montreal Session
Broken-Legged Chicken,... Montreal Session
Brookie the Wheaton is... Montreal Session
Broom, the Bonny, Bonny Broom Barnes 1
Broom, the Bonny, Bonny Broom Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Brosna Slide Montreal Session
Broue, Reel de la Portland 3
Brown Button Shoes Fiddling Across America
Brown Haired Boy, The Montreal Session
Brown Maid, The Montreal Session
Brown Mallet, The Montreal Session
Brown Thorn, The Montreal Session
Bruacha locha feabhail Montreal Session
Bruacha na sionain Montreal Session
Brumley Brae Portland 3
Bruno Bryan O'lynn Montreal Session
Brushy Run Portland 2
Bryan O'Lynn Montreal Session
Bryon's Boutade Barnes 2
bu d duine uasal noa m... Montreal Session
buacaill freapa d, an Montreal Session
Buacaillua uachdar an ... Montreal Session
Bubbling Wine Montreal Session
Buck Mountain Portland 1
Buckle Up the Backstrap Portland 3
Buckley's Fancy O'Neill's
Buckley's Fancy Montreal Session
Bucks of Oranmore, The O'Neill's
Bucks Of Oranmore, The Montreal Session
Bucks of Westmeath, The O'Neill's
Bucks Of Westmeath, The Montreal Session
Buck's Waltz Waltz Book 1
Bucky Highlander, The O'Neill's
Buenos Dias Little Couple-Dancemusik
Buffalo Gals Pinewoods
Buffalo Girls Portland 3
Bull at the Wagon Fiddler's Fakebook
Bullock's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Bumblebee in a Jug Portland 1
Bummer's Reel Portland 1
Bumper Squire Jones Montreal Session
Bunch of Clover, The O'Neill's
Bunch of Currants, The O'Neill's
Bunch of Fives, The Barnes 1
Bunch of Green Rushes, The O'Neill's
Bunch Of Green Rushes,... Montreal Session
Bunch of Haws, A Montreal Session
Bunch of Keys I, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Bunch of Keys II Fiddler's Fakebook
Bunch of Roses, The O'Neill's
Bunch Of Roses, The Montreal Session
Bundle and Go O'Neill's
Bundle and Go Portland 1
Bundle and Go SPUDS
Bung Your Eye Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Bunker Hill O'Neill's
Bunker Hill Montreal Session
Buon Giorno! Little Couple-Dancemusik
Burghee's Hole Barnes 1
Burn's Farewell Montreal Session
Burnt Old Man, The Portland 1
Burnt Old Man, The Montreal Session
Burnt River Montreal Session
Bury Fair Barnes 1
Bury Fair Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Bus Stop (Anita Anderson) SPUDS
Bus Stop Reel Portland 1
Bus Stop Reel YFN
Bus Stop reel Montreal Session
Bush in Bloom, The O'Neill's
Bush In Bloom, The Montreal Session
Bush on the Hill, The Portland 2
Bush on the Hill, The Montreal Session
Buskin Barnes 2
Butcher's Apron, The Montreal Session
Butcher's Cave, The Montreal Session
Butcher's March, The O'Neill's
Butcher's March, The Montreal Session
Butcher's Row Portland 2
Butlers of Glen Avenue Montreal Session
Buttercups and Daisies Montreal Session
Buttered Peas Mendocino Multipart
Buttered Peas Mendocino Tune Book
Butterfly Montreal Session
Butterfly, The Barnes 1
Butterfly, The Country Dance Tunes (set 1)
Butterfly, Thesee Friendly Brooke, The Barnes 2
Buttermilk Mary O'Neill's
Buttermilk Mary Montreal Session
Buttonhole, The see Rose of Rochester Barnes 1
Buzz the 9 Portland 2
Buzzard's Bay Barnes 1
By the Brookside Montreal Session
By Your Leave, Larry Grogan O'Neill's
Byrne's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Byrne's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Célina Portland 1
Cabar Feigh Montreal Session
Cabernet Waltz Book 4
Cabri Waltz Fiddler's Fakebook
Cabri Waltz Waltz Book 1
Cachucha, La Waltz Book 4
Cacklin' Hen Fiddler's Fakebook
Cadgers' Caper Barnes 2
Caerdroea see Waterfall Waltz Barnes 1
Caesar's Waltz Waltz Book 2
Café Waltz Waltz Book 4
Cahill's Courtship O'Neill's
Cahill's Courtship Montreal Session
Cahill's Workshop O'Neill's
Cahill's Workshop Montreal Session
Cahiramee O'Neill's
Cahiramee Montreal Session
Cahirciveen Montreal Session
Cahir's Kitchen Montreal Session
cailin an stain-earra da Montreal Session
cailin ban ua ceann-sa... Montreal Session
Cailin gan gunnadh Montreal Session
cailin gan sprei d, an Montreal Session
cailin leis na miog su... Montreal Session
cailin tuirseach, An Montreal Session
cailin ua Droichiod-na... Montreal Session
Cailin ua iachdar na E... Montreal Session
Cailleach an Airgid O'Neill's
caillini de ar bailesa... Montreal Session
caime na a mne Montreal Session
caipin anairt, an Montreal Session
Cairin' O't, The Portland 1
caislean-glais Montreal Session
caitilin beag ni cearn... Montreal Session
Caitilin Tirriall Montreal Session
Cakewalk Portland 1
Caladh na bhuasce o Montreal Session
Caledonian Hunt, The Montreal Session
Call it a Night Waltz Book 3
Callan Lasses, The O'Neill's
Callan Lasses, The Montreal Session
Calling Wood, The Portland 3
Calliope House Portland 1
Calliope House YFN
Calliope House Montreal Session
Calliope House (David Richardson) SPUDS
Cameron Highlanders Montreal Session
Cameron Highlanders, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Cameron House Montreal Session
Cameronian Reel, The O'Neill's
Cameronian Reel, The Montreal Session
Camillien camp, Marche au Montreal Session
Camp Chase Fiddler's Fakebook
Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July Portland 2
Camp Pleasant Jig Portland 2
Campbell River Jig Portland 1
Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap Fiddler's Fakebook
Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap YFN
Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle Portland 2
Campbell's Farewell Waltz (Craig Newberger) SPUDS
Camptown Races YFN
Can I Go, Dearest Mother? Civil War Songbook
Canadian Holiday Portland 2
Canal in October, Le Montreal Session
Candles in the Dark Waltz Book 4
Cannie Hobbie Elliot Montreal Session
Canny Sugach O'Neill's
Canny Sugach Montreal Session
Cantares de Mi Tierra Little Couple-Dancemusik
Canyon Jig Fiddling Across America
Cape Breton Jig Portland 2
Cape May Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Capers Montreal Session
Capt. Corbett's Hornpi... Montreal Session
Capt. Keller's Reel Montreal Session
Capt. McDonald's Favorite Montreal Session
Captain Byng Little Couple-Dancemusik
Captain Byng O'Neill's
Captain Byng Montreal Session
Captain Henry O'Kain Waltz Book 2
Captain Kelly Montreal Session
Captain Kelly's Reel O'Neill's
Captain Kelly's Reel Montreal Session
Captain O'Clery's Fancy Montreal Session
Captain O'Kane Montreal Session
Captain O'Kane see Winter Waltz Barnes 2
Captain O'Neill O'Neill's
Captain O'Neill Montreal Session
Captain Rock O'Neill's
Captain Rock Montreal Session
Captain Thornton's Delight O'Neill's
Capuchons, Gigue des Montreal Session
Car Park Jig, The Montreal Session
cara bat sioda, an Montreal Session
Carbray's Frolics O'Neill's
Carbray's Frolics Montreal Session
Caribou Reel Portland 1
Caribou, Reel de Montreal Session
Carillon At Sneek, The Barnes 1
Carillon at Sneek, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Carinito Little Couple-Dancemusik
Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire Montreal Session
Carmen, Galope Montreal Session
Carnival Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Carnival March, The Montreal Session
Carolan's Concerto Fiddler's Fakebook
Carolan's Cottage Waltz Book 4
Carolan's Welcome Little Couple-Dancemusik
Carolan's Welcome Waltz Book 2
Caroline Montreal Session
Caroline O'neill's Hor... Montreal Session
Caroline O'Neill's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Caroline, La Gigue Montreal Session
Carpathian Tune SPUDS
carraig na m-ban Montreal Session
Carraroe, The Portland 2
carrefour, Reel du Montreal Session
Carrigaline Montreal Session
Carroll County Blues Fiddler's Fakebook
Carroll County Blues Fiddling Across America
Carshalton Oaks see Surrey Hills Barnes 2
Casadh An tSugain Clarke Penny Whistle
Cascata de Lagrimas Little Couple-Dancemusik
Casey Jones YFN
Casey the Whistler O'Neill's
Casey The Whistler Montreal Session
Cashmere Shawl, The O'Neill's
Cashmere Shawl, The Montreal Session
Casog Caitighthe, An Montreal Session
Casog Glas, An Montreal Session
Castle Aaaa, The Portland 3
Castle Donovan O'Neill's
Castle Donovan Montreal Session
Castle House Rag Little Couple-Dancemusik
Castle Hyde Montreal Session
Castle Island Montreal Session
Castle Jig, The Portland 2
Castle Of Dromore, The Montreal Session
Castle Street Jig, The O'Neill's
Castle Walk, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Castle's Half and Half Little Couple-Dancemusik
Castletown Conners O'Neill's
Castletown Conners Montreal Session
Cat and the Bacon, The O'Neill's
Cat And The Bacon, The Montreal Session
Cat in the Corner, The O'Neill's
Cat In The Corner, The Montreal Session
Cat in the Hopper SPUDS
Cat in the Hopper Portland 3
Cat in the Kitchen (Bob McQuillen 1975) SPUDS
Cat on a Leash Portland 1
Cat on a Leash SPUDS
Cat Out of the Bag YFN
Cat Scratch reel Montreal Session
Cat That Ate the Sidecomb, The O'Neill's
Catching of Fleas Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Catching Of Fleas Montreal Session
Catching of Quails Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Catdancer Barnes 2
Cat Fish Jig Portland 3
Catharsis Portland 1
Catharsis Montreal Session
Catherine Nowlan Montreal Session
Catherine Tyrrell Montreal Session
Catholic Boys, The Montreal Session
Cat's Back, The Montreal Session
Cat's Cradle Barnes 2
Cat's Jig (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Cat's Meow, The Montreal Session
Cattle in the Cane Fiddler's Fakebook
Cattle in the Cane Portland 2
Caves of Cong, The Montreal Session
Cecile Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Cecilia Barnes 2
Celia Connellan Montreal Session
Celia O'Gara Montreal Session
Celina Le Blanc Fiddling Across America
Cemetery Road Portland 3
Cepta Byrne's Montreal Session
Chéticamp Portland 1
Chaîne du Reel, La Portland 2
Chaceauguay, Reel de Montreal Session
chaise noire, La Montreal Session
Chaitilin shileas mo c... Montreal Session
Chamberlain Portland 1
Chambre Rousse Montreal Session
Champaign Jig Goes to Columbia, The Portland 3
Champion, The Fiddling Across America
Chance Creek Waltz Book 4
Chanter's Tune, The Montreal Session
Chantiers, Reel des Montreal Session
Charge, La Montreal Session
Charles Mac Hugh Montreal Session
Charles O'Reilly Montreal Session
Charley The Prayermaster Montreal Session
Charlie Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Charlie Harris's Polka Montreal Session
Charlie Hunter Montreal Session
Charlie Mulvihill's Portland 2
Charlie Stewart O'Neill's
Charlie Stewart Montreal Session
Charlie Stuart's Jig Montreal Session
Charlie the Prayermaster O'Neill's
Charlie's Jig Montreal Session
Charmer, The see Edwin's Maggot Barnes 1
Charming Fair Maid, The Montreal Session
Charming Maid Barnes 2
Charming Mary Kelly Montreal Session
Charming Mary O'Neill Montreal Session
Charming Molly Brallaghan O'Neill's
Charming Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Charming Young Widow, ... Montreal Session
Charms of Music, The O'Neill's
Chassepain Chat Noir, Le Montreal Session
Chattanooga Portland 3
Chattering Magpie, The Montreal Session
Chealsea Reach Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Cheat Mountain Portland 1
Cheer Up, Old Hag O'Neill's
Cheerily and Merrily Barnes 2
Cheerily and Merrily Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Chelmsford Assembly Barnes 1
Chelsea Reach Barnes 1
Chere Mama Creole Fiddling Across America
Cherish the Ladies Fiddler's Fakebook
Cherish the Ladies O'Neill's
Cherish The Ladies Montreal Session
Cherokee Shuffle Fiddler's Fakebook
Cherokee Shuffle YFN
Cherry Orchard, The Waltz Book 3
Cherry River Rag Fiddling Across America
Cherry Tree Reel Portland 1
Cheshire Rounds Barnes 1
Cheshire Waltz Montreal Session
Chester Ladies Chocolate Round O, The Barnes 2
Chester Schottische Little Couple-Dancemusik
Chestnut Barnes 1
Chestnut Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Cheviot Rant, The Montreal Session
Chevy Chase Montreal Session
Chicago Reel, The O'Neill's
Chicago Reel, The Montreal Session
Chickadee's Polka (Bob McQuillen 1975) SPUDS
Chicken In the Barnyard Fiddling Across America
Chicken Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Chicoutimi, Reel Montreal Session
Chief O'Neill's Favorite Fiddler's Fakebook
Chief O'Neill's Favorite O'Neill's
Chief O'Neill's Favorite Montreal Session
Chief O'Neill's Favourite O'Neill's
Chief O'Neill's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Chief O'Neill's Visit Montreal Session
Chieftain, The Montreal Session
Chigwell Row Barnes 1
Child Grove YFN
Child of My Heart O'Neill's
Child Of My Heart Montreal Session
Childgrove Barnes 1
Childgrove Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Childgrove Mendocino Multipart
Childgrove Fiddler's Fakebook
Childgrove Mendocino Tune Book
Childgrove Portland 1
Children of the Battle Field, The Civil War Songbook
Chinese Breakdown Fiddler's Fakebook
Chinese Breakdown SPUDS
Chipchase Reel, The Portland 2
Chirps and Grain Portland 2
Chocolate Heart, The Waltz Book 2
Chocolate Round O Mendocino Tune Book
Choice Wife, The Montreal Session
Chopin Waltz Opus 69 No2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Chorus Jig Fiddler's Fakebook
Chorus Jig YFN
Chorus Jig, The O'Neill's
Chorus Jig, The Montreal Session
Chorus Reel, The O'Neill's
Chorus Reel, The Montreal Session
Chouchenn Waltz Book 4
Christchurch Bells Barnes 1
Christchurch Bells Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Christchurch Bells Mendocino Tune Book
Christelle's Jig Montreal Session
Christening, The O'Neill's
Christening, The Montreal Session
Christina Barnes 1
Christine and Ed's Waltz see Golden Anniversary Waltz Barnes 1
Christmas at Zeist Barnes 2
Christmas Day Ida Moarnin' Fiddler's Fakebook
Christmas Eve Montreal Session
Christy Barry's No. 1 Montreal Session
Church Hill O'Neill's
Church Hill Montreal Session
Church of Dromore, The Montreal Session
Ciaran's Capers Montreal Session
Ciarraigheach Finnsgeu... Montreal Session
Ciel d'automne Montreal Session
Cielito Lindo Little Couple-Dancemusik
Cincinnati Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Cincinnati Rag, The Portland 2
Cindy Fiddler's Fakebook
Cinecittà Waltz Book 4
Cinq Jumelles, Reel des Montreal Session
Cinquieme Partie du Caledonia, La Portland 1
Cion A' Bhuntata Clarke Penny Whistle
Circus Jig Mendocino Tune Book
Citrouilles, Reel des Montreal Session
City of Savannah Little Couple-Dancemusik
City of Savannah Montreal Session
Clan March, A Montreal Session
Clancy's Fancy Reel O'Neill's
Clancy's Fancy Reel Montreal Session
Clancy's Frolics O'Neill's
Clancy's Frolics Montreal Session
Clancy's Reel Montreal Session
Claoideaad Buonapart Montreal Session
Claqueuse, La Portland 2
Clarance House Barnes 2
Clare Jig, The Portland 2
Clare Jig, The Montreal Session
Clark's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Clark's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Clarkson's Reel O'Neill's
Clarkson's Reel Montreal Session
Clay of Cill Creggan (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Clay Pipe, The O'Neill's
Clayhole Waltz Waltz Book 3
Clevedon Sicilian Barnes 2
Cleveland Park Portland 3
Clever Colleen, The Montreal Session
Cliff Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Cliffs of Moher SPUDS
Cliffs of Moher, The O'Neill's
Cliffs of Moher, The Portland 1
Cliffs of Moher, The Montreal Session
Clinton Portland 2
Cloch na Ron Montreal Session
Clock In The Steeple, ... Montreal Session
Clock in the Steeple, The O'Neill's
Clog de Pariseau Portland 3
Clonmel Lasses, The O'Neill's
Cloone Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Cloone Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Clopton Bridge Mendocino Tune Book
Close to the Floor O'Neill's
Cloud Nine Portland 3
Cloudy Morning, A O'Neill's
Cloudy Morning, A Montreal Session
Clout, The Barnes 2
Clover Blossom, The O'Neill's
Clover Blossom, The Montreal Session
Cluaineorachd, An Montreal Session
Cluck Old Hen Fiddler's Fakebook
Cluck Old Hen YFN
Cluckin' Hen Fiddler's Fakebook
Clumsy Lover Montreal Session
Cnapi de Lea Tair Montreal Session
Cnoc Baile-na-ros Montreal Session
Cnoc Ceupeir Montreal Session
Cnoic Uisnach Montreal Session
Co Ma Cd's Tuile le Do... Montreal Session
Cobb Hill (Chloe Maryam Maher) SPUDS
Cobbler, The Montreal Session
Cobbler's Hornpipe see Mr. Englefield's New Hornpipe Barnes 1
Cobbler's Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Cock and Hen, The Montreal Session
Cock in the Heath, The O'Neill's
Cockle Geordie Montreal Session
Cockle Shells Barnes 2
Cockle Shells Mendocino Tune Book
Codhladh an sionnaigh Montreal Session
Coey's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Coffee Portland 1
Coffee and Tea Montreal Session
Cogar an Aingil Montreal Session
Coi Mleanga Muilleann ... Montreal Session
Coigreach Treigthe, An Montreal Session
Coilea c Agus an Cear ... Montreal Session
Cois na Carraige Baine Montreal Session
Col McBain Montreal Session
Col. Mcbain Montreal Session
Cold Frosty Morning SPUDS
Coleman's Cross Fiddler's Fakebook
Coleman's March SPUDS
Coleraine Fiddler's Fakebook
Coleraine SPUDS
Coleraine YFN
Coliseum Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Colleen Dhas Dhonn O'Neill's
College Grove YFN
College Grove, The O'Neill's
College Grove, The Montreal Session
College Groves Fiddler's Fakebook
College Groves, The Montreal Session
College Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Collier's Daughter, The Barnes 1
Collier's Daughter, The Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Collier's Daughter, The Mendocino Tune Book
Collier's Reel, The O'Neill's
Collier's Reel, The Montreal Session
Collough a Thusa O'Neill's
Colonel Fraser O'Neill's
Colonel Fraser Montreal Session
Colonel Hopkins Montreal Session
Colonel McBain O'Neill's
Colonel McBain Portland 3
Colonel McBain's Reel Montreal Session
Colonel Robertson Little Couple-Dancemusik
Colonel Rodney O'Neill's
Colonel Rodney Montreal Session
Colored Aristocracy Fiddler's Fakebook
Colored Aristocracy SPUDS
Comb Your Hair And Cur... Montreal Session
Comb Your Hair and Curl It O'Neill's
combat, reel du Montreal Session
Come Along With Me O'Neill's
Come Along With Me Montreal Session
Come And Find the Quiet Center see Beach Spring Barnes 2
Come Back to Erin Montreal Session
Come Dance and Sing Fiddler's Fakebook
Come Dance and Sing SPUDS
Come Dance and Sing YFN
Come Down and Let Me In O'Neill's
Come In From the Rain O'Neill's
Come In From The Rain Montreal Session
Come Let's Be Merry Barnes 1
Come Let's Be Merry Little Couple-Dancemusik
Come Let's Be Merry Mendocino Multipart
Come Let's Be Merry Mendocino Tune Book
Come Now or Stay O'Neill's
Come Now Or Stay Montreal Session
Come O'er the Stream, Charlie Little Couple-Dancemusik
Come O'er the Stream, Charlie seeWaltz Country Dance Barnes 2
Come on Wee Man Montreal Session
Come Over the Water to Charlie Little Couple-Dancemusik
Come to Dinner O'Neill's
Come To Dinner Montreal Session
Come To The Bottle House Montreal Session
Come to the Bridal Montreal Session
Come to the Dance Montreal Session
Come to the Raffle O'Neill's
Come to Your "Tay" O'Neill's
Come Under My Plaidie Portland 3
Come Up Stairs With Me Montreal Session
Come Upstairs With Me O'Neill's
Come West Along the Road O'Neill's
Come West Along the Road Montreal Session
Come With Me Now O'Neill's
Come With Me Now Montreal Session
Comely Jane Dowling O'Neill's
Comely Jane Downing Montreal Session
Comely Maiden, The Montreal Session
Comet Rag Little Couple-Dancemusik
Comical Fellow, The Barnes 1
Coming From the Races O'Neill's
Coming From the Wedding O'Neill's
Coming From The Wedding Montreal Session
Coming Of Spring, The Montreal Session
Coming Over the Hills O'Neill's
Coming Over The Hills Montreal Session
Coming Through the Fields O'Neill's
Commodore, The Montreal Session
Companions Barnes 2
Complainte du Folklori... Montreal Session
Compliments to Sean Maguire Portland 2
Comrades, I Am Dying! Civil War Songbook
Con Casey's Jig O'Neill's
Con Casey's Jig Montreal Session
Con Cassidy's Jig Portland 2
Concert Reel, The Portland 3
Concertina Hornpipe Montreal Session
Condon's Frolics O'Neill's
Condon's Frolics Montreal Session
Condy Magan O'Neill's
Confess Barnes 1
Confess Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Confesse, His Tune see Confess Barnes 1
Congress Reel, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Congress Reel, The Portland 2
Congress reel, The Montreal Session
Conlon's reel Montreal Session
Connachman, The Montreal Session
Connacht Mother's Slum... Montreal Session
Connacht Outcry, The Montreal Session
Connacht Ranger, The O'Neill's
Connachtman's Rambles, The O'Neill's
Connachtman's Rambles,... Montreal Session
Connaught-Man's Ramble Montreal Session
Connaughtman's Rambles SPUDS
Connaughtman's Rambles, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Connaughtman's Rambles, The YFN
Connaughtman's Rambles, The YFN
Connaughtman's Rambles... Montreal Session
Connie the Soldier O'Neill's
Connie The Soldier Montreal Session
Considine's Grove O'Neill's
Considine's Grove Montreal Session
Constancy Barnes 1
Constant Billy Barnes 2
Constant Billy Clarke Penny Whistle
Constant Lover, The Barnes 2
Constitution March SPUDS
Contentment is Wealth O'Neill's
Contentment Is Wealth Montreal Session
Contradiction Reel, The O'Neill's
Contradiction Reel, The Montreal Session
Contradiction, The Montreal Session
Contrazz Portland 1
Convenience Reel, The Portland 1
Convention, The Barnes 1
Cook in the Kitchen, The O'Neill's
Cook In The Kitchen, The Montreal Session
Cooleen Bridge O'Neill's
Cooleen Bridge Montreal Session
Cooley's Montreal Session
Cooley's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Cooley's Reel Portland 1
Coolin With Variations... Montreal Session
Cooney's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Cooney's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Cooper o' Stannerton H... Montreal Session
Copperplate Reel, The Montreal Session
Coquetside Montreal Session
Cordal Jig, The Portland 2
Corelli's Maggot Barnes 1
Corelli's Maggot Mendocino Multipart
Corelli's Maggot Mendocino Tune Book
Cori McLenon Waltz Book 2
Cori-Lation Portland 3
Corkonian, The O'Neill's
Corn Rigs Barnes 2
Corney Drew's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Corney Drew's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Corney Is Coming O'Neill's
Corney Is Coming Montreal Session
Coronation Day, The Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Corovoth Jig, The O'Neill's
Corporation, The Barnes 1
Corylus Barnes 2
Cotery, The Barnes 2
Cotillon, Le Portland 2
Cottage in the Grove Portland 1
Cottage In The Grove, ... Montreal Session
Cottey House Barnes 1
Cotton Baggin' Portland 1
Cotton Patch Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Cotton Patch Rag Fiddling Across America
Cotton-Eyed Joe Fiddler's Fakebook
Cotton-Eyed Joe Portland 2
Cottonwood Barnes 2
Count Not the Hours Montreal Session
Country Farmer, The Barnes 1
Country Farmer, The Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Country Gardens Barnes 2
Country Gardens SPUDS
Country Waltz Fiddler's Fakebook
Country Waltz, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Countryside Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
County Limerick Buckhunt, The O'Neill's
Courante see Terpsicourante Barnes 2
Courier, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Courtesan's Jig Portland 1
Courting Them All O'Neill's
Courting Them All Montreal Session
Courtney's Favorite O'Neill's
Courtney's Favorite Montreal Session
Courtney's Favourite O'Neill's
Courtney's Jig Montreal Session
Cowboy Jig, The Portland 1
Cowboy's Dream Portland 2
Cowboy's Jig SPUDS
Cowslip Barnes 2
Crabbit Shona Montreal Session
Crabs in the Skillet O'Neill's
Crabs in the Skillet Montreal Session
Craig's Reel O'Neill's
Craig's Reel Montreal Session
Cranberry Rock Portland 3
Crannciuil Montreal Session
crannciuil cluain Montreal Session
crannciuil li berpuil Montreal Session
crannciuil ui dun ca da Montreal Session
Crazy Creek Fiddler's Fakebook
Crested Hens Montreal Session
Cricket on the Hearth Fiddler's Fakebook
crioscosa glais Montreal Session
Cripple Creek Portland 3
Cripple Creek 1 Fiddler's Fakebook
Cripple Creek 2 Fiddler's Fakebook
Cripple With the Crutches, The O'Neill's
Crock of Gold Montreal Session
Crock of Gold, The Portland 3
Crockett's Honeymoon Portland 1
Cronin's Favorite O'Neill's
Cronin's Favorite Montreal Session
Cronin's Frolics O'Neill's
Cronin's Frolics Montreal Session
Cronin's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Cronin's Rambles O'Neill's
Cronin's Rambles Montreal Session
Crook Brothers Tune Portland 3
Crooked Stovepipe SPUDS
Croosting Cap, The O'Neill's
Croppies' March No.2, ... Montreal Session
Croppies' March, The Montreal Session
Croppy Boy, The Montreal Session
Croppy Tailor, The Montreal Session
Crosbey Square Barnes 1
Crosbey-Square Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Cross Eyed Fiddler Fiddler's Fakebook
Cross Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Cross the Fence Montreal Session
Crossing The Field Montreal Session
Crossing the Stream Montreal Session
Crossing to Ireland Waltz Book 1
Crossing to Ireland see Winter Waltz Barnes 2
Crossroads Dance, The Montreal Session
Crowley's Portland 2
Crown the Year Barnes 2
Crow's Nest, The Montreal Session
Cruac Suas Na Giobaltde Montreal Session
Cruinniu na mBad (Gathering of the Boats) Portland 3
Cruiskeen Lawn, The Montreal Session
Cruiskin, The Montreal Session
Crystal Spring Barnes 2
cu ui ra gallai g Montreal Session
Cuckold Come Out o' th... Montreal Session
Cuckolds All in a Row see Hey Boys, Up We Go Barnes 1
Cuckoo Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Cuckoo, The Montreal Session
Cuckoo's Nest Fiddler's Fakebook
Cuckoo's Nest, The Portland 3
Cuckoo's Nest SPUDS
Cuckoo's Nest, The Barnes 2
Cuckoo's Nest, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Cuckoo's Nest, The O'Neill's
Cuckoo's Nest, The Montreal Session
Cuddle Me,Cuddy Montreal Session
Cuddy Clauder Montreal Session
Cuffey Fiddler's Fakebook
Cuffy Portland 1
cui mnea can, an Montreal Session
Cuil Aodha Portland 2
Cuir Glas Air An Doras Montreal Session
cuisle mo croi de Montreal Session
cuisle mo croi de Montreal Session
Cultivateur.Le Portland 1
Cumberland Gap Fiddler's Fakebook
Cumberland Gap Portland 3
Cumberland Square Eight Barnes 2
Cumilum O'Neill's
Cumuil an Mala Montreal Session
Cunningham's Fancy O'Neill's
Cunningham's Fancy Montreal Session
Cup of Gold, The Montreal Session
Cup of Tea, The O'Neill's
Cup of Tea, The Portland 2
Cup Of Tea, The Montreal Session
Cupid Disarm'd Barnes 2
Cupid's Bridge Barnes 2
Cupid's Garden Barnes 1
curisgin an di ge Montreal Session
Curly Locks Montreal Session
Curly Mike Montreal Session
Curly-Headed Ploughboy Barnes 1
Curly-Headed Ploughboy SPUDS
Curly-Headed Ploughboy SPUDS
Curragh Races, The O'Neill's
Curragh Races, The Montreal Session
Curse the Laws That Ga... Montreal Session
Curvy Road to Corinth, The Portland 1
Cut and Dry Dolly Montreal Session
Cuttie Sark Montreal Session
Cutty Wren Mendocino Tune Book
Cutty's Wedding Clarke Penny Whistle
Cynthia's Christmas Jig Portland 2
Czar of Russia's Favorite - hornpipe SPUDS
Da Galley Watch Fiddler's Fakebook
Da Hopfazupfa Little Couple-Dancemusik
Da Lerwicks Lasses Fiddler's Fakebook
da m-bu d n- duba c an... Montreal Session
Da Scalloway Lasses Fiddler's Fakebook
Da Shallds o'Foula SPUDS
Da Slockit Light Montreal Session
Da Tushkar Montreal Session
Da Underbill Fiddler's Fakebook
Dailey's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Dailey's Reel Portland 3
Dairy Maid, The Montreal Session
Dairymaid, The O'Neill's
Daisy Bell Little Couple-Dancemusik
Daisy Field, The O'Neill's
Daisy Field, The Montreal Session
Daisy Wheel, The Montreal Session
Dala Hambo Little Couple-Dancemusik
Dalaigh's Polka Montreal Session
Daldans Little Couple-Dancemusik
Dalkeith Maiden Montreal Session
Dallas Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Dam It Barnes 1
Damon's Winder Portland 1
Dan Lowry's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Dan McCarthy's Fancy O'Neill's
Dan McCarthy's Fancy Montreal Session
Dan McCarty's Fancy O'Neill's
Dan O'Keeffe's Slide N... Montreal Session
Dan Roger's Jig O'Neill's
Dan Rogers' Jig Montreal Session
Dan the Cobbler O'Neill's
Dance All Night Fiddler's Fakebook
Dance by Purcell see Astoria Lass Barnes 1
Dance for Joy Barnes 2
Dance Light for My Heart Lies Under Your Feet O'Neill's
Dance Light, For My He... Montreal Session
Dance of the Lakes, The Barnes 2
Dance of the Lunatics Little Couple-Dancemusik
Dance to Your Daddy Little Couple-Dancemusik
Dance to Your Daddy see Hudson Barn Barnes 1
Dancer, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Dancer, The Waltz Book 2
Dancer's Delight, The O'Neill's
Dancer's Delight, The Montreal Session
Dancing Bear YFN
Dancing Bear (Bob McQuillen 1978) SPUDS
Dancing Bear, The Montreal Session
Dancing Dutch, The Barnes 2
Dancing Master, The O'Neill's
Dancing On The Green Montreal Session
Dancing the Baby O'Neill's
Dancing The Baby Montreal Session
Dancing Up a Storm (Kathy Talvitie 1999) SPUDS
Dancing Wife, The Barnes 2
Dancingmaster, The O'Neill's
Dancingmaster, The Montreal Session
Dandy Apron, The O'Neill's
Dandy Bonnet, The O'Neill's
Dandy Bonnet, The Montreal Session
Dandy Denny Cronin Montreal Session
Dandy Pat Daniel O'Daly Montreal Session
Daniel of the Sun O'Neill's
Daniel Of The Sun Montreal Session
Daniel O'Rourke O'Neill's
Daniel O'Rourke Montreal Session
Danish Schottische Little Couple-Dancemusik
Danny Ab's Slide Montreal Session
Danse de campagne Montreal Session
Daphne see Hit and Miss Barnes 1
Darby Carey Montreal Session
Darby the Driver O'Neill's
Darby The Driver Montreal Session
Dargason Barnes 1
Dargason Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Dark Girl {Dressed in Blue} SPUDS
Dark Girl Dressed in B... Montreal Session
Dark Island Waltz Book 4
Dark Island Montreal Session
Dark Isle SPUDS
Dark Lough na Gar Montreal Session
Dark Maiden of the Val... Montreal Session
Dark Woman of the Glen... Montreal Session
Dark-Eyed Gypsy, The Montreal Session
Dark-Eyed Sailor Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Darla's Jig Portland 2
Darling Dan Montreal Session
Darling Kippeen of the Stick O'Neill's
Darling Nedeen O'Neill's
Darling Nellie Gray Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Dauntless Dorothy Barnes 2
David Albert Waltz Book 3
David's Waltz Waltz Book 3
Dawn, The Portland 2
Dawning of the Day, The Montreal Session
Day After the Fair, The O'Neill's
Day After the Fair, The Montreal Session
Day Dawn, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Day I Married Susan, The O'Neill's
Day We Paid The Rent, ... Montreal Session
Day We Paid the rent, The O'Neill's
Daybreak Waltz Book 4
De Bharr na gCnoc Little Couple-Dancemusik
De Boatman's Dance Portland 2
De Soete Meerimin see At Rainbow's End Barnes 2
De verradenene Geliefden see Betrayed Lover, The Barnes 2
dea ta muil's da fi ci d Montreal Session
Deafad Ma Tig Liom Montreal Session
Dean Street Montreal Session
Dear Black Cow, The Montreal Session
Dear Irish Boy, The Montreal Session
Dear Little Island, The Montreal Session
Dear Little Shamrock, ... Montreal Session
Dear Papa and Dear Mama Barnes 1
Death and the Sinner Montreal Session
Death Valley Reunion Portland 1
December March Portland 2
December Waltz Barnes 2
Deception, The Montreal Session
DeDannan's Polka SPUDS
Dedicado à Jos Portland 2
Dedicado a Jos (Martin Racine) SPUDS
Deer Walk Portland 1
Deer Walk Portland 3
Deer's Horns, The Montreal Session
De'il Take the Warr Barnes 2
Delaney's Drummers O'Neill's
Delaney's Drummers Montreal Session
Delaney's Favorite O'Neill's
Delaney's Frolics Montreal Session
Delia, or The Amorous Goddess Barnes 2
Delight of Sudbury, The Barnes 2
Demented Dog, The Portland 1
Democratic Rage Hornpipe Portland 1
Demon Barber of Oak Hill, The Barnes 2
Denis Delaney O'Neill's
Denis Delaney Montreal Session
Denis Don't Be Threate... Montreal Session
Denis Murphy's Little Couple-Dancemusik
Denis Murphy's Polka (Denis Murphy) SPUDS
Denis Murphy's Slide Montreal Session
Dennard Diamonds of Holland Barnes 2
Dennis Delaney O'Neill's
Dennis Murphy's Polka Fiddler's Fakebook
Dennis Murphy's Polka YFN
Denver Belle Portland 3
Departed Days Little Couple-Dancemusik
Dermot Montreal Session
Dermot and His Lass Montreal Session
Dermot O'Dowd Montreal Session
Derriere Chez Nous Montreal Session
Derry Reel, The Portland 2
Derry reel, The Montreal Session
DerWirtVoStoa Little Couple-Dancemusik
Desengano Little Couple-Dancemusik
Desert Storm Montreal Session
Deshabille Toi YFN
Designing Woman, The Barnes 2
Desjarlais, Reel Portland 2
Desmond's Song Montreal Session
Desnoyer Reel, The Portland 2
Despairing Lover, The Barnes 1
Destiny Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Deun Deifir Go De An P... Montreal Session
Deux Lisa, Le Reel des Portland 3
Deuxième Partie du Quadrille de l'Ile d'Orléans Portland 2
Dever the Dancer O'Neill's
Dever The Dancer Montreal Session
Devil Among Tailors, The Barnes 2
Devil Among the Tailors, The O'Neill's
Devil In Dublin, The Montreal Session
Devil in the Strawsack SPUDS
Devil in the Strawstack Portland 1
Devil Take the Wars Montreal Session
Devil To Pay, The Montreal Session
Devilish Delight of Doctor Barnes 2
Devil's Churn Portland 2
Devil's Dream Fiddler's Fakebook
Devil's Dream, The O'Neill's
Devil's Dream, The YFN
Devil's Dream, The Montreal Session
Devil's Maggot, The Barnes 2
Devlin's Portland 1
Devonshire Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
d'fag se sinn brona c Montreal Session
Diable est aux vaches,... Montreal Session
Diable Vert, Le Portland 2
Diablo Montreal Session
Diablo Diamant Bleu, Gigue du Montreal Session
Diamonds of Hollywood, The see Dutch Diamond Barnes 2
Diarmuid Montreal Session
diarmuid agus a cailin Montreal Session
Dick Gossip SPUDS
Dick Gossip's Portland 2
Dick Gossip's Montreal Session
Dick Sands' Hornpipe O'Neill's
Dick Sand's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Dick Sullivan's Favorite O'Neill's
Dick Sullivan's Favorite Montreal Session
Dick Sullivan's Favourite O'Neill's
Dick's Maggot Barnes 1
Dick's Maggot Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Did You Ever Go Into an Irishman's Shanty Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Did You See My Man Loo... Montreal Session
Die Alee Kath Little Couple-Dancemusik
Die Hammerschmiedsgseltn Little Couple-Dancemusik
Die Landebargler Little Couple-Dancemusik
Die Winter is Vergangen see Waters of Holland Barnes 1
Digging for Gold Montreal Session
Dilbert's Jig Portland 3
Dill Pickle Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Dillon Brown O'Neill's
Dillon Brown Montreal Session
Dillon's Fancy O'Neill's
Dillon's Fancy Montreal Session
Dinah Portland 2
Dingle Regatta Montreal Session
Dinky's Reel Portland 1
Dinky's reel Montreal Session
Dinnington Rant, The Montreal Session
Dinny Delaney's Montreal Session
Diplodocus, The Montreal Session
Disbanded Officer, The Barnes 2
Dissembling Love Barnes 1
Dissembling Love Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Dissipated Youth, The Montreal Session
Ditherum Doodle O'Neill's
Diversion Everywhere O'Neill's
Divine Reel, The Portland 3
Dixie (Daniel Emmett) SPUDS
Dixie Blossoms Fiddling Across America
Dixie's Land (Dixie) Civil War Songbook
do bi an oi d ce cuin Montreal Session
Do dhuisigh me ua mo a... Montreal Session
Do theatmhar ag an aonach Montreal Session
Do You Mistrust Me? Montreal Session
Do You Remember That N... Montreal Session
Do You Want Any More? O'Neill's
Do You Want Anymore? Montreal Session
Doctor Fauster's Tumblers Barnes 1
Doctor O'Halloran Montreal Session
Doctor O'Neill O'Neill's
Doctor O'Neill Montreal Session
Doctor Taylor O'Neill's
Doctor Vincent's Delight Barnes 1
Doggie on the Carport Portland 1
Dogs Among the Bushes, The O'Neill's
Dogs among the Bushes,... Montreal Session
Dogs Who Had Their Own Car (Jo Anne Rocke) SPUDS
Doherty's Fancy O'Neill's
Doherty's Fancy Montreal Session
Doireann's Waltz Waltz Book 4
Doldrum Barnes 1
Dolly Dimple Montreal Session
Dolly's the Girl for Me Montreal Session
Dolor y Gusto Waltz Book 3
Dolores Little Couple-Dancemusik
Dominion Reel Portland 1
Dominion Reel SPUDS
Domnall Na Greine Montreal Session
Don & Kelly's Waltz Waltz Book 2
Don Oi'che Ud i mBeithil Clarke Penny Whistle
Don Tremaine's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Don Tremaine's Reel Portland 1
Dona Maria Little Couple-Dancemusik
Donald Blue Fiddler's Fakebook
Donald Cameron's Polka Fiddler's Fakebook
Done Gone Fiddler's Fakebook
Done Gone Fiddling Across America
Done Gone Portland 1
Donegal Boys, The O'Neill's
Donegal Lass, The Montreal Session
Donegal Lass, The Portland 3
Donegall Reel, The Montreal Session
Donkey Brays, The Barnes 1
Donkey Riding SPUDS
Donnegal Mazurka Montreal Session
Donnybrook Boy, The O'Neill's
Donnybrook Fair O'Neill's
Donnybrook Fair Montreal Session
Don't Be Teasing O'Neill's
Don't Be Teasing Montreal Session
Don't Bother Me Montreal Session
Don't Do That Again (George Paul) SPUDS
Don't Leave Me Alone Montreal Session
Don't Touch That Green... Montreal Session
Dooley's Fancy O'Neill's
Dooley's Fancy Montreal Session
Doon the Brae Portland 1
Doreen's Delight see Celvedon Sicilian Barnes 2
Dorothee Barnes 2
Dorrington Lads Montreal Session
Dorset Four Hand Reel Barnes 2
Dorset Ring Dance, The see Gilderoy Barnes 2
Dorsetshire Hornpipe, ... Montreal Session
Doth Not a Meeting Lik... Montreal Session
do'toile?, an Montreal Session
Double Duet, A Barnes 2
Double File Fiddler's Fakebook
Double Lead Through Barnes 1
Double Top Barnes 2
Doubtful Shepherd, The Barnes 1
Doudelebska Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Douglas' Favorite O'Neill's
Douse the Monkey O'Neill's
Dover Pier Barnes 1
Dover Pier Mendocino Tune Book
Dove's Figary Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Dove's Figary see Chestnut Barnes 1
Dovetail Barnes 2
Dowd's #9 Portland 3
Dowd's Favorite Fiddler's Fakebook
Dowd's Favourite Montreal Session
Down Among the Ditches Montreal Session
Down at the Seaside Montreal Session
Down By the Ocean Tide Montreal Session
Down by the Old Mill Montreal Session
Down By the Old Mill Stream Little Couple-Dancemusik
Down by the River Side Montreal Session
Down Home Waltz Waltz Book 3
Down In Zanzibar Little Couple-Dancemusik
Down the Brae SPUDS
Down the Broom I Fiddler's Fakebook
Down The Glen Montreal Session
Down the Hill O'Neill's
Down The Hill Montreal Session
Down the River O'Neill's
Down The River Montreal Session
Down With the Mail O'Neill's
Down With the Tithes O'Neill's
Down Yonder SPUDS
Downfall of Paris, The O'Neill's
Downfall of Paris, The Montreal Session
Downhill Of Life, The Montreal Session
Downing's Reel O'Neill's
Downing's Reel Montreal Session
Dr Fauster's Tumblers Montreal Session
Dr Taylor Montreal Session
Dr. Taylor Montreal Session
Draggin' the Bow Fiddler's Fakebook
Dragonfly Waltz Waltz Book 2
Draper's Garden Mendocino Multipart
Draper's Gardens Barnes 1
Draper's Gardens Mendocino Tune Book
Draper's Maggot Barnes 1
Draper's Maggot Little Couple-Dancemusik
Draught of Ale, A O'Neill's
Draught Of Ale, A Montreal Session
Draw, Cupid, Draw Barnes 2
Dress Her Out In Fine ... Montreal Session
Dress Her Out in Fine Clothes O'Neill's
Dressed Ship, The Barnes 1
Drimen Duff Montreal Session
Drimmin Dhoun Oge Montreal Session
Drimoleague Fair Montreal Session
Drink and Be Merry Montreal Session
Drink of this Cup O'Neill's
Drium-fionn Donn Dileas Montreal Session
Drium-fionn Donn Dileas Montreal Session
Drive the Cold Winter Away Barnes 1
Drive the Cold Winter Away Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Drive the Cows Home O'Neill's
Drive The Cows Home Montreal Session
Drogheda Lasses, The O'Neill's
Drogheda Lasses, The Montreal Session
Drogheda Weavers, The O'Neill's
Drogheda Weavers, The Montreal Session
Droi cio d-na-bandann Montreal Session
Dromey's Fancy Montreal Session
Drops of Brandy O'Neill's
Drops of Brandy, The Montreal Session
Drops of Drink see Dauntless Dorothy Barnes 2
Drowsey Maggie YFN
Drowsy Maggie Fiddler's Fakebook
Drowsy Maggie O'Neill's
Drowsy Maggie Portland 1
Drowsy Maggie SPUDS
Drowsy Maggie Montreal Session
Drucken Moll Knox Montreal Session
Druim Fionn Dubh Montreal Session
Druim-fionn Donn Og Montreal Session
Drummer Boy of Shiloh, The Civil War Songbook
Drummer, The Barnes 2
Drummond Castle Portland 3
Drummond Castle Clarke Penny Whistle
Drummond Lasses, The O'Neill's
Drummond Lasses, The Montreal Session
Drummondville, Reel de Montreal Session
Drums and Guns (Roy Watrous) SPUDS
Drunken Billy Goat Fiddler's Fakebook
Drunken Hiccoughs Fiddling Across America
Drunken Hiccups Fiddler's Fakebook
Drunken Landlady, The Portland 2
Drunken Sailor, The O'Neill's
Drunken Sailor, The Montreal Session
Dry And Dusty Fiddling Across America
Dublin Bay Barnes 1
Dublin Hornpipe YFN
Dublin Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Dublin Lasses, The O'Neill's
Dublin Lasses, The Montreal Session
Dublin Reel, The O'Neill's
Dublin Reel, The Montreal Session
Dublin Streets O'Neill's
Dublin Streets Montreal Session
Dubuque Fiddler's Fakebook
Dubuque Portland 3
Dubuque YFN
Duchess of Brunswick, The Barnes 1
Duchess Saraband, The Barnes 2
Duck River Portland 1
Ducks on the Millpond I Fiddler's Fakebook
Ducks on the Pond Fiddler's Fakebook
Ducks on the Pond Portland 1
Ducks on the Pond SPUDS
Duffy the Dancer O'Neill's
Duffy The Dancer Montreal Session
Duke of Buckingham see Gentleman's Delight Barnes 2
Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside Little Couple-Dancemusik
Duke of Gordon's Favorite, The O'Neill's
Duke Of Kent's Waltz Mendocino Tune Book
Duke of Kent's Waltz II, The Barnes 2
Duke of Kent's Waltz, The Barnes 1
Duke of Kent's Waltz, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Duke of Leinster, The Montreal Session
Duke of Rutland's Delight, The Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Duke of Rutland's Delight, The see Collier's Daughter Barnes 1
Dull Sir John Barnes 1
Dull Sir John Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Dumfries House Montreal Session
Dunant House Waltz Barnes 1
Dunbar Portland 1
Dunham Oaks Barnes 2
Dunmanway Lasses O'Neill's
Dunmanway Lasses Montreal Session
Dunmore Lasses Montreal Session
Dunmore Lasses, The Portland 3
Dunnigan's Reel O'Neill's
Dunphy's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Dunphy's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Dunse Dings All Montreal Session
Durang's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Durang's Hornpipe Portland 1
Durang's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Durang's Hornpipe 1 Fiddler's Fakebook
Durang's Hornpipe 2 Fiddler's Fakebook
Durham Rangers Montreal Session
Durham Rangers (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Durham's Bull Fiddler's Fakebook
Dusky Night, The see Happy Captive Barnes 1
Dusty Bob's Jig SPUDS
Dusty Miller HA Fiddler's Fakebook
Dusty Miller I Fiddler's Fakebook
Dusty Miller IIB Fiddler's Fakebook
Dusty Miller, The Barnes 1
Dusty Miller, The O'Neill's
Dusty Miller, The Montreal Session
Dusty Windowsill, The Montreal Session
Dutch Diamond Barnes 2
Dutch House, The Barnes 2
Dying Embers Waltz Book 4
Dying Volunteer, The Civil War Songbook
Eagle's Whistle (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Earl's Chair, The Portland 1
Earl's Chair, The Montreal Session
Early Frost, An Barnes 2
Early in the Morning O'Neill's
Early In The Morning Montreal Session
Early in the Year Portland 2
Early One Morning Barnes 1
Early Rising Montreal Session
Early Rose, The Montreal Session
East At Glendart Montreal Session
East Indian Barnes 2
East Neuk of Fife Fiddler's Fakebook
East Neuk of Fife Portland 2
East Side, West Side Little Couple-Dancemusik
East Tennessee Blues Fiddler's Fakebook
East Tennessee Blues Portland 2
Easter Eve Barnes 1
Easter Morn Barnes 2
Easter Morn Mendocino Tune Book
Easter Sunday O'Neill's
Easter Sunday Montreal Session
Easter Thursday Barnes 1
Easter Thursday Mendocino Tune Book
Easter Tuesday Barnes 2
Easy Club, The Montreal Session
Eavesdropper, The O'Neill's
Eavesdropper, The Montreal Session
Ebba Polka Fiddling Across America
Ebba Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ebenezer Fiddler's Fakebook
Eboulements, Reel des Portland 1
éboulements, Reel Des Montreal Session
Echo From Leinster, An Montreal Session
Echo Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Echo, The Montreal Session
Eclipse of the Moon Waltz Book 3
Eddie Kelly's Portland 1
Eddie MunsterReel YFN
Eddie's Reel SPUDS
Eddie's Reel YFN
Edenderry Reel, The O'Neill's
Edenderry Reel, The Montreal Session
Edgeworth Bumpkins see Freeford Gardens Barnes 1
Edwin's Maggot Barnes 1
Egan's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Egan's Polka SPUDS
Egan's Polka Montreal Session
Egan's Polka Clarke Penny Whistle
Egg Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
égouttage, Gigue de l' Montreal Session
ei blin ban Montreal Session
Eighth of January Fiddler's Fakebook
Eighth of January Portland 3
Eighth of January/Battle of New Orleans YFN
Eilean Beag donn a'Chuain Little Couple-Dancemusik
Eileen Aroon Montreal Session
Eileen's a Dear Barnes 2
Eisenke finest Little Couple-Dancemusik
El Chinito Little Couple-Dancemusik
El Choclo Little Couple-Dancemusik
El Perro Little Couple-Dancemusik
Elephant Hotel Waltz Book 1
élèves, Marche des Montreal Session
Eli Greene's Cakewalk Portland 1
Eli Greene's Cakewalk (Sadie Koninsky) SPUDS
Elizabeth Barnes 2
Elizabeth Waltz Book 3
Ellen a Roon see Eileen's a Dear Barnes 2
Ellen O'Grady Montreal Session
Ellery Rose Waltz Book 3
Ellis' Jig O'Neill's
Ellis' Jig Montreal Session
Elocine see At Nancy's House Barnes 2
Elsie's Farewell Portland 2
Elverton Grove Barnes 1
Elverton Grove Mendocino Tune Book
Elvira Portland 3
Ely Court Barnes 1
Elzic's Farewel Fiddling Across America
Elzic's Farewell Fiddler's Fakebook
Elzic's Farewell Portland 1
Elzic's Farewell SPUDS
Emblem of Faith, The Montreal Session
Emerald Isle, The Montreal Session
Emily's Waltz Waltz Book 1
Emma's Waltz Waltz Book 2
Emmett's Hedgehog Montreal Session
Emperor Of the Moon Mendocino Tune Book
Enchanted Place Barnes 2
Enchanted Valley, The Montreal Session
End of the Day, The O'Neill's
End Of The Day, The Montreal Session
End of Winter, The Montreal Session
Endearing Young Charms Waltz Book 4
Enfleld Common Barnes 2
Enniskillen Dragoons, ... Montreal Session
Enrichez Vous Barnes 2
Enrichez Vous Waltz Book 1
Enrico Portland 2
Enterprising Boxer, The O'Neill's
Epping Forest Barnes 1
Epping Forest Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Epping Forest Mendocino Tune Book
Epsom New Wells Barnes 1
Epsom New Wells Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Equinox Portland 2
Erik's Reel Portland 3
Erin Portland 3
Erin My Country Montreal Session
Erin's Hope O'Neill's
Erin's Hope Montreal Session
Ernie Healy's Portland 2
Errol on the Green Barnes 2
Erwan's An Dro Number 1 Montreal Session
Erwan's An Dro Number 2 Montreal Session
Erwan's An Dro Number 3 Montreal Session
Erwan's An Dro Number 4 Montreal Session
Es me raid a Little Couple-Dancemusik
Escort to Leicester see Arnold's Circle Barnes 2
Eskimo Reel Portland 2
Esquimaux, Reel des Portland 2
Esquimaux, reel des Montreal Session
Esther's Reel Montreal Session
Etoile Filante, L' Montreal Session
Eugene Stratton Fiddler's Fakebook
Eugene, Reel Portland 1
Eugene, Reel Montreal Session
Eva's Waltz Waltz Book 4
Eveleen's Bower Montreal Session
Evergreen, The O'Neill's
Every Lad His Lass Barnes 1
Every Lad His Lass Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Everybody's Fancy Montreal Session
Evil Diane Portland 1
Evil Red Three Portland 3
Evit Gabriel Portland 1
Evit Gabriel YFN
Evit Gabriel Montreal Session
Evit Gabriel (Daniel Thonon) SPUDS
Ewe Reel, The O'Neill's
Ewe Reel, The Montreal Session
Excuse Me Barnes 1
Excuse Me Mendocino Multipart
Excuse Me Mendocino Tune Book
Exeter Ladies Barnes 2
Exile of Erin, The Portland 3
Félix, Reel Portland 2
Fête Champêtre see Corporation Barnes 1
Face the Music Barnes 1
Factory Lass, The Montreal Session
fagaim ann du b bron tu Montreal Session
Fagin's Holiday SPUDS
failte ro mad a baile Montreal Session
Fain I Would Barnes 1
Fain I Would Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Fair and Forty O'Neill's
Fair And Forty Montreal Session
Fair and Softly Barnes 1
Fair At Dungarvan, The Montreal Session
Fair Branch, The Montreal Session
Fair Ellen Montreal Session
Fair Haired Girl Montreal Session
Fair Haired Mary Montreal Session
Fair Hills of Eire O!,... Montreal Session
Fair Jenny's (Peter Barnes) SPUDS
Fair Jenny's Jig Portland 1
Fair Maid of Cavan, The Montreal Session
Fair Maid of Kinsale, ... Montreal Session
Fair Maid of the Inn see Pleasures of the Town Barnes 1
Fair Maid of Whickham,... Montreal Session
Fair Maidens, The O'Neill's
Fair Maidens, The Montreal Session
Fair Mary Mulholland Montreal Session
Fair of Windgap, The O'Neill's
Fair One Let Me In, The Barnes 1
Fair Quaker of Deal Barnes 1
Fair Quaker Of Deal Mendocino Tune Book
Fairbanks SPUDS
Fairhaired Boy, The O'Neill's
Fairhaired Boy, The Montreal Session
Fairhaired Mary O'Neill's
Fair-Haired Mary O'Neill's
Fair-Haired Mary Montreal Session
Fairies' Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Fairies' Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Fairies' Well, The Montreal Session
Fairly Shot of Her Montreal Session
Fairly Shut of Her Montreal Session
Fairy Boy, The Montreal Session
Fairy Cobbler, The Montreal Session
Fairy Dance Fiddler's Fakebook
Fairy Dance Montreal Session
Fairy Dance, The O'Neill's
Fairy Dance, The Montreal Session
Fairy Haunts, The O'Neill's
Fairy Hurlers, The Montreal Session
Fairy Jig, The O'Neill's
Fairy Jig, The Montreal Session
Fairy Princess, The Barnes 2
Fairy Queen YFN
Fairy Queen, The Barnes 2
Fairy Queen, The Montreal Session
Fairy Rath, The Montreal Session
Fairy reel, The Montreal Session
faisg me i le'm ucd Montreal Session
Faithful Brown Cow, The Montreal Session
Faithful Friend, The Montreal Session
Faithful Swain, The see Constant Lover, The Barnes 2
Faithless Nancy Dawson Barnes 1
Faithless Nancy Dawson Mendocino Tune Book
Fallopede YFN
Falls of Doonass, The Montreal Session
Falls of Richmond Fiddler's Fakebook
Falls of Richmond Portland 1
False Proof, The Montreal Session
Familiar Quotations Barnes 2
Fancy Fair, The O'Neill's
Fancy Fair, The Montreal Session
Fancy Fair, The Montreal Session
Fandango, The Barnes 1
Fanny Power Little Couple-Dancemusik
Fantastic Reel, The Portland 2
Far And Away Mendocino Tune Book
Far Away Waltz Book 1
Far Away (Peter Jung) SPUDS
Far Away Waltz Montreal Session
Far Away Wedding, The Montreal Session
Far From Home O'Neill's
Far from Home Portland 1
Far From Home SPUDS
Far From Home YFN
Far From Home Montreal Session
Far Mor the O'Neill's
Fardown Farmer, The O'Neill's
Fardown Farmer, The Montreal Session
Fare You Well Montreal Session
Farewell Marian Barnes 1
Farewell Sweet Nora Montreal Session
Farewell to Bachelerhood SPUDS
Farewell To Ballymoney Montreal Session
Farewell to Devon Barnes 2
Farewell To Erin O'Neill's
Farewell To Erin Montreal Session
Farewell to Ireland Fiddler's Fakebook
Farewell To Ireland O'Neill's
Farewell To Ireland Montreal Session
Farewell To Iveleary Montreal Session
Farewell to Lochaber, ... Montreal Session
Farewell To Marian Mendocino Tune Book
Farewell To Marion Mendocino Multipart
Farewell to My Troubles O'Neill's
Farewell To My Troubles Montreal Session
Farewell to Tchemobyl Portland 1
Farewell to the Shore Little Couple-Dancemusik
Farewell to the Shore see Farewell Marian Barnes 1
Farewell To Whalley Range Montreal Session
Farewell to Whiskey Fiddler's Fakebook
Farewell To Whiskey Pinewoods
Farewell to Whiskey YFN
Farewell To Whiskey Montreal Session
Farewell to Whiskey (Neil Gow) SPUDS
Farm Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Farmer Hayes Montreal Session
Farmer, The Portland 1
Farrell O'Gara Portland 2
Fast Packet Barnes 2
Fasten the Leg in Her O'Neill's
Fasten The Leg In Her Montreal Session
Fasten The Leggin's Montreal Session
Fasten the Wig on Her O'Neill's
Fat Man's Fancy, The Montreal Session
Father Dollard's Favorite O'Neill's
Father Dollard's Favorite Montreal Session
Father Dollard's Favourite O'Neill's
Father Dollard's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Father Dollard's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Father Fielding's Favorite Montreal Session
Father Fielding's Favorite O'Neill's
Father Fielding's Favourite O'Neill's
Father Francis Cameron's Reel Portland 2
Father Jack Walsh O'Neill's
Father Jack Walsh Montreal Session
Father Kelly's Portland 1
Father Kelly's SPUDS
Father Kelly's YFN
Father O'Carrol Montreal Session
Father O'Carroll O'Neill's
Father O'Flynn O'Neill's
Father O'Flynn SPUDS
Father O'Flynn Montreal Session
Father Quinn Montreal Session
Father Tom O'Neill Montreal Session
Father Tom's Wager O'Neill's
Father Tom's Wager Montreal Session
Faubourg, Reel du Montreal Session
Faubourg, Reel du Portland 3
February March Portland 3
Fearless Boys, The Montreal Session
Fée des Dents, La Montreal Session
Fée des Dents, La Portland 3
Feed her Candy and Tell Her Lies Portland 1
Felix the Wrestler O'Neill's
Felix The Wrestler Montreal Session
Felton Lonnin' Montreal Session
Female Hero, The Montreal Session
Female Sailor, The YFN
Female Saylor, The Barnes 1
Fenian Stronghold, The Montreal Session
Fentalarick Barnes 1
Fenwick O Bywell Montreal Session
Ferguson's Jig Montreal Session
Fermoy Lasses, The O'Neill's
Fermoy Lasses, The Portland 2
Fermoy Lasses, The Montreal Session
Festival du Voyageur Reel Portland 1
Festival Waltz Fiddler's Fakebook
Festival Waltz Waltz Book 2
Feuerfest! Little Couple-Dancemusik
Feur Gearr, An Montreal Session
Ffarwel Vaughn Ward Waltz Book 4
Ffidl Ffadl Montreal Session
Fickle Fortune Montreal Session
Fiddle Head Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Fiddle Hill SPUDS
Fiddler Round the Fairy Tree SPUDS
Fiddlers' Contest, The O'Neill's
Fiddlers' Contest, The Montreal Session
Fiddler's Contest, The Montreal Session
Fiddler's Dream Fiddler's Fakebook
Fiddler's Dream Portland 2
Fiddler's Dream Portland 3
Fiddler's Frolic, The Montreal Session
Fiddler's Heaven O'Neill's
Fiddler's Heaven Montreal Session
Fiddlin' David see Face the Music Barnes 1
Fiddling Around Fiddler's Fakebook
Field in the Forest, The Portland 3
Field Marshal, The Montreal Session
Field of Dreams see Gleaners Barnes 2
Field of Flowers, The O'Neill's
Field Of Flowers, The Montreal Session
Field of Oats, The O'Neill's
Field Of Oats, The Montreal Session
Fifth Part of Caledonia, The Portland 1
Fifty Flamingoes Montreal Session
Fifty-Fifty Barnes 2
Fig For a Kiss, A O'Neill's
Fig for a Kiss, A Montreal Session
Fig for a Kiss, A see Fine Lady of Homewood Barnes 2
Figure of Three, The Montreal Session
Fill the Bumper Fair Montreal Session
Fill the Cup Montreal Session
Fill The Glass Montreal Session
Findeborgen Little Couple-Dancemusik
Fine Companion Mendocino Tune Book
Fine Companion, The Barnes 1
Fine Companion, The Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Fine Lady of Homewood Barnes 2
Fine Times at Our House Portland 3
Finerty's Frolic O'Neill's
Finerty's Frolic Montreal Session
Fingalians' Dance, The Montreal Session
Fingal's Cave Montreal Session
Fingal's Weeping Montreal Session
Finn Jenta Little Couple-Dancemusik
Finn Jenta Waltz Book 1
Finnegan's Wake Montreal Session
Finnish Polka Montreal Session
Fintan McManus reel, The Montreal Session
Fiona's Folly Mendocino Multipart
Fiona's Folly Mendocino Tune Book
Fire Jig (Bill Quern) SPUDS
Fire on the Mountain Fiddler's Fakebook
Fireflies Barnes 1
First Day of Spring, The O'Neill's
First House in Connaug... Montreal Session
First Lady, The Barnes 1
First Month of Summer, The O'Neill's
First Month Of Summer,... Montreal Session
First Night Barnes 1
First Night in America, The O'Neill's
First Night In America... Montreal Session
First of April, The Barnes 1
First of June, The O'Neill's
First Of June, The Montreal Session
First of March, The O'Neill's
First Of March, The Montreal Session
First of May, The O'Neill's
First of May, The Montreal Session
First of October, The Barnes 2
First Pint, The Montreal Session
First Snow Montreal Session
Fisherman's Favorite Fiddler's Fakebook
Fisherman's Frolic, The Montreal Session
Fisherman's Song, The Montreal Session
Fisherman's Widow, The O'Neill's
Fisherman's Widow, The Montreal Session
Fisher's YFN
Fisher's Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Fisher's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Fisher's Hornpipe SPUDS
Fisher's Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Fishing for Eels Montreal Session
Fit's Come on Me Now, The Barnes 1
Fit's Come On Me Now, The Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Five for the Symbol at Your Door Barnes 2
Five Hundred a Year O'Neill's
Five Legged Goat, The Montreal Session
Five Miles Away O'Neill's
Five Miles Away Montreal Session
Five Step Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Fiveleaved Clover, The O'Neill's
Five-leaved Clover, The O'Neill's
Five-Leaved Clover, The Montreal Session
Fjallnas Little Couple-Dancemusik
Fjallnas [Hambo] SPUDS
Flag Dance, The Montreal Session
Flag of the Fire O'Neill's
Flambeaux, Les Montreal Session
Flanigan's Little Couple-Dancemusik
Flannel Jacket, The O'Neill's
Flannel Jacket, The Montreal Session
Flat Footed Henry Portland 1
Flathead Lake Waltz Book 3
Flatworld Waltz Book 4
Flatworld (Andy Cutting) SPUDS
Flax in Bloom, The O'Neill's
Flax In Bloom, The Montreal Session
Flaxdresser, The O'Neill's
Flaxdresser, The Montreal Session
Flaxley Green Dance Montreal Session
Fleur de Mandragore Portland 2
Fleur de mandragore Montreal Session
Fleur-de-Lis Barnes 2
Flight, The see Mutual Love Barnes 1
Flitch of Bacon, The O'Neill's
Flitch Of Bacon, The Montreal Session
Flixton House Barnes 2
floeog eirinnea c, an Montreal Session
Flogging Reel, The O'Neill's
Flogging Reel, The Montreal Session
Flood On The Holm, The Montreal Session
Flooded Road to Glenti... Montreal Session
Flop-Eared Mule Fiddler's Fakebook
Flop-Eared Mule Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Flop-Eared Mule SPUDS
Flop-Eared Mule YFN
Flophouse Ripples, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Flor de Canela Little Couple-Dancemusik
Florida Blues Fiddler's Fakebook
Florida Blues Fiddling Across America
Flower of the Flock, The O'Neill's
Flower Of The Flock, The Montreal Session
Flower of Them All, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Flowers in the Valley,... Montreal Session
Flowers of Adrigole, The Montreal Session
Flowers of Antrim, The Montreal Session
Flowers of Autumn, The Portland 2
Flowers Of Brooklyn, The Montreal Session
Flowers of Donnybrook, The O'Neill's
Flowers Of Dungarvan, ... Montreal Session
Flowers of Dungarvan, The O'Neill's
Flowers of Edinburgh Barnes 1
Flowers of Edinburgh Fiddler's Fakebook
Flowers Of Edinburgh Pinewoods
Flowers of Edinburgh SPUDS
Flowers of Edinburgh YFN
Flowers of Edinburgh, ... Montreal Session
Flowers of Edinburgh, The Country Dance Tunes (set 1)
Flowers of Edinburgh, The O'Neill's
Flowers of Erin's Gree... Montreal Session
Flowers of Limerick, The O'Neill's
Flowers of Limerick, The Montreal Session
Flowers of Michigan, The O'Neill's
Flowers of Spring, The O'Neill's
Flowers Of Spring, The Montreal Session
Flowers of the Forest,... Montreal Session
Flowers of the Thorn SPUDS
Flowers of the Thorn Waltz Book 1
Flowers of the Thorn see Waterfall Waltz Barnes 1
Flowing Bowl, The O'Neill's
Flowing Bowl, The Montreal Session
Floyd's SPUDS
Floyd's Reel YFN
Fly Around SPUDS
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Portland 1
Fly Fishing Reel, The Portland 3
Flying Cloud Cotillion Fiddler's Fakebook
Flying Clouds Portland 1
Flying Fox Portland 3
Flying Home Waltz Book 4
Flying Home to Shelley Portland 2
Flying Home to Shelley Montreal Session
Flying Home to Shelly YFN
Foggy Dew, The Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Foggy Dew, The Montreal Session
Folding Down the Sheets Fiddler's Fakebook
Folding Down the Sheets Portland 2
Folklife Reel Portland 3
Follow Her Over The Bo... Montreal Session
Follow Me Down O'Neill's
Follow Me Down Montreal Session
Follow Me Down to Carlow O'Neill's
Follow Me Down To Carlow Montreal Session
Follow Your Lovers Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Follow Your Lovers see Triumph, The Barnes 2
Fond of the Ladies Montreal Session
Fonn Sligaigh Montreal Session
Foot Of The Mountain, ... Montreal Session
Foot of the Mountain, The O'Neill's
Foot to the Ground Portland 2
Footy Agyen the Wa' Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
For Freedom and for Erin Montreal Session
For Ireland I'd Not Te... Montreal Session
For Ireland I'll Not Tell Her Name Waltz Book 4
For My Mother Dear Waltz Book 3
For The Sakes Of Old Decency Clarke Penny Whistle
Forest Wedding Portland 2
Forester's Hornpipe Portland 2
Forever Young Waltz Book 3
Forget Not The Angels Montreal Session
Forgotten Daze Montreal Session
Forked Deer Fiddler's Fakebook
Forked Deer Pinewoods
Forked Deer Portland 1
Forked Deer YFN
Forks of Sandy Fiddler's Fakebook
Forlorn Lover, The Montreal Session
Forlorn Stranger, The Montreal Session
Fort Smith Breakdown Fiddler's Fakebook
Fortune Fiddler's Fakebook
Foula Reel Barnes 2
Founder's Day Barnes 2
Four Cent Cotton Fiddler's Fakebook
Four Courts (No. 1), The Montreal Session
Four Courts (No. 2), The Montreal Session
Four Courts (Number 1), The O'Neill's
Four Courts (Number 2), The O'Neill's
Four Courts, The Montreal Session
Four Leaved Shamrock, ... Montreal Session
Four O'Clock in the Morning Portland 2
Four Stroke reel, The Montreal Session
Four Winds Barnes 2
Four-Hand Reel, The O'Neill's
Four-Hand Reel, The Montreal Session
Fourpence Ha'penny Farthing Barnes 1
Fourpenec Half-Penny Farthing Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Fourpenny Bit, The O'Neill's
Fourpenny Bit, The Montreal Session
Fourteen Days in Georgia Fiddler's Fakebook
Fox and Geese Montreal Session
Fox and His Wife, The Montreal Session
Fox Chase, The Montreal Session
Fox Hunters' Jig, The Montreal Session
Fox On The Town Montreal Session
Foxhunters' Jig, The O'Neill's
Foxhunter's, The Barnes 2
Fox's Sleep, The Montreal Session
Fragrant Blossoms Montreal Session
Fraher's Jig Clarke Penny Whistle
Frances Ann's Delight Barnes 2
Frances O'Rourke's Montreal Session
Franco-American Reel Portland 3
Franconia Waltz Waltz Book 1
Frank Palmer Barnes 2
Frank's Reel Portland 2
Frank's reel Montreal Session
Fred Finn's Portland 3
Free and Easy Montreal Session
Free Mason, The Barnes 1
Freedom For Ireland Montreal Session
Freeford Gardens Barnes 1
Freeford Gardens Mendocino Tune Book
Fremont Center Portland 3
French Ambassador, The Barnes 2
French Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Frenchie's Reel Portland 1
Frenchie's Reel YFN
Friar and the Nun, The Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Friar in the Well, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Friar in the Well, The see Maid Peeped Out the Window Barnes 1
Friar's Hill, The Montreal Session
Friday Night Waltz Fiddling Across America
Fried's Triumph see Six for the Six Proud Walkers Barnes 2
Friend of My Heart O'Neill's
Friendly Brooke, The Barnes 2
Friendly Jack Montreal Session
Friendly Visit, The O'Neill's
Friendly Visit, The Montreal Session
Friends Of My Heart Montreal Session
Frieze Breeches Fiddler's Fakebook
Frieze Breeches, The O'Neill's
Frieze Breeches, The Montreal Session
frio trai dea cd, an Montreal Session
Frisky Fanny Montreal Session
Frog In The Well, The Montreal Session
Froggie on the Carport Portland 1
From Aberdeen Barnes 1
From Aberdeen Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
From Kenmare to Brodick Montreal Session
From Shore to Shore Montreal Session
Frost and Snow Montreal Session
Frost Is All Over Pinewoods
Frost is All Over, The O'Neill's
Frost is All Over, The Portland 1
Frost is All Over, The Montreal Session
Frosty Morning Fiddler's Fakebook
Frosty Morning YFN
Frozen Charlotte Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Fruit Ain't Dessert Little Couple-Dancemusik
Fryar Bungy see Fireflies Barnes 1
Fuasgail an doras Montreal Session
fuinneog fuasgailte, An Montreal Session
Fulanita Little Couple-Dancemusik
Full Moon Jig Portland 1
Full Moon, The O'Neill's
Full Moon, The Montreal Session
Full of the Bag, The Montreal Session
Fumbler, The Barnes 2
Fun at Donnybrook, The Montreal Session
Funder Chuppah Fiddling Across America
Funnel in the Tunesmith's Truck, The Portland 3
Funny Mistake, The Montreal Session
Funny Tailor, The O'Neill's
Funny Tailor, The Montreal Session
Further up the Dusty End Montreal Session
Fy, Nay, Prithee John Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
ga ba mea dra c, an Montreal Session
Gadeliderot, Le Montreal Session
Gadeliderot, Le Portland 3
Gaelic Club, The O'Neill's
Gaelic Club, The Montreal Session
Gaelic Gavotte Montreal Session
Gaelic Revival, The O'Neill's
Gaelic Revival, The Montreal Session
Galant, Le Montreal Session
Galbally Lasses, The Montreal Session
Gale, The Portland 2
Gale, The YFN
Galen's Arrival Portland 1
Gallagher's Frolics Portland 3
Gallant Tipperary Montreal Session
Gallopede Fiddler's Fakebook
Gallopede Montreal Session
Galloping Young Thing, The O'Neill's
Galloping Young Thing,... Montreal Session
Gallowglass, The O'Neill's
Gallowglass, The Montreal Session
Galop de Malbaie, La Montreal Session
Galopede Barnes 1
Galopede Country Dance Tunes (set 1)
Galopede Mendocino Tune Book
Galtee Hunt, The O'Neill's
Galtee Mountain O'Neill's
Galtee Mountain Montreal Session
Galway Bay O'Neill's
Galway Bay Montreal Session
Galway Belle SPUDS
Galway Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Galway Hornpipe SPUDS
Galway Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Galway Reel, The O'Neill's
Galway Tom O'Neill's
Galway Tom Montreal Session
Gamal Jonsokvals Little Couple-Dancemusik
Gamal Polska Little Couple-Dancemusik
Game of Love, The Montreal Session
Gan Ainm Montreal Session
Gan tusa beidh me uign... Montreal Session
Ganglat #1 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ganglat #2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ganglat #3 Little Couple-Dancemusik
gao t a bio dgeas an t... Montreal Session
Gardebylaten Little Couple-Dancemusik
Garden of Daisies, The O'Neill's
Garden Of Daisies, The Montreal Session
Garfield Portland 3
Garret's Wedding Montreal Session
Garry Owen YFN
Garryowen Montreal Session
Garryowen (with variations) O'Neill's
Garster's Dream Portland 2
Garter, The see Jenny, Come Tie My Cravat Barnes 1
Gaspé Reel SPUDS
Gaspe Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Gaspe Reel Pinewoods
Gaspe Reel YFN
gateaux aux bannanes, ... Montreal Session
Gathering Dillisk O'Neill's
Gathering of the Clans... Montreal Session
Gathering Peascods Barnes 1
Gathering Peascods Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Gathering Peascods Mendocino Multipart
Gathering Peascods Mendocino Tune Book
Gavin McMullen Fiddler's Fakebook
Gavotte (Caroubel) see Marching to Praetorius Barnes 2
Gay Fellow's Favorite, The O'Neill's
Gay Gordons (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Gay Gordons, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Gay Young Fireman, The Montreal Session
Gay Young Squire, The Barnes 2
Gaye's Steps Waltz Book 4
Geese in the Bog Portland 2
Geese in the Bog SPUDS
Geese in the Bog, The Montreal Session
Geese in the Bogs, The O'Neill's
Geese In The Bogs, The Montreal Session
Gelding of the Devil, The Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Gen Monroe's Lamentation Montreal Session
Generous Woman, The Montreal Session
Gene's Tambourine see Puck's Deceit Barnes 2
Geneviève Montreal Session
Genevieve's Waltz Montreal Session
Gens de la Bastille, Les Portland 1
Gentle Maiden Little Couple-Dancemusik
Gentle Maiden Waltz Book 1
Gentle Maiden, The Montreal Session
Gentleman's Delight Barnes 2
George Booker Fiddler's Fakebook
George Gubbins Delight Montreal Session
George White's Favorite Portland 2
Georgia Railroad Fiddler's Fakebook
Georgiana Moon Fiddler's Fakebook
Geraldine Cotter's Polka Montreal Session
Geraldine's Daughter Montreal Session
Get Up Early O'Neill's
Get Up Early Montreal Session
Get Up Old Woman And S... Montreal Session
Get Up Old Woman and Shake Yourself O'Neill's
Geud Man of Ballangigh Barnes 1
Geud Man Of Ballangigh Mendocino Tune Book
Geud Man Of Ballangigh, A Mendocino Multipart
Ghlaisin, An Montreal Session
Ghost Ship Montreal Session
Gift Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Gigg, A (Bird) see Beautiful Fields Barnes 2
Gig's Twigs (Jansen Wendell 1992) SPUDS
Gigue de Terrebonne Portland 1
Gigue de Terrebonne SPUDS
Gigue des Capuchons Portland 3
Gigue des Montagnards Portland 3
Gigue des Sucres Portland 3
Gigue du Plateau Mont-Royal, La Portland 3
Gigue du Salon Portland 3
Gigue for Genny Barnes 1
Gilderoy Barnes 2
Gilla Machree Montreal Session
Gillan's Apples O'Neill's
Gillan's Apples Montreal Session
Gillespie's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Gillespie's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Gillian's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Gillian's Reel Portland 3
Gillie Callum - Sword ... Montreal Session
Gilmore's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Gina's Waltz Waltz Book 4
Gino's reel Montreal Session
Girl From Lower Irelan... Montreal Session
Girl From the Country, The O'Neill's
Girl I Left Behind Me SPUDS
Girl I Left Behind Me YFN
Girl I Left Behind Me (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Girl I Left Behind Me, The Barnes 2
Girl I Left behind Me, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Girl I Left Behind Me, The Portland 1
Girl I Left Behind Me,... Montreal Session
Girl I Love, The O'Neill's
Girl I Love, The Montreal Session
Girl of the Big House, The O'Neill's
Girl of the Big House,... Montreal Session
Girl of the Golden Tresses, The O'Neill's
Girl that Broke My Heart, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Girl That Wears Green,... Montreal Session
Girl Who Broke My Heart, The Portland 3
Girl Who Broke My Heart Montreal Session
Girl Who Broke My Heart, The O'Neill's
Girl with the Blue Dress On Portland 2
Girl With the Blue Dress On SPUDS
Girl With the Laughing Eyes, The O'Neill's
Girl With The Laughing... Montreal Session
Girl's Best Friend, A Barnes 2
Girls I Have Courted, ... Montreal Session
Girls of Banbridge, The O'Neill's
Girls Of Banbridge, The Montreal Session
Girls of Our Town, The Montreal Session
Girls of the County Mayo Montreal Session
Girls Will You Take Him? O'Neill's
Girls Will You Take Him? Montreal Session
Girls, Who Will Take Him? O'Neill's
Gisburn Processional Barnes 2
Give Me A Lass With A ... Montreal Session
Give Me Your Hand Fiddler's Fakebook
Give Me Your Hand Little Couple-Dancemusik
Give Me Your Hand Waltz Book 2
Give Me Your Hand Montreal Session
Give the Fiddler a Dram I Fiddler's Fakebook
Give Us a Drink of Water O'Neill's
Give Us a Drink of Water Montreal Session
Give Us Another O'Neill's
Give Us Another Montreal Session
Glades Waltz Book 4
Gladly Would I Go Montreal Session
Gladsome Gladys see Gladys's Galop Barnes 1
Gladstone's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Gladys's Galop Barnes 1
Glasgow Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Glasgow Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Glasgow reel, The Montreal Session
Glass of Beer, The Montreal Session
Gleaners Barnes 2
Gleann Mor na h-Albainn Little Couple-Dancemusik
Glen Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Glenburnie Rant Mendocino Tune Book
Glencolmcille Portland 2
Glendeven Barnes 2
Glendowan Fancy, The Montreal Session
Glengariff O'Neill's
Glengariff Bay Montreal Session
Glengariff Hornpipe O'Neill's
Glengariff Hornpipe Montreal Session
Glenmore Hunt, The Montreal Session
Glens of Mayo, The O'Neill's
Glens Of Mayo, The Montreal Session
Glenside Polka, The Montreal Session
Glise de Sherbrooke Portland 1
Gloire ui Rodnaig Montreal Session
Glories Of Spring, The Montreal Session
Glorious Ninth, The Montreal Session
Glory of the West, The Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Glory! Glory! Civil War Songbook
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Civil War Songbook
Gluaisead Buonapart Montreal Session
Gneevequilla Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Go and 'list for a Sailor Barnes 2
Go and 'List for a Sailor SPUDS
Go Lie Down Montreal Session
Go My Own Darling Boy Montreal Session
Go Tell Aunt Rhody Clarke Penny Whistle
Go to Berwick Johnnie Montreal Session
Go To The Devil And Sh... Montreal Session
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself O'Neill's
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself SPUDS
Goats' Horns, The Montreal Session
Goat's Song, The Montreal Session
Gobby O, The O'Neill's
Gobby O, The Montreal Session
Goddesses Barnes 1
Goddesses Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Goddesses Mendocino Multipart
Goddesses Mendocino Tune Book
Goff Hall see Astonished Archaeologist, The Barnes 2
Goglu, Reel Du Montreal Session
Goglu, Reel du Portland 3
Goin' Down South SPUDS
Going down the River Fiddler's Fakebook
Going to Donnybrook O'Neill's
Going To Donnybrook Montreal Session
Going to Jail Fiddler's Fakebook
Going to the Fair O'Neill's
Going To The Fair Montreal Session
Going to the Free State Portland 2
Going to Town Fiddler's Fakebook
Gold for the Mahieus Barnes 2
Gold Ring, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Gold Ring, The O'Neill's
Gold Ring, The Montreal Session
Golden Anniversary Waltz Barnes 1
Golden Colorado Montreal Session
Golden Eagle, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Golden Eagle, The Montreal Session
Golden Fiddle Waltz Waltz Book 2
Golden Keyboard, The Montreal Session
Golden Legs, The Portland 2
Golden Slippers Fiddler's Fakebook
Golden Slippers Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Golden Slippers Pinewoods
Golden Slippers SPUDS
Golden Slippers YFN
Golden Stud, The Montreal Session
Golden Vale, The O'Neill's
Golden Vale, The Montreal Session
Golden Wedding Reel Portland 2
Golden Wedding, The Montreal Session
Goldfinch, The Montreal Session
Gollaher's Frolics O'Neill's
Gondolin Portland 2
Gone To the Bower Montreal Session
Gonna Climb Them Golden Stairs Portland 2
Gonna Go Hunting for the Buffalo Portland 1
Good Advice see Rose of Sharon Barnes 1
Good Fellow, The Montreal Session
Good for the Tongue Portland 1
Good for the Tongue SPUDS
Good For the Tongue Montreal Session
Good Health to my Brow... Montreal Session
Good Health to Our Fri... Montreal Session
Good Luck and More of It Montreal Session
Good Man of Cambridge Barnes 2
Good Morning Fair Maid Montreal Session
Good Morning To Your N... Montreal Session
Good Morning To Your Nightcap O'Neill's
Good Night O'Neill's
Good Night Montreal Session
Good Omens O'Neill's
Good Ship Planet, The Montreal Session
Goodbye Girls Portland 3
Goodbye Girls, I'm Going to Boston Portland 3
Goodbye Liza Jane Fiddler's Fakebook
Goodbye to My Troubles O'Neill's
Goodnatured Man, The Montreal Session
Good-Night, Good-Night, and Joy Be With You Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Goose and the Gridiron, The Barnes 1
Gooseberry Blossoms, The Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Gooseberry Bush, The Montreal Session
Goosey Boy (Earl Jones) SPUDS
Gordian Knot Untied, The Barnes 2
Gordon's Fiddletunues Jig Portland 1
Gordon's Tune Montreal Session
gorm-rosg n-dri t ea d Montreal Session
Gort Na Noininead Montreal Session
Gosseburgh Little Couple-Dancemusik
Gossip Joan Barnes 1
Governor King's March Clarke Penny Whistle
Gråtvalsen (Ale Möllwe) SPUDS
Grace Hay's Delight Portland 2
Grace O'Malley Montreal Session
gradhuigtheoir treigth... Montreal Session
Graduate, The Barnes 2
Grafted into the Army Civil War Songbook
grai deoir culanta c, an Montreal Session
Graies Inne Maske Barnes 2
Graine Uaile Montreal Session
Gramachree is a Sup of Good Drink Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Gramachree Molly Montreal Session
Grand Chien Montreal Session
Grand March Medley Little Couple-Dancemusik
Grand Picnic, The Portland 1
Grand Valley Waltz Waltz Book 1
Grand'Bete, La Montreal Session
Grande Chaine SPUDS
Grande Chaine, La Portland 1
Grande gigue simple, La Montreal Session
grande traversée, La Montreal Session
Grandes Poteries, Les Montreal Session
Grandfather's Pet O'Neill's
Grandfather's Pet Montreal Session
Grandpère, Reel du Portland 2
Granny Quinn's Portland 2
Granny Will Your Dog Bite Portland 1
Grant Pill, The Civil War Songbook
Granu Waile or Ma-Ma Montreal Session
Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet Potato Vine Portland 1
Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet Potato Vine SPUDS
Grassy Green Pillow, The Montreal Session
Grassy Turf, The Montreal Session
Gratvalsen Waltz Book 3
Grave of Wolfe Tone, The Montreal Session
Gravel Walk Montreal Session
Gravel Walk, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Gravel Walk, The Portland 1
Gravel Walk, The YFN
Gray Eagle Portland 2
Graziella Mazurka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Greasy Coat Portland 3
Greasy String Portland 1
Great Big Taters in Sandy Land Fiddler's Fakebook
Great Eastern Reel Portland 2
Great Eastern, The O'Neill's
Great North Run '86 Montreal Session
Great Waltz of China Waltz Book 1
Greek Melody Portland 2
Green Apple Quickstep, The Portland 2
Green Banner, The O'Neill's
Green Banner, The Montreal Session
Green Branch, The O'Neill's
Green Branch, The Montreal Session
Green Brechans o' Bran... Montreal Session
Green Bushes, The Montreal Session
Green Eyes Waltz Book 2
Green Fields of America SPUDS
Green Fields of America, The O'Neill's
Green Fields Of America... Montreal Session
Green Fields of Ireland, The O'Neill's
Green Fields of Woodford, The Portland 3
Green Fingers see Laurelhurst Barnes 2
Green Flag Flying, The Montreal Session
Green Flag, The Montreal Session
Green Garters O'Neill's
Green Garters Montreal Session
Green Gates, The O'Neill's
Green Gates, The Montreal Session
Green Groves Of Erin, ... Montreal Session
Green Groves of Erin, The O'Neill's
Green Grows the Rashes Montreal Session
Green Grows the Rushes-O Montreal Session
Green Island, The Montreal Session
Green Jacket, The O'Neill's
Green Jacket, The Montreal Session
Green Linnet, The Montreal Session
Green Meadow SPUDS
Green Meadow, The O'Neill's
Green Meadow, The Montreal Session
Green Mountain Petronella Fiddler's Fakebook
Green Mountain Petronella SPUDS
Green Mountain Petronella Montreal Session
Green Mountain, The O'Neill's
Green Mountain, The Montreal Session
Green Shady Bowers Montreal Session
Green Sleeves O'Neill's
Green Sleeves Montreal Session
Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace Barnes 1
Green Sleeves And Yellow Lace Mendocino Tune Book
Green Table Portland 2
Green Willis Fiddler's Fakebook
Green Willis SPUDS
Green Willis YFN
Green Willis Portland 3
Green Willow Barnes 1
Green Woods of Truigha... Montreal Session
Greencastle Hornpipe, ... Montreal Session
Greencastle Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Greenfields of America Fiddler's Fakebook
Greenholm see Gigue for Genny Barnes 1
Greenwich Park Barnes 1
Greenwich Park Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Greenwood Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Greig's Pipes Montreal Session
Greim Obairaonlae Montreal Session
Grey Beard, The Montreal Session
Grey Buck, The Portland 1
Grey Eagle Fiddler's Fakebook
Grey Eagle Portland 2
Grey Plover, The O'Neill's
Grey Plover, The Montreal Session
Grian na maidne Montreal Session
Griffenfeldt Portland 3
Grimstock Barnes 1
Grimstock Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Griogal Cridhe Little Couple-Dancemusik
Grondeuse, La Portland 2
Grove's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Groves Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Groves Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Groves of Blackpool, The Montreal Session
Groves of Blarney, The Montreal Session
Groves of Dromore, The Montreal Session
Growling Old Man & Grumbling Old Woman YFN
Growling Old Man and Woman, The Fiddler's Fakebook
gruai d a dan ta ct, a Montreal Session
Grub Springs Portland 1
Grumbling Old Man And ... Montreal Session
Grumbling Old Man and the Growling Old Woman SPUDS
Grumbling Rustic, The O'Neill's
Grumbling Rustic, The Montreal Session
Guager, The O'Neill's
Guardian Angels Barnes 2
Gudgeon Of Maurice's Car Montreal Session
Gudgeon of Maurice's Car, The O'Neill's
Guenille, La Montreal Session
Gueussinette, La Waltz Book 4
Guiry's Favorite O'Neill's
Guiry's Favorite Montreal Session
Guiry's Favourite O'Neill's
Guizer's March, Da Portland 2
Gul Fhin Gun in the Thatch, The Montreal Session
Guns Of The Magnificen... Montreal Session
Gurty's Frolics O'Neill's
Gurty's Frolics Montreal Session
Guy Fawkes Montreal Session
Gypsy Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Gypsy Round, The Barnes 2
Hôtelier, Reel de Portland 1
Haapavesi Waltz Waltz Book 3
Habanera Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hacienda Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hag At the Churn Montreal Session
Hag By the Fire, The O'Neill's
Hag By The Fire, The Montreal Session
Hag With the Money, The O'Neill's
Hag With The Money, The Montreal Session
Hairy Dogleaf, The Portland 2
Hale-Bopp Circle Barnes 2
Half and Half Little Couple-Dancemusik
Halfe Hanniken Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Halfe Hannikin Barnes 1
Halfway House, The Montreal Session
Halloween Jig, The Montreal Session
Halsway Manners Barnes 2
Halsway Manor Jig see Halsway Manners Barnes 2
Halsway Sicilian Barnes 2
Halting March Fiddler's Fakebook
Hambleton's Round O Barnes 1
Hambo #1 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hambo #2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hambo #3 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hambo #4 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hambo for Valentine Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hamborg Sekstur Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hamburger Polka fra Hardanger Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hamilton County Fiddler's Fakebook
Hammy Hamilton's Montreal Session
Hamsters in the Pantry Portland 2
Hand Me Down the Tackle Portland 2
Handel With Care Barnes 1
Handel With Care Mendocino Tune Book
Handorgan Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Handsome Plowboy, The O'Neill's
Handsome Plowboy, The Montreal Session
Handsome Young Maidens (Charlie Lennon 1992) SPUDS
Handsome Young Maidens, The Portland 2
Handsome Young Maidens... Montreal Session
Handy Man, The Montreal Session
Handy With the Stick O'Neill's
Handy With The Stick Montreal Session
Hanged Man's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Hangman's Reel Portland 1
Ha'Penny for a Cotton ... Montreal Session
Ha'porth of Tea, A O'Neill's
Ha'porth Of Tea, A Montreal Session
Happy Captive, The Barnes 1
Happy Days of Youth, The O'Neill's
Happy Days Of Youth, The Montreal Session
Happy Hollow Portland 3
Happy Man, The Montreal Session
Happy Marriage, The Barnes 2
Happy Meeting in Heaven Little Couple-Dancemusik
Happy Mistake, The Montreal Session
Happy Pair, The Barnes 1
Happy To Meet And Sorr... Montreal Session
Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part O'Neill's
Hardiman the Fiddler O'Neill's
Hardiman The Fiddler Montreal Session
Hardiman's Fancy Portland 3
Hardy Man The Fiddler Montreal Session
Hare in the Corn (Number 1) O'Neill's
Hare in the Corn (Number 2), The O'Neill's
Hare In The Corn, The Montreal Session
Hare, The Portland 1
Hare, The Portland 2
Hare's Maggot, The see Up With Aily Barnes 1
Hargaluten Little Couple-Dancemusik
Harp That in Darkness, The O'Neill's
Harrington Hall Montreal Session
Hartigan's Fancy O'Neill's
Hartigan's Fancy Montreal Session
Hartshead Hornpipe Montreal Session
Harvest Field, The O'Neill's
Harvest Field, The Montreal Session
Harvest Home Fiddler's Fakebook
Harvest Home YFN
Harvest Home, The O'Neill's
Harvest Home, The Montreal Session
Hast to the Wedding Fiddler's Fakebook
Haste to the Wedding Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Haste to the Wedding O'Neill's
Haste to the Wedding Pinewoods
Haste to the Wedding SPUDS
Haste to the Wedding YFN
Haste to the Wedding Montreal Session
Haunted House Montreal Session
Hava Na(jig)ilah Portland 3
Have A Drink On Me Montreal Session
Have a Drink With Me O'Neill's
Have A Drink With Me Montreal Session
Have You Been At Carrick? Montreal Session
Have You Seen My Valen... Montreal Session
Hawkins' Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Hawks and Eagles Fiddler's Fakebook
Hawk's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Hawk's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Hawthorn, The O'Neill's
Hawthorn, The Montreal Session
Hay for Two (Michael Gorin) SPUDS
Haymaker's Hoedown Portland 3
Haymaker's Jig Montreal Session
Haymakers, The Barnes 2
Haymakers, The O'Neill's
He Didn't Dance All Day O'Neill's
He Left Us in Sorrow Montreal Session
Heading for Zero Barnes 2
Headless Horseman (Bob Pasquarello) SPUDS
Health to All Honest Men, A Barnes 2
Health to King Phillip Montreal Session
Health to the Ladies, A Montreal Session
Health, The Barnes 1
Health, The Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Heart And Hand Montreal Session
Heart Bowed Down, The Montreal Session
Hearts Ease Mendocino Tune Book
Heart's Ease Mendocino Multipart
Hearts, Freely Given (Bob Pasquarello 1998) SPUDS
Heartsease Barnes 1
Heartsease Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Hearty Boys of Ballymoate, The Portland 1
Heather Breeze, The O'Neill's
Heather Breeze, The Montreal Session
Heather Glen, The O'Neill's
Heather Glen, The Montreal Session
Heather McCarthy Portland 3
Heavens to Betsy Portland 1
Hector MacDonald's Reel Portland 3
Hector MacKenzie's Jig Montreal Session
Heel and Toe Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Heel of the Hunt, The Montreal Session
Heidenroslein Barnes 1
Heidenroslein Little Couple-Dancemusik
Heidenroslein Waltz Book 2
Helen Douglas Little Couple-Dancemusik
Helena Barnes 1
Helena, Reel Portland 3
Helene's Night Out Barnes 1
Hell among the Yearlings Fiddler's Fakebook
Hell Broke Loose in Georgia Portland 1
Helston Furry (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Helston Furry Dance, The Barnes 2
Helvic Head Montreal Session
Héma Hen's March, The Montreal Session
Hen Run, The Barnes 2
Hens' Feet and Carrots Portland 3
Hennessy's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Hennessy's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Henry's Good Fortune Waltz Book 3
Henry's Hornpipe Barnes 2
Her Blushing Cheek Montreal Session
Here We Go Up O'Neill's
Here's Good Health to ... Montreal Session
Her-Man see American Husband Barnes 1
Hermit of Killarney, The Montreal Session
Herne Bay Dance, The Barnes 1
Hesleyside Reel, The Montreal Session
Hessian Dance Barnes 2
Heswall and West Kirby Jubilee Barnes 2
Hewlett Fiddler's Fakebook
Hewlett Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hewlett Waltz Book 1
Hexham Races see Pins and Needles Barnes 1
Hey Boys, Up Go We Barnes 1
Hey Boys, Up We Go Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Hey, Ho, My Honey see Slaughter House Barnes 1
Hey, Little Girl Do What I Tell You Portland 2
Heydaze Barnes 2
Hibernian Dance Montreal Session
Hibernian Jig, The O'Neill's
Hibernian Jig, The Montreal Session
Hiccup Jig, The Montreal Session
Hickman County Fiddler's Fakebook
Hick's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Hick's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Hide and Go Seek O'Neill's
Hide And Go Seek Montreal Session
Hi-Flyer Stomp Fiddler's Fakebook
Higgins' Best Montreal Session
Higgins' Hornpipe O'Neill's
Higgin's Hornpipe Montreal Session
High Caul Cap O'Neill's
High Clouds Waltz Book 1
High Country, The Montreal Session
High Dad in the Morning Fiddler's Fakebook
High Ginks Barnes 2
High Part of the Road Portland 1
High Port of the Road SPUDS
High reel Montreal Session
High Reel, The Portland 1
High Road to Linton, The Portland 1
High-Caul Cap O'Neill's
High-Caul Cap Montreal Session
Highland Lilt see Haymakers, The Barnes 2
Highland Man That Kissed His Grannie, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Highland Schottische Little Couple-Dancemusik
Highlander, The O'Neill's
Highlander, The Montreal Session
Highlander's Reel Portland 1
Highway to Dublin, The O'Neill's
Highway To Dublin, The Montreal Session
Highway to Kilkenny, The O'Neill's
Highway To Kilkenny, The Montreal Session
Highway to Limerick, The O'Neill's
Highway To Limerick, The Montreal Session
Hill of Coore, The Montreal Session
Hill of Uisnach Montreal Session
Hillingdon Heath Barnes 2
Hills and Dales of Wales, The Barnes 2
Hills of Glenorchy, The O'Neill's
Hills of Glenurchie SPUDS
Hills of Ireland Montreal Session
Hills of Sharon Portland 1
Hillside Cottage O'Neill's
Hillside Cottage Montreal Session
Hinba Montreal Session
Hinchey's Delight O'Neill's
Hinchy's Delight Montreal Session
Hinchy's Fancy Montreal Session
His Home and His Country O'Neill's
Histoire de mon coq Montreal Session
Hit and Miss Barnes 1
Hit and Miss Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Hit And Miss (Daphne) Mendocino Multipart
Hit and Miss (Daphne) Mendocino Tune Book
Hit or Misse Barnes 2
Hoagie's Diner Montreal Session
Hobart's Transformation Fiddler's Fakebook
Hog Eye Fiddler's Fakebook
Holborn March Barnes 1
Holborn March Mendocino Tune Book
Hole in the Hedge, The Portland 2
Hole In the Wall Mendocino Multipart
Hole In the Wall Mendocino Tune Book
Hole in the Wall, The Barnes 1
Holey Halfpenny, The Montreal Session
Holiday Fancy Montreal Session
Holland Is A Fine Place Montreal Session
Hollow Poplar Fiddler's Fakebook
Hollow Poplar Portland 1
Hollow Poplar SPUDS
Holly Tree, The Montreal Session
Hollyford Jig, The O'Neill's
Hollyford Jig, The Montreal Session
Holme's Fancy Montreal Session
Holsbyralsen Little Couple-Dancemusik
Homage à Yvan Brault Montreal Session
Hombey House Barnes 1
Home Again see Brandevin, Le Barnes 2
Home Made Reel, The Montreal Session
Home Ruler Montreal Session
Home with the Girls in the Morning Portland 1
Homecoming, The Barnes 2
Homenaje A Mi Pueblo Little Couple-Dancemusik
Homeward Bound Montreal Session
Homeward Bound Portland 3
Hommage à Arthur, Marcel et Phylias Pigeon Portland 3
Hommage à Dorothée Montreal Session
Hommage à Edmond Pari... Montreal Session
Hommage a Edmond Parizeau Portland 1
Hommage a Edmond Parizeau (Marcel Messervier) SPUDS
Hommage à Gaétan Roy Montreal Session
Hommage à Gilles Laprise Portland 3
Hommage à Guy Thomas Montreal Session
Hommage à Harmonica Jean Portland 3
Hommage à Jimmy de Ge... Montreal Session
Hommage à Jos Bouchard Montreal Session
Hommage à la Belle Gaspésie Portland 2
Hommage à Mes Amis Musiciens Portland 3
Hommage à monsieur Le... Montreal Session
Hommage à Ojnab Portland 3
Hommage à Philippe Br... Montreal Session
Hommage a Philippe Bruneau Waltz Book 3
Hommage à Pitou Boudr... Montreal Session
Hommage à Rock Proulx Portland 2
Hommage à Stéphane L... Montreal Session
Hommage aux musiciens ... Montreal Session
Homme à Deux Femmes, L' Portland 3
Honest Man, The Montreal Session
Honeymoon Reel, The O'Neill's
Honeymoon Reel, The Montreal Session
Honeysuckle Hoop and Gird Her Montreal Session
Honeysuckle Schottische Little Couple-Dancemusik
Honeysuckle, The O'Neill's
Honeysuckle, The Montreal Session
'Hooly and Fairly O'Neill's
Hooper's Jig #2 (Tom Anderson) SPUDS
Hoop't Petticoat Barnes 1
Hop Ground, The Barnes 1
Hop Ground, The Mendocino Tune Book
Hopetown House Montreal Session
Hop-picker's Feast Barnes 1
Hop-pickers Feast II Barnes 1
Horace Hanesworth Portland 1
Horizonto Montreal Session
Hornless Cow, The O'Neill's
Hornless Cow, The Montreal Session
Hornpipe (Purcell) see Transported Barnes 2
Hornpipe in the Style of Sean Maguire Portland 2
Horse and Jockey, The O'Neill's
Horse And Jockey, The Montreal Session
Horseplay Barnes 2
Horse's Bransle Montreal Session
Horseshoes and Rainbows Montreal Session
Hortonia Barnes 2
Hot Punch Clarke Penny Whistle
Hour before Day, An Montreal Session
House in the Glen, The O'Neill's
House in the Glen, The Portland 3
House In The Glen, The Montreal Session
House on the Hill, The Montreal Session
Housekeeper, The O'Neill's
How Are You Kitty? Montreal Session
How Are You, Kitty? O'Neill's
How Is Your Mother? Montreal Session
How Much Has She Got? O'Neill's
How Much Has She Got? Montreal Session
How Paddy Was Fooled Montreal Session
How the Money Goes O'Neill's
How The Money Goes Montreal Session
How We Spent the Chris... Montreal Session
Hubbub see Bryon's Boutade Barnes 2
Hudie Gallagher's Portland 2
Hudson Barn Barnes 1
Hudson Barn II Barnes 1
Huffing Up Great Gable Portland 3
Hugh McArdle's Fancy Montreal Session
Hugh O'Donnell see Wibsey Roundabout Barnes 1
Hugh O'neill's Lament Montreal Session
Hughie Shorty's Reel Portland 1
Hughie Shorty's Reel SPUDS
Hugo's Waltz Waltz Book 4
Huish the Cat O'Neill's
Huish The Cat Montreal Session
Hull's Reel Portland 3
Hull's Victory Fiddler's Fakebook
Hull's Victory Montreal Session
Humors of Abbeyfeale Montreal Session
Humors Of Ayle House, ... Montreal Session
Humors of Ayle House, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Ballinacarri... Montreal Session
Humors of Ballinacarrig, The O'Neill's
Humors of Ballinafauna, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Ballinafauna... Montreal Session
Humors of Ballingarry, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Ballingarry,... Montreal Session
Humors Of Ballinlass, ... Montreal Session
Humors of Ballinlass, The O'Neill's
Humors of Ballycastle, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Ballycastle,... Montreal Session
Humors of Ballyconnell, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Ballyconnell... Montreal Session
Humors Of Ballydehob, ... Montreal Session
Humors of Ballydehob, The O'Neill's
Humors of Ballyheige Montreal Session
Humors Of Ballymanus, ... Montreal Session
Humors of Ballymanus, The O'Neill's
Humors of Bandon, The O'Neill's
Humors of Bandon, The Montreal Session
Humors of Bantry, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Bantry, The Montreal Session
Humors of Boston Hornpipe Portland 2
Humors of Bottle Hill Montreal Session
Humors of Cappa, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Cappa, The Montreal Session
Humors of Carrickmacro... Montreal Session
Humors Of Castle Berna... Montreal Session
Humors of Castle Bernard, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Castle Comer... Montreal Session
Humors of Castle Lyons, The O'Neill's
Humors of Castle of Co... Montreal Session
Humors of Castlecomer, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Castlelyons,... Montreal Session
Humors of Castleoliver, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Castleoliver... Montreal Session
Humors of Cavan, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Cavan, The Montreal Session
Humors Of Clare Montreal Session
Humors of Clare, The O'Neill's
Humors of Cork, The Montreal Session
Humors of Dingle, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Dingle, The Montreal Session
Humors of Donnybrook, The O'Neill's
Humors of Drinagh, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Drinagh, The Montreal Session
Humors of Dublin, The Barnes 2
Humors of Enniskean, The Montreal Session
Humors of Glendart O'Neill's
Humors Of Glendart Montreal Session
Humors of Glynn, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Glynn, The Montreal Session
Humors Of Kilclogher Montreal Session
Humors of Kilkenny, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Kilkenny, The Montreal Session
Humors of Limerick, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Limerick, The Montreal Session
Humors of Listivain Montreal Session
Humors of Mullinafauna, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Mullinafauna, The Montreal Session
Humors of Newcastle, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Newcastle, The Montreal Session
Humors of Ross, The Montreal Session
Humors of Scarriff, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Scarriff, The Montreal Session
Humors of Schull, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Schull, The Montreal Session
Humors of Swanlinbar Montreal Session
Humors of the Joyce Co... Montreal Session
Humors of Tralibane, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Tralibane, The Montreal Session
Humors Of Trim, The Montreal Session
Humors of Tulla, The Montreal Session
Humors of Westport, The O'Neill's
Humors Of Westport, The Montreal Session
Humors of Whiskey, The O'Neill's
Humors of Whiskey, The Montreal Session
Humors of Winter, The Montreal Session
Humors ofTrim, The O'Neill's
Humours of (Off To) Ca... Montreal Session
Humours of Ayle House O'Neill's
Humours of Ballinacarrig, The O'Neill's
Humours of Ballinafauna, The O'Neill's
Humours of Ballinafauna, The Portland 3
Humours of Ballingarry O'Neill's
Humours of Ballinlass, The O'Neill's
Humours of Ballycastle, The O'Neill's
Humours of Ballyconnell, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Humours of Ballyconnell, The O'Neill's
Humours of Ballydehob O'Neill's
Humours of Ballyloughlin Montreal Session
Humours of Ballyloughlin, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Humours of Ballymanus, The O'Neill's
Humours of Bandon, The O'Neill's
Humours of Bandon, The Montreal Session
Humours of Bantry O'Neill's
Humours of Cappa O'Neill's
Humours of Castle Bernard, The O'Neill's
Humours of Castle Lyons O'Neill's
Humours of Castlecomer O'Neill's
Humours of Castleoliver, The O'Neill's
Humours of Cavan O'Neill's
Humours of Clare O'Neill's
Humours of Dingle O'Neill's
Humours of Drinagh O'Neill's
Humours of Drinagh, The Montreal Session
Humours of Dublin, The Barnes 1
Humours of Ennistymon Montreal Session
Humours of Glendart O'Neill's
Humours of Glyn, The Montreal Session
Humours of Glynn O'Neill's
Humours of Hillsboroug... Montreal Session
Humours of Kilkenny, The O'Neill's
Humours of Limerick, The O'Neill's
Humours of Limerick, The O'Neill's
Humours of Mullinafauna O'Neill's
Humours of Newcastle, The O'Neill's
Humours of Passage, The Montreal Session
Humours of Scarriff, The O'Neill's
Humours of Schull, The O'Neill's
Humours of Tralibane O'Neill's
Humours of Trim O'Neill's
Humours of Westport, The O'Neill's
Humours of Whiskey O'Neill's
Humphrey's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Humphrey's Reel O'Neill's
Hundred Pipers Pinewoods
Hundred Pipers Portland 1
Hundred Pipers SPUDS
Hundred Pipers YFN
Hungarian Gypsy Tune SPUDS
Hungarian Varsovienne Little Couple-Dancemusik
Hungry Rock, The Montreal Session
Hungry Rooks, The Portland 1
Hunsdon House Barnes 1
Hunsdon House Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Hunt the Squirrel Barnes 1
Hunt the Squirrel Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Hunt the Squirrel Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Hunt the Squirrel Mendocino Multipart
Hunt the Squirrel Mendocino Tune Book
Hunt the Squirrel (alt.) see Geud Man of Ballangigh Barnes 1
Hunt, The O'Neill's
Hunt, The Montreal Session
Hunter's Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Hunter's Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Hunter's House, The Portland 2
Hunter's Purse, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Hunting the Buffalo Portland 1
Hunting the Buffalo SPUDS
Hunting the Hare O'Neill's
Hunting The Hare Montreal Session
Huntington's Maggot Barnes 2
Huntsman's Chorus Fiddler's Fakebook
Huntsman's Chorus Pinewoods
Hurler's March, The Montreal Session
Hurling Boys, The O'Neill's
Hurling Boys, The Montreal Session
Hurrah! For Old Erin F... Montreal Session
Hurrah! For the Women of Limerick O'Neill's
Hurry the Jug O'Neill's
Hurry The Jug Montreal Session
Hush the Cat Montreal Session
Hushed Be Sorrow's Sigh O'Neill's
Hut On Staffen Island,... Montreal Session
Hut on Staffin Island, The Portland 2
Hyde Park Barnes 1
Hyde Park Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
I Awoke From My Dream Montreal Session
I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave Montreal Session
I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave Portland 3
I Care Not For These Ladies Barnes 1
I Care Not For These Ladies Mendocino Multipart
I Care Not For These Ladies Mendocino Tune Book
I Could But I Wont Montreal Session
I Do Not Incline O'Neill's
I Do Not Incline Montreal Session
I Don't Love Nobody Fiddler's Fakebook
I Dreamt of My Love Montreal Session
I Found My Love in the... Montreal Session
I Get My Whiskey from Rockingham Portland 3
I Have a Wife of My Own O'Neill's
I Have A Wife Of My Own Montreal Session
I Have No Money O'Neill's
I Have No Money Montreal Session
I Know What You Like O'Neill's
I Know What You Like Montreal Session
I Lead Such a Troublesome Life O'Neill's
I Leave You in Sadness Montreal Session
I Leave You To Guess Montreal Session
I Lost My Love Portland 1
I Love Thee No More Montreal Session
I Love You My Darling Montreal Session
I Met Her in the Garden Montreal Session
I Pressed Her to my Br... Montreal Session
I Sat in the Green Valley O'Neill's
I Sat Within the Valley Green O'Neill's
I Saw My Love Come Pas... Montreal Session
I Saw Thy Form Montreal Session
I Was Roaming in the G... Montreal Session
I Will Drink No More Montreal Session
I Will if I Can O'Neill's
I Will If I Can Montreal Session
I Wish That I Could Go... Montreal Session
I Wish That My Room Had a Floor Folk Songs of Upstate New York
I Wish You Would Marry... Montreal Session
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now? Little Couple-Dancemusik
I Wont Be A Nun Montreal Session
Ice House, The Portland 2
Ice on the Pond SPUDS
Ice on the Road Portland 1
Ick gae mijn soeten Engel see Lover's Farewell, The Barnes 2
Ick hebbe mijne klachten see Woeful Lover, The Barnes 2
Idbury Hill Clarke Penny Whistle
IdburyHill Barnes 2
Idle Road, The O'Neill's
Idle Road, The Montreal Session
Idlewild SPUDS
Idlewild Jig Portland 1
If All the World Were Paper Barnes 1
If All the World Were Paper Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
If All the Young Ladies Montreal Session
If Ever You Were Mine Montreal Session
If I Had Maggie in the Wood Barnes 1
If Love's a Sweet Passion Barnes 2
If the Sea Were Ink Montreal Session
If You Knew Susie SPUDS
Ife's March Montreal Session
Iggie and Squiggie Portland 2
I'll Be a Good Boy Montreal Session
I'll Buy Boots for Maggie Montreal Session
I'll Buy Boots for Maggie [out of sequence, following "Booth Shot Lincoln"] SPUDS
I'll Go & Enlist For A Sailor Clarke Penny Whistle
I'll Go No More to Yon... Montreal Session
I'll Have Her In Spite... Montreal Session
I'll Make my Love a Br... Montreal Session
I'll Mend Your Pots An... Montreal Session
I'll Neither Spin Nor ... Montreal Session
I'll Neither Spin nor Weave O'Neill's
I'm a Poor Rambling Boy Montreal Session
I'm a Silly Old Man O'Neill's
I'm A Silly Old Man Montreal Session
I'm a Zombie Too Montreal Session
I'm Asleep and Don't A... Montreal Session
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles Little Couple-Dancemusik
I'm Lonely Tonight Love Montreal Session
I'm Married One Year T... Montreal Session
I'm Ready Now O'Neill's
I'm Ready Now Montreal Session
I'm Sadly Thinking Montreal Session
I'm The Boy For Bewitc... Montreal Session
I'm the Boy For Bewitching Them O'Neill's
I'm Waiting For You O'Neill's
I'm Waiting For You Montreal Session
I'm Weary Of Life Montreal Session
Impertinence Barnes 2
Impropriety Barnes 2
In And Out The Harbour Montreal Session
In Continental Mood Waltz Book 4
In the Bleak Midwinter Barnes 2
In the Fields in Frost and Snow Barnes 1
In the Good Old Summertime Little Couple-Dancemusik
In the Woodpile Fiddler's Fakebook
Indeed Then You Wont Montreal Session
Indian Ate the Woodchuck Portland 2
Indian Point Portland 2
Indian Point SPUDS
Indian Point YFN
Indian Point Montreal Session
Indian Princess Mendocino Tune Book
Indian Princess, The Barnes 1
Indian Queen Barnes 1
Indian Queen Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Indian Queen Mendocino Tune Book
Indian Queen (First Air) see Maggot for Mr. Purcell, A Barnes 2
Indian, The Portland 1
Indiana Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Indien Quadrille Portland 1
Indiens, Reel des Portland 3
Indifference Waltz Book 3
Inghean arabi Montreal Session
Ingonish Portland 3
Ingonish Montreal Session
inis ealga Montreal Session
Inisheer Waltz Book 3
Inisheer Montreal Session
Innis's Jig Montreal Session
Installation, The Barnes 1
Intention, L' Montreal Session
Intrigas no Boteco do Brendan Behan Little Couple-Dancemusik
Introduction, The Barnes 2
Inver Bank Montreal Session
Inverness Lasses Fiddling Across America
iongantas paidin Montreal Session
Ireland For Ever! Montreal Session
Irish Champion, The Montreal Session
Irish Dragoon, The O'Neill's
Irish Exile, The Montreal Session
Irish Girl, The O'Neill's
Irish Girl, The Montreal Session
Irish Hautboy, The Montreal Session
Irish Hop Pickers, The Montreal Session
Irish Jig Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Irish Lady, The Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Irish Lament for Marty... Montreal Session
Irish Lamentation Barnes 1
Irish Lamentation Waltz Book 2
Irish Lassie, The Montreal Session
Irish Lullaby, An Montreal Session
Irish Music Club, The Montreal Session
Irish Nation, The Montreal Session
Irish Oak O'Neill's
Irish Pat Montreal Session
Irish Reel Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Irish Trot Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Irish Washerwoman SPUDS
Irish Washerwoman Montreal Session
Irish Washerwoman, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Irish Washerwoman, The O'Neill's
Irish Whiskey O'Neill's
Irish Widow's Lament o... Montreal Session
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies Portland 1
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies SPUDS
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies, An O'Neill's
Irishman's Return from America, An O'Neill's
Irishwoman, The O'Neill's
Irishwoman, The Montreal Session
Irma Waltz Waltz Book 2
Iron Curtain Breakdown Portland 2
Iron Man, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Iron Mountain Portland 3
Iroquois, Reel Montreal Session
Is cailm mirneach domsa i Montreal Session
Is do dhrugaire mo chr... Montreal Session
Is It The Priest You W... Montreal Session
Is It the Priest You Want? O'Neill's
Is mo shaith aon cheil... Montreal Session
Is Not This Pleasant? Montreal Session
Is the Big Man Within? O'Neill's
Is The Big Man Within? Montreal Session
Isabella Burke Montreal Session
Isabella Burke see Twelve for the Twelve Apostles Barnes 2
Issoudun is temneasa c a taim Montreal Session
It Ain't the Heat, It's the Humidity Portland 1
It Is Day O'Neill's
It is Sickly I Am Montreal Session
It Would Not Do At All Montreal Session
Italian Disappointment, The Barnes 2
It's a Pity I Can't Se... Montreal Session
Ivory and the Quill, The Montreal Session
Ivy Leaf, The O'Neill's
Ivy Leaf, The Montreal Session
J. B. Milne Portland 2
Jack A Lent Barnes 1
Jack a Lent Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Jack A Lent see Lord of Carnarvon's Jig Barnes 1
Jack Broke da Prison Door Fiddler's Fakebook
Jack Daniel's Reel Portland 3
Jack Delad Portland 2
Jack Dolan O'Neill's
Jack Dolan Montreal Session
Jack Latin O'Neill's
Jack Lattin with Varia... Montreal Session
Jack Limberlegs Fiddling Across America
Jack Loughlin Montreal Session
Jack of All Trades O'Neill's
Jack of Diamonds Fiddler's Fakebook
Jack on the Green Montreal Session
Jack O'Neill's Fancy Montreal Session
Jack Pudding see Step Stately Barnes 1
Jackey Layton Montreal Session
Jackie Coleman's Montreal Session
Jackie Coleman's Portland 3
Jackie Daly's Montreal Session
Jackie Tar Montreal Session
Jack-of-All-Trades O'Neill's
Jack-Of-All-Trades Montreal Session
Jack's Farewell, The Barnes 1
Jack's Farewell, The Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Jack's Gone a Shearing Montreal Session
Jack's Health Barnes 1
Jack's Health Mendocino Multipart
Jack's Health Mendocino Tune Book
Jack's Health Mendocino Tune Book
Jack's Health II Barnes 2
Jack's Maggot Barnes 1
Jack's Maggot Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Jack's Maggot Mendocino Tune Book
Jacks the Lad O'Neill's
Jack's the Lad O'Neill's
Jacks The Lad Montreal Session
Jack's The Lad Montreal Session
Jackson Stomp Fiddler's Fakebook
Jackson's Bottle Of Br... Montreal Session
Jackson's Bottle of Brandy O'Neill's
Jackson's Bottle of Cl... Montreal Session
Jackson's Coge in the ... Montreal Session
Jackson's Cravat O'Neill's
Jackson's Cravat Montreal Session
Jackson's Dream Montreal Session
Jackson's Fancy O'Neill's
Jackson's Fancy Montreal Session
Jackson's Favourite Montreal Session
Jackson's Freize Coat Montreal Session
Jackson's Frieze Coat O'Neill's
Jackson's Frolic Montreal Session
Jackson's Jig Portland 2
Jackson's Maid O'Neill's
Jackson's Maid Montreal Session
Jackson's Maid at the ... Montreal Session
Jackson's Morning Brush O'Neill's
Jackson's Morning Brush Portland 1
Jackson's Morning Brush Montreal Session
Jackson's Over the Water Montreal Session
Jackson's Rambles O'Neill's
Jackson's Rambles Montreal Session
Jackson's Reel I Fiddler's Fakebook
Jackson's Reel II Fiddler's Fakebook
Jackson's Rolling Jig O'Neill's
Jackson's Rolling Jig Montreal Session
Jackson's Rowly Powly Montreal Session
Jackson's Silver Mines Montreal Session
Jackson's Stranger Montreal Session
Jackson's Welcome Home Montreal Session
Jacky Latin Montreal Session
Jacky Tar O'Neill's
Jacky Tar Portland 2
Jacob Hall's Jig Barnes 1
Jacob Hall's Jig Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Jacob Hall's Jig Mendocino Tune Book
Jacob Hall's Jig II Barnes 1
Jacob Hall's Jig II Barnes 2
Jalousie Little Couple-Dancemusik
Jamaica Barnes 1
Jamaica Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Jamaica Mendocino Multipart
Jamaica Mendocino Tune Book
James Betagh see Hale-Bopp Circle Barnes 2
James Bird Folk Songs of Upstate New York
James My Thousand Trea... Montreal Session
James O'Brien Montreal Session
Jamesy Gannon's Montreal Session
Jamie Allen Pinewoods
Jamie Allen Portland 1
Jamie Allen SPUDS
Jamie Allen YFN
Jamie Allen's Fancy Montreal Session
Jane in the Lane see Old Friends Barnes 2
Jane's Heart Inclines ... Montreal Session
Janet Beaton Jig, The Portland 3
Janet Laskey's reel Montreal Session
January Girl Barnes 2
January Spring (Sarah Gowan 2007) SPUDS
Jaque Latin Barnes 2
Jaque Latin Mendocino Tune Book
Jay Bird YFN
Jaybird Fiddler's Fakebook
Jaybird SPUDS
Jeff City Portland 2
Jeff in Petticoats Civil War Songbook
Jefferson and Liberty Mendocino Tune Book
Jefferson and Liberty Montreal Session
Jefferson City Portland 2
Jefferson Road Portland 2
Jennie Pippin Montreal Session
Jennie Rock the Cradle Montreal Session
Jennie's Chickens Montreal Session
Jenny Dang The Weaver Montreal Session
Jenny Lind Little Couple-Dancemusik
Jenny Lind SPUDS
Jenny Lind Polka Fiddler's Fakebook
Jenny Lind Polka YFN
Jenny Lynn Fiddler's Fakebook
Jenny Nettle's Fancy O'Neill's
Jenny Picking Cockles O'Neill's
Jenny Picking Cockles Montreal Session
Jenny Pippin O'Neill's
Jenny Pippin Montreal Session
Jenny Pluck Pears Barnes 1
Jenny Pluck Pears Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Jenny Pluck Pears Mendocino Tune Book
Jenny, Come Tie My Cravat Barnes 1
Jenny, Come Tie My Cravat Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Jenny's Gone to Linton Portland 1
Jenny's Gone to Linton SPUDS
Jenny's Gone to Linton YFN
Jenny's Wedding O'Neill's
Jenny's Wedding Montreal Session
Jenny's Welcome To Cha... Montreal Session
Jenny's Welcome to Charley O'Neill's
Jenny's Welcome to Charlie Fiddler's Fakebook
J'Erais Au Bal Little Couple-Dancemusik
Jerry and Tom Portland 2
Jerry Daly's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Jerry Daly's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Jerry Hayes O'Neill's
Jerry Hayes Montreal Session
Jerry Houlihan O'Neill's
Jerry Houlihan Montreal Session
Jerry O'Reilly's Jig Montreal Session
Jerry O'Reilly's Reel Montreal Session
Jerry's Beaver Hat O'Neill's
Jerry's Beaver Hat Montreal Session
Jersey Lightning Portland 2
Jerusalem Ridge Fiddler's Fakebook
Jesse the Flower of Du... Montreal Session
Jesse's Waltz Waltz Book 2
Jessica's Little Couple-Dancemusik
Jessica's SPUDS
Jesusita en Chihuahua Little Couple-Dancemusik
Jeunes Marie, Reel des SPUDS
Jig in A Portland 2
Jig of Slurs Portland 2
Jig of Slurs (G.S. MacLellan) SPUDS
Jig of Slurs, The Montreal Session
Jig of the Living Dead Montreal Session
Jigermyster, The Portland 3
Jigg (Boyce) see Merry Boyce and Girls Barnes 2
Jim Boulton's Fancy Montreal Session
Jim Boulton's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Jim Keefe's Polka Montreal Session
Jim Kennedy's Favorite O'Neill's
Jim Kennedy's Favorite Montreal Session
Jim Kennedy's Favourite O'Neill's
Jim Moore's Fancy O'Neill's
Jim Moore's Fancy Montreal Session
Jim Ward's Montreal Session
Jim Ward's Jig Clarke Penny Whistle
Jimmy Allen Montreal Session
Jimmy in the Swamp Portland 2
Jimmy O'Brian's Jig Montreal Session
Jimmy O'Brien's Jig O'Neill's
Jimmy O'Brien's Reel Montreal Session
Jimmy's Return Montreal Session
Jim's Jig Portland 1
Jim's Jig (Jim Bell 1994) SPUDS
Jitterbug Waltz Waltz Book 4
Joan Transported see Quite Carried Away Barnes 1
Joanie's Jig Portland 1
Job Of Journey Work, The Montreal Session
Job of Journeywork, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Job of Journeywork, The O'Neill's
Jock O'Hazeldean Little Couple-Dancemusik
Jockey and Jenny Montreal Session
Jockey at the Fair, The O'Neill's
Jockey At The Fair, The Montreal Session
Jockey Lay Up In The H... Montreal Session
Jockey Stays Lang at t... Montreal Session
Jockey, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Jockey, The see Fourpence Ha'penny Farting Barnes 1
Jockey's Jig Barnes 2
Jodler Wait! Little Couple-Dancemusik
Joe Bouchard's SPUDS
Joe Cant's Reel O'Neill's
Joe Cant's Reel Montreal Session
Joe Kennedy's Jig O'Neill's
Joelle Montreal Session
Joe's Favorite Portland 2
Joe's Toes Portland 1
Jog On Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
John Bowes Portland 1
John Brady's Jig Montreal Session
John Brown's Dream Fiddler's Fakebook
John Brown's Dream Portland 1
John Brown's March Portland 1
John Campbell's Trip to Port Townsend Portland 1
John Carey's Daughter O'Neill's
John Carey's Daughter Montreal Session
John Doe O'Neill's
John Drury see Jubilee at Eindhoven Barnes 2
John Dwyer Of The Glens Montreal Session
John Hardy Portland 2
John Howatt's Portland 1
John In The Fog Clarke Penny Whistle
John Kelly's Slide Fiddler's Fakebook
John Mitchel Montreal Session
John Naughton's Jig Portland 2
John O'Dwyer of the Glen Montreal Session
John O'Dwyer of the Glens O'Neill's
John O'Neill's Reel O'Neill's
John O'Neill's Reel Montreal Session
John O'Reilly the Active Montreal Session
John Rawl Jamieson Portland 2
John Ryan's Polka Fiddler's Fakebook
John Ryan's Polka YFN
John Sharp's Hornpipe Portland 1
John Stenson's #2 Portland 1
John Tallis' Canon see Tallis' Canon Barnes 1
John the Blacksmith Montreal Session
John White Montreal Session
John White's Mother O'Neill's
John White's Mother Montreal Session
Johnny Allen's Reel O'Neill's
Johnny Allen's Reel Montreal Session
Johnny Cope Portland 1
Johnny Cope SPUDS
Johnny Cope Montreal Session
Johnny Doherty's Portland 2
Johnny Doyle Montreal Session
Johnny Fill Up the Bowl Montreal Session
Johnny Get Your Hair Cut Clarke Penny Whistle
Johnny Has Gone To France O'Neill's
Johnny Has Gone To France Montreal Session
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye Montreal Session
Johnny McGill Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Johnny Mickey's Polka Clarke Penny Whistle
Johnny Mickey's Polka Montreal Session
Johnny O'Leary's Montreal Session
Johnny O'Shea Montreal Session
Johnny Reidy O'Neill's
Johnny the Blacksmith I Fiddler's Fakebook
Johnny the Jumper O'Neill's
Johnny The Jumper Montreal Session
Johnny When You Die Montreal Session
Johnny Wilmot's Jig Portland 2
Johnny With The Queer ... Montreal Session
Johnny With the Queer Thing O'Neill's
Johnny, Johnny, Don't Get Drunk Portland 1
Johnny's Gone to France Fiddler's Fakebook
Johnny's Trip to France Montreal Session
Johnny's Wedding O'Neill's
Johnny's Wedding Montreal Session
Johnny's Welcome Home O'Neill's
Johnny's Welcome Home Montreal Session
John's Jig see One is One and All Alone Barnes 2
Johnson Girl Portland 2
Jolie Blonde de Bayou Little Couple-Dancemusik
Jolly Beggarman, The Montreal Session
Jolly Clam-Diggers, The O'Neill's
Jolly Cooper, The Barnes 1
Jolly Corkonian, The O'Neill's
Jolly Corkonian, The Montreal Session
Jolly Foxhunters, The O'Neill's
Jolly Joker, The O'Neill's
Jolly Joker, The Montreal Session
Jolly Journeyman, The Montreal Session
Jolly Little Boy, The Montreal Session
Jolly Merchant, The O'Neill's
Jolly Old Man, The O'Neill's
Jolly Old Man, The Montreal Session
Jolly Old Woman, The O'Neill's
Jolly Plowman, The Montreal Session
Jolly Seven, The O'Neill's
Jolly Seven, The Montreal Session
Jolly Tinker, The O'Neill's
Jolly Tinker, The Montreal Session
Jolly Weaver, The Montreal Session
Jolly Young Waterman, ... Montreal Session
Jos Bouchard's Tune Portland 2
Jos Cormier, reel de Montreal Session
Joseff McKrimmon's Fancy Mendocino Tune Book
Josefin's Dopvals (in F) Waltz Book 3
Josefin's Dopvals (in G) Waltz Book 3
Joseph, Reel (St) Portland 2
Joseph, Reel St YFN
Josephine Barnes 2
Josephine's Waltz Montreal Session
Joseph's Reel YFN
Jovial Beggars Mendocino Multipart
Jovial Beggars Mendocino Tune Book
Jovial Beggars, The Barnes 1
Joy After Sorrow Barnes 1
Joy Be With You Montreal Session
Joy of My Life, The O'Neill's
Joy Of My Life, The Montreal Session
Joy of the Dance SPUDS
Joy to the Person of My Love Barnes 2
Joyful Hour, The Montreal Session
Joyous Waltz Fiddler's Fakebook
Joys of My Life, The Portland 3
Joys of Quebec Fiddler's Fakebook
Joys of Quebec SPUDS
Joys of Summer, The Montreal Session
Jubilee at Eindhoven Barnes 2
Judique Flyer, The Portland 1
Judy & Jim's Wedding Waltz Book 1
Judy and Jim's Wedding (Larry Unger 1988) SPUDS
Judy Reel, The O'Neill's
Jug and It Full, The Montreal Session
Jug of Punch Fiddler's Fakebook
Jug of Punch, The O'Neill's
Jug Of Punch, The Montreal Session
Juhlavalssi Little Couple-Dancemusik
Juice of Barley Barnes 1
Juice of Barley Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Juice Of Barley Mendocino Multipart
Juice Of Barley Mendocino Tune Book
Jules Verret Portland 2
Jules Verret, Galope de Montreal Session
Jules Verret, La petit... Montreal Session
Jules Verret, Reel à Montreal Session
Julia Delaney O'Neill's
Julia Delaney Portland 1
Julia Delaney SPUDS
Julia Delaney Montreal Session
Julia McMahon O'Neill's
Julia Mcmahon Montreal Session
Juliana Barnes 2
Juliann Johnson Portland 1
Juliann Johnson YFN
Julia's Wedding O'Neill's
Julia's Wedding Montreal Session
Julie Delany YFN
Julien Montreal Session
Jump At the Sun Montreal Session
Jump at the Sun Portland 1
Jump At the Sun YFN
Jump at the Sun (John Kirkpatricke 1972) SPUDS
Jump At the Sun see Look Both Ways Barnes 2
June Apple Fiddler's Fakebook
June Apple Pinewoods
June Apple SPUDS
June Apple Portland 3
June Apple YFN
Junior's Waltz Waltz Book 3
Juniper Jig Portland 3
Juno and Pallas Barnes 1
Just a Going Barnes 1
Just Because SPUDS
Just Before the Battle, Mother Civil War Songbook
Justin Otter (John Krumm) SPUDS
K and E Barnes 1
Kaley Amber's Portland 2
Kansas City Reel Portland 1
Karapyet Little Couple-Dancemusik
Karen's Tuba Barnes 2
Karis Pers Polka [hambo] SPUDS
Karis Pers Polska Fiddling Across America
Karis Pers Polska Little Couple-Dancemusik
Katchacola Montreal Session
Kate and Rose's Portland 1
Kate Kearney Montreal Session
Kate Kelly's Fancy O'Neill's
Kate Kelly's Fancy Montreal Session
Katharine-Street Barnes 2
Kathleen Hehir's Jig Montreal Session
Kathleen O'Moore Montreal Session
Kathleen Tyrell Little Couple-Dancemusik
Kathy Seubert's Jig Portland 2
Katie Bairdie Clarke Penny Whistle
Katie Taylor Portland 2
Katie's Fancy O'Neill's
Katie's Fancy Montreal Session
Katon's Hornpipe Portland 2
Katy Did Fiddler's Fakebook
Katy Did Fiddling Across America
Katy Hill Fiddler's Fakebook
Katydid SPUDS
Katy's Rambles SPUDS
Kaw River Fiddler's Fakebook
Keei Row, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Keellum Kallum Montreal Session
Keelman Ower Land, The Montreal Session
Keep the Ark A Movin' Fiddler's Fakebook
Keeper Hill O'Neill's
Keeper Hill Montreal Session
Keepsake, The Montreal Session
Kelly The Rake Montreal Session
Kelly's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Kelly's Number Two Montreal Session
Kelsterne Gardens Barnes 1
Kemp's Jig Clarke Penny Whistle
Kemp's Jig see Trip to the Manors Barnes 2
Kennedy's Bridal Jig Montreal Session
Kenneth Murphy Montreal Session
Kensington Court Barnes 2
Kentish Cricketers Barnes 1
Kentucky One-Step Portland 3
Kerfunten, The Portland 2
Kerry Cobbler, The Montreal Session
Kerry Huntsman, The Montreal Session
Kerry Jig, The O'Neill's
Kerry Jig, The Portland 2
Kerry Jig, The Montreal Session
Kerry Polka #1 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Kerry Polka #2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Kerry Reel, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Kerryman's Daughter, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Kesan Tullessa Waltz Book 2
Kesh Jig Portland 1
Kesh Jig SPUDS
Kesh Jig YFN
Kesh Jig Montreal Session
Kesh Jig, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Kettle Drum Mendocino Tune Book
Kettle Drum see Puck's Deceit Barnes 2
Kevin Keegan's Waltz Book 3
Key to the Cellar Barnes 2
Khosid Wedding Dance SPUDS
Kid on Mountain, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Kid on the Mountain, The O'Neill's
Kid On The Mountain, The Montreal Session
Kiiaimec Kid Fiddler's Fakebook
Kildare Club, The Montreal Session
Kildare Fancy, The O'Neill's
Kildare Fancy, The Montreal Session
Kildare Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Kilfenora Jig (2) Montreal Session
Kilfenora Jig (3) Montreal Session
Kilfinane Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Kilfinane Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Kilfinane Jig, The O'Neill's
Kilfinane Jig, The Montreal Session
Kilkenny Boys, The O'Neill's
Kilkenny Girl, The Montreal Session
Kilkenny Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Kilkenny Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Kilkenny Jig, The Montreal Session
Kilkenny Tune Montreal Session
Kill Him With Kindness Barnes 1
Kill Him With Kindness Mendocino Tune Book
Killarney Montreal Session
Killarney Boys of Pleasure, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Killashandra Lasses, The O'Neill's
Killashandra Lasses, The Montreal Session
Killavil Montreal Session
Killiecrankie Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Kilt Is My Delight (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Kilty McGee Fiddler's Fakebook
Kind and Easey Barnes 2
Kind Sister Waltz Book 1
King James' March to Limerick see Irish Lamentation Barnes 1
King of Poland Barnes 1
King of Poland Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
King of the Clans, The O'Neill's
King Of The Clans, The Montreal Session
King of the Fairies O'Neill's
King of the Fairies Montreal Session
King of the Piper, The Fiddler's Fakebook
King Of The Pipers, The Montreal Session
King Of The Rath, The Montreal Session
Kingdom Coming Civil War Songbook
King's Penny, The Barnes 1
Kingsail Barnes 2
Kingsbury Reel SPUDS
Kingston Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Kinnegad Slashers Montreal Session
Kinnegad Slashers, The O'Neill's
Kiss and Make Up Portland 1
Kiss Me Darling Montreal Session
Kiss Me Kate O'Neill's
Kiss Me Kate Montreal Session
Kiss Me Sweetheart O'Neill's
Kiss Me Sweetheart Montreal Session
Kiss Me, Joe O'Neill's
Kiss the Bride O'Neill's
Kiss The Bride Montreal Session
Kiss the Bride Montreal Session
Kiss the Bride Portland 3
Kiss The Maid Amid Beh... Montreal Session
Kiss the Maid Behind t... Montreal Session
Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel O'Neill's
Kiss Your Partner O'Neill's
Kiss Your Partner Montreal Session
Kissing Thy Sweet Lips Montreal Session
Kit O'Mahony's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Kit O'Mahony's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Kit O'Mahony's Jig O'Neill's
Kit O'Mahony's Jig Montreal Session
Kitchen Girl Pinewoods
Kitchen Girl SPUDS
Kitchen Girl YFN
Kitchen Girl, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Kitchen Jig, The Portland 3
Kitchen Triad Barnes 1
Kitten Takes Over the House (Jo Anne Rocke) SPUDS
Kitten, The Montreal Session
Kittens on Catnip Portland 1
Kitty Clover O'Neill's
Kitty Come Over O'Neill's
Kitty Come Over Montreal Session
Kitty Got A Clinking C... Montreal Session
Kitty Got a Clinking Coming From the Races O'Neill's
Kitty in the Lane O'Neill's
Kitty In The Lane Montreal Session
Kitty Losty's Reel O'Neill's
Kitty Losty's Reel Montreal Session
Kitty Magee Montreal Session
Kitty McGee Portland 1
Kitty McGee SPUDS
Kitty McGee see Picking Up Sticks Barnes 1
Kitty Nowlan Montreal Session
Kitty of Ballinamore O'Neill's
Kitty of Coleraine Montreal Session
Kitty of Oulart O'Neill's
Kitty Of Oulart Montreal Session
Kitty O'Hara Montreal Session
Kitty O'Neill Montreal Session
Kitty Quinn Montreal Session
Kitty's Gone A Milking Clarke Penny Whistle
Kitty's Rambles O'Neill's
Kitty's Rambles Montreal Session
Kitty's Wedding O'Neill's
Kitty's Wedding Montreal Session
Klezmer Kerry Polka #1 Portland 3
Kneebuckle Jig, The O'Neill's
Kneebuckle, The Montreal Session
Kneeland Romp Barnes 1
Knight of St. Patrick ... Montreal Session
Knitter's Jig see Picking Up Stitches Barnes 2
Knives and Forks Barnes 1
Knives And Forks Mendocino Tune Book
Knock on the Door Portland 1
Knockdhu Reel, The Portland 3
Knocknagow Montreal Session
Knole Park Barnes 1
Knole Park Mendocino Multipart
Knole Park Mendocino Tune Book
Knuckeen Free, The Montreal Session
Koehler's Hornpipe Portland 2
Koepoort Galliard, The Barnes 2
Konstan Parempi Valssi Waltz Book 4
Korobushka SPUDS
Korolenko (1st part) Portland 2
Korolenko's Backyard (Jean-Paul Loyer) SPUDS
Kujawiak Little Couple-Dancemusik
Längtan efter Sally Waltz Book 4
Lévis Beaulieu Portland 1
La Bastrange YFN
La Bastringe Pinewoods
La Bastringue Fiddler's Fakebook
La Brulante Little Couple-Dancemusik
La Cotterie see Cotery, The Barnes 2
La Cracovienne Little Couple-Dancemusik
La Cuatro Milpas Little Couple-Dancemusik
La Cumparsita Little Couple-Dancemusik
La Grande Gigue Simple Fiddling Across America
La Maison de Glace YFN
La Malheureuse Waltz Book 2
La Mangave Waltz Book 3
La Minor, Doh, Fa SPUDS
La Morisque see Albany Assembly Barnes 2
La Mourolliado Little Couple-Dancemusik
La Paloma Little Couple-Dancemusik
La Partida Little Couple-Dancemusik
La Partida Waltz Book 3
La Precieuse see Wrights of Litchfield, The Barnes 2
La Respingona Little Couple-Dancemusik
La Vals Du Bambocheur Fiddling Across America
La Valse de Kaplan Little Couple-Dancemusik
La Valse du Bapteme Waltz Book 3
La Valse du Port Arthur Little Couple-Dancemusik
La Valser di Mezzanote Waltz Book 3
La Visita Little Couple-Dancemusik
Labour in Vain Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Labour in Vain see Shepherd's Holiday Barnes 1
Labyrinth, The Portland 2
lac St-Charles, Galope... Montreal Session
Laccaroo Boys, The Montreal Session
Laccarue Boys, The O'Neill's
Laccarue Boys, The Montreal Session
Ladies' Fancy, The Montreal Session
Ladies of Carrick, The O'Neill's
Ladies Of Carrick, The Montreal Session
Ladies of Leinster, The O'Neill's
Ladies Of Leinster, The Montreal Session
Ladies' Pantalettes, The O'Neill's
Ladie's Pantalettes, The Montreal Session
Ladies' Pleasure (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Ladies' Pleasure, The Barnes 2
Lads of Anwick, The Montreal Session
Lads of Dunse, The O'Neill's
Lads of Dunse, The Portland 2
Lads Of Dunse, The Montreal Session
Lads of Laois Portland 1
Lads on the Mountain, The O'Neill's
Lads-A-Bunchum Clarke Penny Whistle
Lady Ann Montgomery Portland 1
Lady Anne Montgomery Fiddler's Fakebook
Lady Anne Montgomery SPUDS
Lady Banbury's Hornpipe Barnes 1
Lady Banbury's Hornpipe Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Lady Behind The Boat, ... Montreal Session
Lady Behind the Boat, The O'Neill's
Lady Dainty Barnes 2
Lady Day Montreal Session
Lady Forbes Montreal Session
Lady Harriot Hope's Reel Montreal Session
Lady in the Boat Fiddler's Fakebook
Lady in the Dark Barnes 1
Lady in the Dark Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Lady Jane Barnes 2
Lady Kelly's Reel Montreal Session
Lady Lepley, Little Couple-Dancemusik
Lady Mary Ramsay Montreal Session
Lady of the Lake Fiddling Across America
Lady of the Lake SPUDS
Lady of the Lake YFN
Lady of the Lake (D) Portland 1
Lady of the Lake (G) Portland 1
Lady of the Lake, The O'Neill's
Lady Of The Lake, The Montreal Session
Lady of the Lake Portland 3
Lady on the Island Fiddler's Fakebook
Lady Slipper Reel Portland 2
Lady Spellor Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Lady Walpole's Reel Portland 2
Lady Wemys' Jig Montreal Session
Lady Williams' Delight Barnes 2
Lady's Earring, The Montreal Session
Lady's Waistribbon Portland 2
Lafferty's Portland 1
Laington's Reel Portland 3
Laird O'Drumblair Strathspey, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Lajota Little Couple-Dancemusik
Lake Erie Portland 2
Lakeside Road, The O'Neill's
Lakeside Road, The Montreal Session
Lame Crowley Montreal Session
Lame Fisherman, The Montreal Session
Lament for Sarsfield Montreal Session
Lament of the Aran Fis... Montreal Session
Lamentation of Aughrim... Montreal Session
Lamentation of Owen Ro... Montreal Session
Lamplighter's Hornpipe SPUDS
Lamshaw's Fancy Montreal Session
Land of Lincoln Portland 2
Land of Sweet Erin Montreal Session
Land of Sweet Erin, The O'Neill's
Land of the West, The O'Neill's
Land's End Montreal Session
Lang Stayed Away Montreal Session
Langstrom's Pony Fiddler's Fakebook
Lannigan's Ball O'Neill's
Lannigan's Ball Montreal Session
L'Ardeur de Paris Waltz Book 2
Largo's Fairy Dance Montreal Session
Lark in the Clear Air, The O'Neill's
Lark in the Morning, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Lark in the Morning, The O'Neill's
Lark In The Morning, The Montreal Session
Lark on the Strand Portland 3
Lark on the Strand Montreal Session
Larksinam (Liz Donaldson 1991) SPUDS
Larry Grogan O'Neill's
Larry Grogan Montreal Session
Larry Lavin's Choice Montreal Session
Larry Lynch's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Larry O'Gaff Fiddler's Fakebook
Larry O'Gaff O'Neill's
Larry O'Gaff Montreal Session
Larry's Waltz Waltz Book 2
Lass and the Money is ... Montreal Session
Lass of Richmond Hill, The Barnes 1
Lass On The Strand, The Montreal Session
Lasses of Dunse, The O'Neill's
Lasses Of Dunse, The Montreal Session
Lasses of Limerick, The Montreal Session
Lasses of Portsmouth Barnes 1
Lasses of Sligo, The Montreal Session
Lasses of Solohod, The Montreal Session
Lasses Trust in Providence Fiddler's Fakebook
Last Chance Portland 2
Last Mile, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Last New Vagaries, The see Trip to Amsterdam Barnes 1
Last Night's Fun O'Neill's
Last Night's Fun Montreal Session
Last Night's Joy Fiddler's Fakebook
Last Of Callahan Fiddling Across America
Last of Callahan, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Last of the Lot, The Montreal Session
Last of the Twins, The O'Neill's
Last Of The Twins, The Montreal Session
Last Pint, The Montreal Session
Last Tango In Harris Montreal Session
Last Word, The O'Neill's
Late Summer Waltz Waltz Book 2
Launch, The O'Neill's
Laura And Athena Montreal Session
Laura's Waltz Barnes 2
Laurelhurst Barnes 2
Laurel's reel Montreal Session
Laurie in F Portland 3
Lavena see Picking Up Sticks Barnes 1
Lavender Barnes 2
Lawson's Favorite O'Neill's
Lawson's Favorite Montreal Session
Lawson's Favourite O'Neill's
Le 24 Juin Portland 2
Le Basque see Kneeland Romp Barnes 1
Le Retour des Hirondelles Waltz Book 3
League Reel, The Montreal Session
Leah's Waltz Barnes 2
Leake County Two Step, The Portland 1
Leamington Dance, The Barnes 2
Leap Year Montreal Session
Leaping Lulu Portland 1
Leather Away the Wattle O SPUDS
Leather away with the Wattle O Montreal Session
Leather Britches Fiddler's Fakebook
Leather Buttons Montreal Session
Leather Lake House Barnes 2
Leather the Wig O'Neill's
Leave My Way O'Neill's
Leave My Way Montreal Session
Leaving Lismore Waltz Book 4
Leaving of Liverpool Barnes 2
Leazes Hopping Montreal Session
Leddy From Cavan Montreal Session
Lee Highway Blues Fiddler's Fakebook
Leg of the Duck Montreal Session
Legacy Jig, The Montreal Session
Legal Formality, A see Trip to Ridgewood Barnes 1
leim astea c 'san uisge Montreal Session
Leinster Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Leinster Outcry, The Montreal Session
Leith County Dance Portland 1
Leitrim Fancy, The Montreal Session
Leitrim Thrush, The O'Neill's
Leitrim Thrush, The Montreal Session
lendemain, Reel du Montreal Session
Lennon's No. 4 Portland 3
Len's Waltz (Carol Sandler) SPUDS
Leslie's Valentine Barnes 2
Let Bacchus' Sons Be Not Dismayed O'Neill's
Let It Be So O'Neill's
Let It Be So Montreal Session
Let Me Call You Sweetheart Little Couple-Dancemusik
Let Other Men Praise Montreal Session
Let the Wind Blow High... Montreal Session
Let Us Be Drinking Montreal Session
Let Us Leave That As I... Montreal Session
Letter from Home, A Montreal Session
Levantine's Barrel Portland 1
Levi Jackson Rag Barnes 1
Levi Jackson Rag YFN
Lévis Beaulieu Montreal Session
Lewanee reel, The Montreal Session
Lewis Bridal Song (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Lewis Bridal Songgla Montreal Session
Lexie McAskill Montreal Session
Lezginka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Lezlie's Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Liberty Fiddler's Fakebook
Liberty Pinewoods
Liberty SPUDS
Liberty YFN
Liberty Bell March (John Philip Sousa) SPUDS
Liberty off the Corn Liquor Still Fiddler's Fakebook
Lies de la Madeleine Little Couple-Dancemusik
Lievre, Reeldu Portland 1
Life Is All Checquered Montreal Session
Life of Man, The O'Neill's
Liffey Banks, The Montreal Session
Liffey's Silvery Strea... Montreal Session
Light and Airy! Montreal Session
Light In the Window, The Montreal Session
Light Of Other Days, The Montreal Session
Light& Shadow Waltz Waltz Book 1
Lightnin' Bug SPUDS
Lightning Flash, The O'Neill's
Lightning Flash, The Montreal Session
Ligrum Cus lilas, Reel des Montreal Session
L'il Liza Jane Clarke Penny Whistle
Lille Barnes 2
Lillehammer Waltz see Familiar Quotations Barnes 2
Lilli Burlero Barnes 1
Lilli Burlero Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Lillibulero Mendocino Tune Book
Lill-Ingrids Vals Waltz Book 4
Lilt From Home, A Montreal Session
Lilting Banshee SPUDS
Lilting Banshee Montreal Session
Limber Elbow Montreal Session
Lime Hill Montreal Session
Lime Rock Fiddler's Fakebook
Limerick Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Limerick Junction O'Neill's
Limerick Junction Montreal Session
Limerick Lads Montreal Session
Limerick Lamentation Little Couple-Dancemusik
Limerick Lasses, The O'Neill's
Limerick Lasses, The Montreal Session
Limerick Tinker, The O'Neill's
Limerick Tinker, The Montreal Session
Limerick's Lamentation Montreal Session
Limestone Rock, The O'Neill's
Linen Cap, The O'Neill's
Linen Cap, The Montreal Session
Lion an gloine Montreal Session
Lisburn Lasses, The Montreal Session
Liscarroll Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Lisnagun Jig, The Portland 2
Listen to the Mockingbird Fiddler's Fakebook
Little Bag Of Spuds (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Little Beggarman Montreal Session
Little Bench of Rushes... Montreal Session
Little Black Mustache SPUDS
Little Black Rose, The Montreal Session
Little Bogtrotter, The O'Neill's
Little Brother Of My H... Montreal Session
Little Brown Island in the Sea Waltz Book 3
Little Burnt Potato Fiddler's Fakebook
Little Burnt Potato YFN
Little Burnt Potato Montreal Session
Little Burnt Potato see Arnold's Circle Barnes 2
Little Carrie's Favorite Little Couple-Dancemusik
Little Daisy Portland 3
Little Donald in the Pigpen Portland 1
Little Dutch Girl Portland 2
Little Fair Cannavans (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Little Fair Child, The Montreal Session
Little Fanny's Fancy O'Neill's
Little Fishie Montreal Session
Little Girl of my Hear... Montreal Session
Little Grey Church, The Montreal Session
Little Harvest Rose, The Montreal Session
Little Heathy Hill, The Montreal Session
Little House in the Glen, The O'Neill's
Little House Under the Hill, The O'Neill's
Little House Under The... Montreal Session
Little Jimmy Stephen Montreal Session
Little Judique Portland 1
Little Judique SPUDS
Little Judique see Kitchen Triad Barnes 1
Little Katey Kearney Montreal Session
Little Katie Kearney O'Neill's
Little Katie Taylor Portland 2
Little Liza Jane Fiddler's Fakebook
Little Liza Jane Pinewoods
Little Maggie in the W... Montreal Session
Little Major Civil War Songbook
Little Mary Cassidy O'Neill's
Little Mary Cullinan Montreal Session
Little Molly O Montreal Session
Little Nell Portland 2
Little Octoroon, The Civil War Songbook
Little Peggy O'Neill's
Little Rabbit Fiddler's Fakebook
Little Rascals Little Couple-Dancemusik
Little Red Lark, The Montreal Session
Little Stack of Barley, The O'Neill's
Little Stack Of Barley... Montreal Session
Little Swallow, The Montreal Session
Little Toesy SPUDS
Little Wot ye Wha's Co... Montreal Session
Little Yellow Road, The Montreal Session
Littly Judy's SPUDS
Live Oak Portland 3
Liverpool Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Liverpool Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Livet i Finnskogarna Waltz Book 2
Living in Sin Montreal Session
Liza Jane Portland 1
Liza Jane SPUDS
Liza Jane YFN
Liza Jane I Fiddler's Fakebook
Liza Lynn SPUDS
Liza Lynn Waltz Book 2
Liza Rose Portland 3
Lizzy in the Lowground Portland 3
Lobelia Barnes 2
Lobelia 2 see Lobelia Barnes 2
Loch Earn Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Loch Garman Montreal Session
Loch Lavan Castle Fiddler's Fakebook
Loch saileann Montreal Session
Lochaber No More Montreal Session
Lock the Door O'Neill's
Lock The Door Montreal Session
Lodge Road, The O'Neill's
Lodge Road, The Montreal Session
Log Cabin, The Portland 3
Logan Water Montreal Session
loingseoir siu tarras,... Montreal Session
London Bridge Clarke Penny Whistle
London is a Fine TOwn Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
London Lasses O'Neill's
London Lasses Montreal Session
London Spy see Audenard Battle Barnes 2
Londonderry Hornpipe, ... Montreal Session
Londonderry Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Londonderry Love Song Montreal Session
Londub, An Montreal Session
Lone Star Rag Portland 2
Lonely I'll Be Love Wi... Montreal Session
Lonesome Fiddle Blues Fiddler's Fakebook
Lonesome Road to Dingl... Montreal Session
Long and Tall (Bob Pasquarello 2005) SPUDS
Long Chase, The O'Neill's
Long Drop, The (An Titim Fada) Portland 3
Longford Collector, The Portland 3
Long Grass Montreal Session
Long Hills of Mourne, The O'Neill's
Long John's Wedding O'Neill's
Long John's Wedding Montreal Session
Long Live London Barnes 1
Long Odds Barnes 1
Long Odds Mendocino Multipart
Long Odds Mendocino Tune Book
Long Pond Barnes 1
Long Room, The Montreal Session
Long Strand, The O'Neill's
Long Strand, The Montreal Session
Long, Hot Shower (Betsy Branch) SPUDS
Long, Hot Shower, The Portland 2
Longevity Barnes 2
Longford Collector, The Montreal Session
Look Both Ways Barnes 2
Lord Devonshire's Waltz Waltz Book 4
Lord Doneraile Montreal Session
Lord Foppington Barnes 1
Lord Foppington Mendocino Multipart
Lord Foppington Mendocino Tune Book
Lord Foppington see Pilgrim Barnes 1
Lord Gordon's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Lord Gordon's Reel O'Neill's
Lord Gordon's Reel Montreal Session
Lord Gregory's Fair Flower see First Lady Barnes 1
Lord How's Jig Barnes 1
Lord Inchiquin Fiddler's Fakebook
Lord Inchiquin Little Couple-Dancemusik
Lord Lindsay's March Montreal Session
Lord MacDonald's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Lord Mayo Montreal Session
Lord Mayo Portland 3
Lord Mayo I Fiddler's Fakebook
Lord Mayor's Delight Barnes 2
Lord McDonald's Montreal Session
Lord McDonald's Reel O'Neill's
Lord of Carnarvan's Jig II Barnes 2
Lord of Carnarvon's Jig Barnes 1
Lord of Carnarvon's Jig Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Lord Send the French w... Montreal Session
Lord Wellington's Reel Montreal Session
Los Higuerones Little Couple-Dancemusik
Los Novios Little Couple-Dancemusik
Lost Child, The Fiddling Across America
Lost Cowboy, The Portland 2
Lost Everything Portland 2
Lost Girl Portland 2
Lost Goose SPUDS
Lost Heart, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Lost Heart, The see Dissembling Love Barnes 1
Lost Indian I Fiddler's Fakebook
Lost Indian II Fiddler's Fakebook
Lost John Fiddler's Fakebook
Lost Train Blues Fiddler's Fakebook
Lough Allen O'Neill's
Lough Allen Montreal Session
Lough Carra Fisherman,... Montreal Session
Lough Sheeling Montreal Session
Loughrea Lasses, The Montreal Session
Louie's First Tune Fiddler's Fakebook
Louis Gagnon, Reel de Montreal Session
Louis Riel Portland 3
Louise's Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Love and a Bottle Barnes 1
Love For Love Montreal Session
Love Is a Tormenting Pain Montreal Session
Love Lies A-Bleeding Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Love Neglected Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Love of My Life, The Waltz Book 4
Love Shack, Reel du Portland 3
Lovely Lad, The O'Neill's
Lovely Lad, The Montreal Session
Lovely Lass To A Friar... Montreal Session
Lovely Molly O'Neill's
Lovely Molly Montreal Session
Lovely Nancy Barnes 2
Lovely Nancy Mendocino Multipart
Lovely Nancy Mendocino Tune Book
Lovely Nancy Montreal Session
Lover of Mild Behavior... Montreal Session
Lover's Discourse, The Montreal Session
Lover's Farewell, The Barnes 2
Lover's Luck, The Barnes 1
Lover's Petition, The see Fleur-de-Lis Barnes 2
Lovers' Waltz, The Waltz Book 1
Love's Triumph Barnes 1
Love's Young Dream Montreal Session
Lowbacked Car, The Montreal Session
Lower Ormond O'Neill's
Luck Penny, The O'Neill's
Luck Penny, The Montreal Session
Luckpenny, The O'Neill's
Lucky Lover, The Montreal Session
Lucky Number, The Montreal Session
Lucky Seven Montreal Session
Lucky Trapper, The Montreal Session
Lucy Campbell's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Lucy Fair's Jig Portland 1
Lucy Farr's Montreal Session
Lucy's Waltz see Longevity Barnes 2
Lueur d'Espoir Waltz Book 4
Luggelaw Montreal Session
Lull Me Beyond Thee Barnes 1
Lull Me Beyond Thee Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Lullaby for Irish Pipes Montreal Session
Lullagy, A Montreal Session
Lumberman's Alphabet, The Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Lydian Jig, The see Silver Primrose, The Barnes 2
Lyke Wake Dirge (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Lyle de Montreal Montreal Session
M. Blanchette, Gigue de Montreal Session
ma c an piobaire Montreal Session
ma ta du b Mattawa, Reel de Montreal Session
MacArthur Road Portland 2
Mackilmoyle Portland 1
Maclean's Favorite Montreal Session
MacLeod's Farewell Portland 2
MacMahon's Hornpipe Portland 1
Macroom Lasses, The O'Neill's
Macroom Lasses, The Montreal Session
Mad Dan Portland 1
Mad River Portland 2
Mad Robin Barnes 1
Mad Robin Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Mad Robin Mendocino Multipart
Mad Robin Mendocino Tune Book
Madam Bonaparte O'Neill's
Madam Bonaparte Montreal Session
Madam del Caro's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Madam If You Please O'Neill's
Madam If You Please Montreal Session
Madam, I Have Come A-Courtin' Folk Songs of Upstate New York
madame Saint Germain, ... Montreal Session
Maestra, La Waltz Book 4
Mage on a Cree Barnes 1
Mage on a Cree Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Maggie [Margaret] Brown's Favorite (Nathaniel Gow) SPUDS
Maggie Brown Montreal Session
Maggie Brown's Favorite Fiddler's Fakebook
Maggie Brown's Favourite Montreal Session
Maggie in the Wood SPUDS
Maggie Pickens Clarke Penny Whistle
Maggie Pickens Montreal Session
Maggies Pancakes Montreal Session
Maggie's Waltz Square Barnes 2
Maggot for Mr. Purcell, A Barnes 2
Maghera Mountain Portland 3
Magnolia One-Step Portland 3
Magowan's Jig Montreal Session
Magpie Fiddler's Fakebook
Magpie Portland 2
Magpie's Nest, The O'Neill's
Magpie's Nest, The Montreal Session
Maguire's Kick O'Neill's
Maguire's Kick Montreal Session
Magyarific Portland 2
Maho Snaps, The Montreal Session
mai gisdir grumguffenoff Montreal Session
Maid at the Churn, The O'Neill's
Maid At The Churn, The Montreal Session
Maid at the Well, The O'Neill's
Maid At The Well, The Montreal Session
Maid Behind the Bar SPUDS
Maid Behind the Bar, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Maid Behind the Bar, The Montreal Session
Maid I Ne'er Forgot, The O'Neill's
Maid I Ne'er Forgot, The Montreal Session
Maid in the Cherry Tree Montreal Session
Maid in the Cherry Tree, The O'Neill's
Maid in the Meadow, The Montreal Session
Maid in the Meadow, The Portland 3
Maid in the Moon, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Maid in the Moon, The see Valentine's Day Barnes 1
Maid in the Morning, The Montreal Session
Maid of Athlone, The O'Neill's
Maid Of Athlone, The Montreal Session
Maid Of Banbridge, The Montreal Session
Maid of Castle Bar, The Montreal Session
Maid of Feakle, The O'Neill's
Maid Of Feakle, The Montreal Session
Maid of Kinsale, The O'Neill's
Maid Of Kinsale, The Montreal Session
Maid of Lismore, The Montreal Session
Maid of Listowell, The Montreal Session
Maid Of Monsico Montreal Session
Maid of Selma, The Montreal Session
Maid of Templemore, The Montreal Session
Maid of the Golden Tre... Montreal Session
Maid of the Green, The O'Neill's
Maid of the Oaks Mendocino Tune Book
Maid on the Green, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Maid on the Green, The Montreal Session
Maid Peeped Out at the Window, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Maid Peeped Out the Window, The Barnes 1
Maid That Dare Not Tel... Montreal Session
Maid That Dare Not Tell, The O'Neill's
Maid Without A Gown, A Montreal Session
Maid Without Dower, The Montreal Session
Maiden Lane Barnes 1
Maiden Lane Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Maiden Moor Barnes 2
Maiden, The Montreal Session
Maiden's Prayer Fiddler's Fakebook
Maiden't Blush, The Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
maidin dia luain Montreal Session
Maid's Last Wish, The Barnes 1
Maids' Morris Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Maid's Morris Barnes 1
Maids of Araglen, The Montreal Session
Maids of Ardagh, The Montreal Session
Maids of Ballinacarty, The O'Neill's
Maids Of Ballinacarty,... Montreal Session
Maids of Castlebar Portland 2
Maids of Kilmallock, The O'Neill's
Maids Of Kilmallock, The Montreal Session
Maids of Mitchellstown, The O'Neill's
Maids Of Mitchellstown... Montreal Session
Maids of Tipperary, The Montreal Session
Maids of Tulla, The O'Neill's
Maids Of Tulla, The Montreal Session
Maidstone Hall Barnes 1
Maidstone Hall Barnes 2
main lonn ra c liffi, ... Montreal Session
Maine Chance see Morpeth Lasses Barnes 2
Main's Wedding Clarke Penny Whistle
Mainzer Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
mair greadin deas Montreal Session
maire albana c Montreal Session
Maire Na Leat-Pingin Montreal Session
maire ni mic car tai g Montreal Session
Maire Rua Montreal Session
Maire Ui Briste Montreal Session
Mairi's Wedding SPUDS
Mairi's Wedding YFN
Mairi's Wedding Montreal Session
Maison de Glace Montreal Session
Maison de Glace, La Portland 2
Maison de Glace, La (Rejean Brunet) SPUDS
Major Mackie's Jig Mendocino Tune Book
Major, The Montreal Session
Make a Little Boat Fiddler's Fakebook
Malbaie, Galope de la Montreal Session
Malcolm Finley's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Male Rosa Little Couple-Dancemusik
Mall Peatly Barnes 1
Mall Peatly Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Malowney's Wife O'Neill's
Malowney's Wife Montreal Session
Malva Rosita Little Couple-Dancemusik
Malvina Waltz Book 3
Mama's Shoes (Judi Stellar) SPUDS
Mamma's Pet Montreal Session
Man From Newry, The O'Neill's
Man From Newry, The Montreal Session
Man in a brown Hat Montreal Session
Man in the Moon, The O'Neill's
Man In The Moon, The Montreal Session
Man of the House, The O'Neill's
Man Of The House, The Montreal Session
Man On the Flying Trapeze, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Man Who Died And Rose ... Montreal Session
Man Who Died and Rose Again, The O'Neill's
Man with the Money, The Montreal Session
Man With the Red Cloak... Montreal Session
Manchester Hornpipe SPUDS
Manchester Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Manchurian Waltz Waltz Book 2
Mancornadora de Mi Corazon Little Couple-Dancemusik
Mangersta Beach Montreal Session
Mantle So Green, The Montreal Session
Manx Waltzes Waltz Book 2
Maple Sugar Montreal Session
Maple Tree, The Montreal Session
Marcel Martin Portland 1
March of Saint Timothy SPUDS
March of St. Timothy Portland 1
March of St. Timothy YFN
Marche Au Camp, La SPUDS
Marche de Queteux Pomerleau Portland 3
Marche des Elèves, La Portland 3
Marché aux puces Montreal Session
Marching Down Broadway Fiddler's Fakebook
Marching The Soldier Along Clarke Penny Whistle
Marching Through Georgia Civil War Songbook
Marching Through Georgia YFN
Marching to Praetorius Barnes 2
marée montante, la Montreal Session
Margaret Lavin Montreal Session
Margaret Sheehan Montreal Session
Margaret's Waltz Barnes 1
Margaret's Waltz Pinewoods
Margaret's Waltz Waltz Book 1
Margaretsville Reel Montreal Session
Margery Grinder O'Neill's
Margot's Surprise Portland 1
Margravine's Waltz G Mendocino Multipart
Margravine's Waltz, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Margravine's Waltz, The see Draper's Gardens Barnes 1
Marianne SPUDS
Marie Ann Portland 2
Marie Dips Her Bread Portland 2
Marie Sauce ton Pain Portland 2
Marina Mendocino Multipart
Marina Mendocino Tune Book
Mariner's Frock, The O'Neill's
Mariner's Frock, The Montreal Session
Mariposa Portland 3
Mari's Wedding Pinewoods
Market Girl, The O'Neill's
Market Girl, The Montreal Session
Market Town, The O'Neill's
Market Town, The Portland 2
Market Town, The Montreal Session
Marlbrouk Barnes 1
Marmaduke's Hornpipe Portland 1
Marmotteuse, La Portland 3
Marosovia Little Couple-Dancemusik
Marquis of Huntly's Re... Montreal Session
Marry The Piper Girl Montreal Session
Mars and Venus Barnes 1
Martha Campbell Fiddler's Fakebook
Martha Campbell Fiddling Across America
Martha Campbell Portland 2
Martin Hayes Portland 2
Martin Henry's Jig Montreal Session
Martin O'Connor's Little Couple-Dancemusik
Martin O'Connor's SPUDS
Martin O'Connor's YFN
Martin Rilly's Portland 3
Martin's Onehorned Cow O'Neill's
Martin's One-horned Cow O'Neill's
Martin's Onehorned Cow Montreal Session
Martyr's Lament, The Montreal Session
Mary and Dorothy, The Barnes 1
Mary and Dorothy, The Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Mary Ann's Reel Portland 2
Mary Claire Portland 2
Mary Devlin's Portland 3
Mary Grace O'Neill's
Mary Grace Montreal Session
Mary K Barnes 2
Mary My Bright Pet Montreal Session
Mary of Castle Cary O'Neill's
Mary O'Neill's Fancy O'Neill's
Mary O'Neill's Fancy Montreal Session
Mary O'Sullivan Montreal Session
Mary Walker Fiddler's Fakebook
Mary with the Amber Locks Montreal Session
Maryland, My Maryland! Civil War Songbook
Mary's Return Montreal Session
Masolka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Mason's Apron Fiddler's Fakebook
Mason's Apron Pinewoods
Mason's Apron SPUDS
Mason's Apron YFN
Mason's Apron, The O'Neill's
Mason's Apron, The Portland 1
Mason's Apron, The Montreal Session
Mason's Cap, The O'Neill's
Master Crowley's Portland 2
Matt Molloy's reel Montreal Session
Mattawa, Reel de Portland 1
Matthew's Hornpipe (Jansen Wendell) SPUDS
Mattie and Karine's We... Montreal Session
Maud McQuillan Portland 2
Maude Miller O'Neill's
Maude Miller Montreal Session
Maureen of Gibberland SPUDS
Maureen Playboy O'Neill's
Maurice Casey's Fancy O'Neill's
Maurice Casey's Fancy Montreal Session
Maurice Manley's Polka Clarke Penny Whistle
Maurice Tango Little Couple-Dancemusik
Mavis Sweetly Sings, The Barnes 2
Maxime LeBlanc Portland 2
May Be I Will O'Neill's
May Be I Will Montreal Session
May Day O'Neill's
Maya's Waltz Montreal Session
Mayor Harrison's Fedora O'Neill's
Mayor Harrison's Fedora Montreal Session
Mazourka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Mazurka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Mazurka Quadrille #1 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Mazurka Quadrille #2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
McArdle's Favorite Montreal Session
McCarthy's Hornpipe O'Neill's
McCarty's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Mccarty's Hornpipe Montreal Session
McDermot Roe Montreal Session
McDermott's Barndance Montreal Session
McDermott's Hornpipe O'Neill's
McDermott's Hornpipe Montreal Session
McDonnell's Rant Montreal Session
McDonogh's Lamentation Montreal Session
McDuggle's Reel Portland 3
McElligott's Fancy Montreal Session
McFadden's Favorite O'Neill's
McFadden's Favorite Montreal Session
McFadden's Favourite O'Neill's
McFadden's Handsome Da... Montreal Session
McFadden's Handsome Daughter O'Neill's
McFadden's Mishap O'Neill's
Mcfadden's Mishap Montreal Session
McFadden's Own Reel O'Neill's
McFadden's Own Reel Montreal Session
McFarlane's Lament Montreal Session
McLean's Favorite O'Neill's
McLean's Favourite O'Neill's
McLean's Lamentation Montreal Session
McLenon'sReel Portland 1
McMahon's SPUDS
McMahon's SPUDS
McMahon's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
McNally's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Meadowlark (Jansen Wendell) SPUDS
Measure for Margaret Barnes 2
Measured Obsession Barnes 2
Mecanicien, Le Montreal Session
Medicine Bow Waltz Book 3
Medicine Bow (Peter Ostroushko) SPUDS
Meet Me in St Louis, Louis Little Couple-Dancemusik
Meeting of the Waters Portland 2
Meeting of the Waters SPUDS
Meeting of the Waters YFN
Megajig Portland 2
Meget Gammel Vals fra Vendsyssel Little Couple-Dancemusik
Meggy's Foot Montreal Session
Meillionen Barnes 2
Melancholy Martin Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Melancholy Martin Montreal Session
Melvin Head Montreal Session
Men From Mallow, The O'Neill's
Men From Mallow, The Montreal Session
Men From Ulster, The Montreal Session
Ménage à Quatre: Bourée No. 3 Portland 3
Menteries, Le Reel des Montreal Session
Menteries, Le Reel des Portland 3
Menuet Barnes 2
Merchant's Carol see Willy Nilly Barnes 2
Merchant's Daughter, The O'Neill's
Meredith & Scott Waltz Book 3
Merrily Dance the Quaker Montreal Session
Merrily Kiss the Quaker Fiddler's Fakebook
Merrily Kiss the Quaker Montreal Session
Merrimac, The Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Merriweather Portland 1
Merry Andrew, The Barnes 1
Merry Blacksmith SPUDS
Merry Blacksmith, The O'Neill's
Merry Blacksmith, The YFN
Merry Blacksmith, The Montreal Session
Merry Boyce and Girls Barnes 2
Merry Christmas, A O'Neill's
Merry Christmas, A Montreal Session
Merry Conceit, The Barnes 2
Merry Conceit, The Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Merry Conclusion, The Barnes 2
Merry Days Of Easter, ... Montreal Session
Merry Days of Easter, The O'Neill's
Merry Gardener, The Montreal Session
Merry Harriers, The O'Neill's
Merry Harriers, The Montreal Session
Merry Huntsman, The O'Neill's
Merry Huntsman, The Montreal Session
Merry Maiden, The O'Neill's
Merry Maiden, The Montreal Session
Merry Man Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Merry Mary O'Neill's
Merry Mary Montreal Session
Merry Merchant, The O'Neill's
Merry Merchant, The Montreal Session
Merry Old Maid, The Montreal Session
Merry Old Woman, The O'Neill's
Merry Old Woman, The Montreal Session
Merry Pair, The Barnes 2
Merry Scotchman Breakdown, The Portland 2
Merry Sisters, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Merry Sisters, The O'Neill's
Merry Sisters, The Montreal Session
Merry Soldier, The Montreal Session
Merry Tailor, The Montreal Session
Merry Wassail, The Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Merry Wassail, The see Health, The Barnes 1
Merry Widow Waltz, The Waltz Book 4
Merry, Merry Milkmaids, The Barnes 1
Merry, Merry Milkmaids, The Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Merrymakers' Club, The Montreal Session
Merryn's Reel Portland 3
Messenger, The O'Neill's
Messenger, The Montreal Session
Meter Reader Portland 1
Methlick Style, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Methodist Preacher Fiddler's Fakebook
Metro, Le Montreal Session
Metsakukkia Little Couple-Dancemusik
Metsakukkia Waltz Book 2
Mi Sorpresa Little Couple-Dancemusik
Michael and All Angels Barnes 1
Michael And All Angels Mendocino Tune Book
Michael Turner's Waltz SPUDS
Micho Russell's Portland 2
Mick Duggan's Slide Montreal Session
Mickey by the Fireside O'Neill's
Mickey By The Fireside Montreal Session
Mickey Rattley's Fancy Montreal Session
Mickie Ainsworth Montreal Session
MicMac Square Dance Montreal Session
Midgnight Sun [hambo] (Jo Anne Rocke 1999) SPUDS
Midnight Dance, The Montreal Session
Midnight Maze YFN
Midnight on the Water Fiddler's Fakebook
Midnight on the Water Fiddling Across America
Midnight on the Water Little Couple-Dancemusik
Midnight on the Water Pinewoods
Midnight on the Water SPUDS
Midnight on the Water Waltz Book 1
Midnight On The Water Montreal Session
Midnight Ramble, The Barnes 1
Midwinter Blossom (Bob Pasquarello 1989) SPUDS
Midwinter Blossom see Early Frost, An Barnes 2
Midwinter Waltz Waltz Book 2
Mid-Winter Waltz Waltz Book 1
Mignonette Barnes 2
Mike Cooney's Fancy Montreal Session
Mike Hobin's Montreal Session
Mile to Ride, A Montreal Session
mile ua baile-a ta-clia t Montreal Session
Milk Maid's Bob see Oaken Leaves Barnes 1
Milkmaid, The Montreal Session
Millbank Cottage Fiddler's Fakebook
Millbrae Portland 1
Millbrae Montreal Session
Millenium Eve Montreal Session
Miller of Drohan, The Montreal Session
Miller of Drone, The Montreal Session
Miller of Glanmire, The O'Neill's
Miller Of Glanmire, The Montreal Session
Miller's Daughter, The O'Neill's
Miller's Daughter, The Montreal Session
Miller's Frolics O'Neill's
Miller's Maggot Portland 1
Miller's Maggot SPUDS
Miller's Maid, The O'Neill's
Miller's Maid, The Montreal Session
Miller's Reel Portland 3
Miller's Reel Portland 1
Miller's Reel Portland 2
Miller's Reel A Fiddler's Fakebook
Miller's Wife of Blayd... Montreal Session
Mill-Field Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Milliner's Daughter, The O'Neill's
Milliner's Daughter, The Montreal Session
Millison's Jegge see Impropriety Barnes 2
Mills Are Grinding, The O'Neill's
Mills Are Grinding, The Montreal Session
Miltown Lasses Montreal Session
Miltown Maid, The Montreal Session
Mimeault, Reel Montreal Session
Mind My Brother O'Neill's
Mineola Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Miners of Wicklow, The O'Neill's
Miners Of Wicklow, The Montreal Session
Minister's Daughter, The Montreal Session
Minor Spaniard, The Barnes 2
Minstrel Boy, The Montreal Session
Minuet (Bach) see Dovetail Barnes 2
Minuet (Handel) see Double Duet, A Barnes 2
Mirage Miser's Purse, The Montreal Session
Miss Avril's Delight Barnes 2
Miss Bain's Fancy Montreal Session
Miss Bain's Reel Montreal Session
Miss Barker's Portland 3
Miss Barrett's Waltz Barnes 1
Miss Barrett's Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Miss Bayne's Reel see Ram Meadow Barnes 2
Miss Bedlington's Fancy Barnes 2
Miss Blair's Fancy O'Neill's
Miss Blair's Fancy Montreal Session
Miss Brady O'Neill's
Miss Brady Montreal Session
Miss Brown's Fancy O'Neill's
Miss Brown's Fancy Montreal Session
Miss Brown's Favorite Montreal Session
Miss Bruce Montreal Session
Miss Campbell Montreal Session
Miss Carroll's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Miss Casey Montreal Session
Miss Corbet O'Neill's
Miss Corbett's Reel Montreal Session
Miss Crawford O'Neill's
Miss Crawford Montreal Session
Miss De Jersey's Memorial Barnes 1
Miss De Jersey's Memorial Mendocino Tune Book
Miss Dolland's Delight see Bishop, The Barnes 1
Miss Douglas O'Neill's
Miss Douglas Montreal Session
Miss Downing's Fancy O'Neill's
Miss Downing's Fancy Montreal Session
Miss Fahey's Fancy O'Neill's
Miss Fahey's Fancy Montreal Session
Miss Farr's Reel Montreal Session
Miss Forbes' Return Montreal Session
Miss Gayton's Hornpipe Portland 2
Miss Gordon of Gight see Easter Morn Barnes 2
Miss Grace Hayes' Delight see Leslie's Valentine Barnes 2
Miss Grace Hay's Delight Portland 2
Miss Grant's Jig O'Neill's
Miss Grant's Jig Montreal Session
Miss Gunning's Delight Montreal Session
Miss Gunning's Fancy O'Neill's
Miss Hamilton Montreal Session
Miss Johnson O'Neill's
Miss Johnson Montreal Session
Miss Johnson's Reel O'Neill's
Miss MacPherson Grant's Jig—of Ballindalloch Portland 3
Miss McCloud's Portland 1
Miss McDonald O'Neill's
Miss McDonald Montreal Session
Miss McLeod's SPUDS
Miss McLeod's Reel O'Neill's
Miss Mcleod's Reel YFN
Miss McLeod's Reel Montreal Session
Miss McLeod's Reel 2 Fiddler's Fakebook
Miss McLeod's Reel I Fiddler's Fakebook
Miss Mills Strathspey see Nowton Park Barnes 2
Miss Monagan YFN
Miss Monaghan O'Neill's
Miss Monaghan Montreal Session
Miss Monaghan's Portland 1
Miss Monahan's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Miss Monroe's Jig O'Neill's
Miss Monroe's Jig Portland 1
Miss Monroe's Jig Montreal Session
Miss Murray of Lintrose Portland 2
Miss Patterson Montreal Session
Miss Rowan Davies (Phil Cunningham) SPUDS
Miss Sally Surman's Delight see Archbishop II, The Barnes 2
Miss Sayer's Allemande Barnes 1
Miss Shepherd's Reel Portland 1
Miss Singleton's Reel Montreal Session
Miss Sophia Campbell Montreal Session
Miss Spark's Maggot Barnes 1
Miss Thompson's Portland 2
Miss Thompson's Hornpipe SPUDS
Miss Thompson's Reel Montreal Session
Miss Thornton's Portland 3
Miss Thornton's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Miss Thornton's Reel O'Neill's
Miss Thornton's Reel Montreal Session
Miss Thorton's Montreal Session
Miss Wallace O'Neill's
Miss Wallace Montreal Session
Miss Walsh's Fancy O'Neill's
Miss Walsh's Fancy Montreal Session
Miss Wardlaw's Reel Montreal Session
Miss Wedderburn's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Miss Wiseman's Fancy O'Neill's
Miss Wiseman's Fancy Montreal Session
Missing the F in C Montreal Session
Mississippi Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Mississippi Sawyer Fiddler's Fakebook
Mississippi Sawyer Fiddling Across America
Mississippi Sawyer Pinewoods
Mississippi Sawyer Portland 1
Mississippi Sawyer YFN
Mist Covered Mountains Little Couple-Dancemusik
Mist of Clonmel, The O'Neill's
Mist Of Clonmel, The Montreal Session
Mist On the Mountain Montreal Session
Mist-Covered Mountain, The Portland 2
Mister Beveridges Maggot Mendocino Tune Book
Mister Beveridge's Maggot Barnes 1
Mister Cosgill's Delight Barnes 1
Mister Englefield's New Hornpipe Barnes 1
Mister Foster's Frolic Barnes 1
Mister Ganiford's Maggot Barnes 1
Mister Handel's Gigue Barnes 1
Mister Isaac's Maggot Barnes 1
Mister Lane's Maggot see The Round Barnes 1
Mistwold Barnes 2
Mistwold Mendocino Tune Book
Mitchell's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Mitford Galloway, The Montreal Session
Mitty Matty Clarke Penny Whistle
Mixing the Punch O'Neill's
Mixing The Punch Montreal Session
mo muirnin annsa ti g Démon, Gigue du Montreal Session
mo suiri dea c sineid Montreal Session
Mock Hobby Horse Barnes 1
Mock Hobby Horse, The Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Mock Match Barnes 1
Moll in the Wad O'Neill's
Moll in the Wad SPUDS
Moll In The Wad Montreal Session
Moll in the Ward O'Neill's
Moll Roe O'Neill's
Moll Roe Montreal Session
Mollie Mac Alpin Montreal Session
Mollie McCarthy Montreal Session
Molloy's Favourite Montreal Session
Molly Andrew, The Barnes 2
Molly Ban Montreal Session
Molly From Longford Montreal Session
Molly Ha'penny O'Neill's
Molly In The Garden Montreal Session
Molly Macalpin O'Neill's
Molly Maguire O'Neill's
Molly Malone Montreal Session
Molly McCarthy O'Neill's
Molly My Dear Montreal Session
Molly of Lough Erne Shore Montreal Session
Molly Put the Kettle On Fiddler's Fakebook
Molly Put the Kettle On O'Neill's
Molly Put The Kettle On Montreal Session
Molly What Ails You? O'Neill's
Molly What Ails You? Montreal Session
Molly's Graduation Portland 3
Moments in Time (Kathy Talvitie) SPUDS
Momma's Pet O'Neill's
Mon Amy (Ronde II) see Companions Barnes 2
Mon Cher Kaki Montreal Session
Mona's Portland 3
Monaghan Jig, The O'Neill's
Monaghan Jig, The Montreal Session
Monday Morning Montreal Session
Money in Both Pockets O'Neill's
Money in Both Pockets Portland 1
Money in Both Pockets SPUDS
Money In Both Pockets Montreal Session
Money Musk Barnes 2
Money Musk (Irish Style) O'Neill's
Money Musk A Fiddler's Fakebook
Money Musk B Fiddler's Fakebook
Money Musk, The O'Neill's
Money Musk, The Montreal Session
Monica's Delight Barnes 1
Moniemusk Reel, The Montreal Session
Monique at the Anvil Portland 2
Monkey Puzzle Montreal Session
Monk's Jig, The Montreal Session
Monk's March with the Wanders Barnes 1
Monks of the Screw, The Montreal Session
Monroe's Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Mont Marie, Reel de Montreal Session
Mont St Louis, Marche du Montreal Session
Montebello, Reel de Portland 2
Montebello, Reel de Montreal Session
Montmagny, Reel de Montreal Session
Montreal, Reel de Portland 1
Montreal, Reel de YFN
Moon and Seven Stars SPUDS
Moon and Seven Stars, ... Montreal Session
Moon and Seven Stars, The Portland 1
Moon Behind the Hill Portland 3
Moonbeams Little Couple-Dancemusik
Mooncoin Jig, The O'Neill's
Mooncoin Jig, The Montreal Session
Mooncoin Reel, The O'Neill's
Mooncoin Reel, The Portland 2
Mooncoin Reel, The Montreal Session
Moonlight Moorings see Turn of the Tide Barnes 2
Moonlight on the Lough Montreal Session
Moonlight Ramble Montreal Session
Moonlight Ramble, A O'Neill's
Moor Hall Barnes 2
Moorit Lamb Portland 3
Morag of Dunvegan Little Couple-Dancemusik
Morag's Waltz Waltz Book 3
More Luck to Us O'Neill's
More Luck To Us Montreal Session
More Power to Your Elbow O'Neill's
More Power to your Elbow Montreal Session
More the Merrier, The Barnes 1
Morecambe Bay Barnes 1
Morgan Magan Fiddler's Fakebook
Morgan Meghan see Hillingdon Heath Barnes 2
Morgan Rattler O'Neill's
Morgan Rattler Montreal Session
Morgiana in Ireland Montreal Session
Morin Farm Jig, The Portland 3
Morivivi-mazurca jibaro Little Couple-Dancemusik
Morning Air, The Montreal Session
Morning Cheer Montreal Session
Morning Dew, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Morning in Summer, A O'Neill's
Morning In Summer, A Montreal Session
Morning of Life, The Montreal Session
Morning Star Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Morning Star, The O'Neill's
Morning Star, The Montreal Session
Morning Sun, The Montreal Session
Morpeth Lasses Barnes 2
Morpeth Lasses Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Morpeth Lasses Montreal Session
Morpeth Rant Barnes 1
Morpeth Rant Fiddler's Fakebook
Morpeth Rant SPUDS
Morpeth Rant YFN
Morpeth Rant, The Montreal Session
Morrison's SPUDS
Morrison's Jig Portland 1
Morrison's Jig Montreal Session
Morrison's Polka Montreal Session
Mortgage Burn, The Montreal Session
Mortgage Burn,The Portland 3
Mortsel Circle Barnes 2
Moses, Hoe the Corn Portland 2
Moth in the Lantern, The Montreal Session
Mother Is the Battle Over? Civil War Songbook
Motherinlaw, The Montreal Session
Mother's Day Waltz Fiddling Across America
Mother's Delight Portland 2
Mother's Lamentation, A Montreal Session
Motorway Mazurka Montreal Session
Mount Hills Barnes 1
Mount Hills Mendocino Multipart
Mount Hills Mendocino Tune Book
Mount in Lark, The Montreal Session
Mountain Boy, The O'Neill's
Mountain Boy, The Montreal Session
Mountain High, The Montreal Session
Mountain Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Mountain House Waltz Book 2
Mountain House Waltz Montreal Session
Mountain Lark, The O'Neill's
Mountain Lark, The Montreal Session
Mountain Road, The Montreal Session
Mountain Rose, The O'Neill's
Mountain Rose, The Montreal Session
Mountain Top, The Montreal Session
Mountaineer's March, The O'Neill's
Mountaineer's March, The Montreal Session
Mountains of Kerry, The O'Neill's
Mountains Of Kerry, The Montreal Session
Mountains of Pomeroy, ... Montreal Session
Mountainy Boy, The Montreal Session
Mourne Mountains, The O'Neill's
Mourne Mountains, The Montreal Session
Mourne Shore, The Montreal Session
Mouse In the Cupboard, The Montreal Session
Mouse in the Kitchen Portland 3
Mouth of the Tobique Portland 1
Mouth of the Tobique Montreal Session
Mouth of the Tobique, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Move Up to Me O'Neill's
Move Up To Me Montreal Session
Mover and Shaker, A Barnes 2
Moving Cloud, The Portland 1
Moving Cloud, The Montreal Session
Mower, The Montreal Session
Mowing of the Hay, The Montreal Session
Mr Grumguffenhoff Montreal Session
Mr' Lane's Maggot Mendocino Multipart
Mr Oliver's Brown Shoes Montreal Session
Mr. & Mrs. Maclean of Snaigow Waltz Book 3
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot Mendocino Multipart
Mr. Danger Portland 2
Mr. Englefield's New H... Montreal Session
Mr. Englefield's New Hornpipe Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Mr. Epstein's Esplanade Barnes 2
Mr. Ganiford's Delight Barnes 2
Mr. Isaac's Maggot Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance see Merry Conceit, The Barnes 2
Mr. Merrill's Maggot Barnes 2
Mr. Warwick's Mask see True Kit Barnes 2
Mr. Young's Delight Barnes 2
Mrs Spens Montreal Session
Mrs. Chambers Waltz Book 4
Mrs. Delaney O'Neill's
Mrs. Delaney Montreal Session
Mrs. Greig's Strathspey Fiddling Across America
Mrs. Hill's Dance Barnes 1
Mrs. McGee Portland 2
Mrs. Monroe's Jig Portland 1
Mrs. Norman MacKeigan Portland 3
Mrs. O'Sullivan's Portland 3
Mrs. Pike's Maggot Barnes 2
Mrs. Pomeroy's Pavane Barnes 1
Mrs. Savage's Whim Barnes 1
Mrs. Wilson's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Muchachito Little Couple-Dancemusik
Muckin' O' Geordies' Byre (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Mucking of Geordie's Byre Montreal Session
Muddy Roads Fiddler's Fakebook
Muffin Man (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Mug of Brown Ale Portland 1
Mug of Brown Ale SPUDS
Mug of Brown Ale, The O'Neill's
Mug of Brown Ale, The Montreal Session
Muinlide Glas Montreal Session
muir cearta c ua mael ... Montreal Session
Muistatko Monrepos'n Waltz Book 4
Mulberry Garden Mendocino Multipart
Mulberry Garden Mendocino Tune Book
Mulberry Garden, The Barnes 1
Mulberry Garden, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Mullinavat, The Reel of Portland 2
Mullingar Races, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Mullingar Races, The O'Neill's
Mullingar Races, The O'Neill's
Mullingar Races, The Montreal Session
Mulqueeneys Montreal Session
Multnomah Falls Portland 3
Multnomah March Portland 2
Mulvihill's Jig Montreal Session
Mundesse Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Mundesse see Retiring Fellow, A Barnes 2
Munro's Jig Montreal Session
Munster Bacon Portland 3
Munster Bacon O'Neill's
Munster Bacon Montreal Session
Munster Buttermilk O'Neill's
Munster Buttermilk Portland 2
Munster Buttermilk, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Munster Gimlet, The O'Neill's
Munster Hop, The Portland 3
Munster Lass, The Montreal Session
Munster Outcry, The Montreal Session
Munster Rake, The Montreal Session
Muriel's Measure Barnes 2
Murphy's Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Murphy's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Murphy's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Murphy's Weather Eye Montreal Session
Murray's Hornpipe O'Neill's
Murray's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Murtough Molloy O'Neill's
Murtough Molly Montreal Session
Murtough Mulloy Montreal Session
Music for a Found Harmonium Portland 1
Music for a Found Harmonium Montreal Session
Music in the Glen O'Neill's
Music In The Glen Montreal Session
Music in the Glen, The Portland 1
Musical Priest, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Musical Priest, The O'Neill's
Musical Priest, The Montreal Session
Musidora Barnes 2
Mutt's Favorite Montreal Session
Mutual Love Barnes 1
My Ain Country Little Couple-Dancemusik
My Bold Trainor O Montreal Session
My Bonnie Bay Mare and I Montreal Session
My Brother Tom O'Neill's
My Brother Tom Montreal Session
My Cape Breton Home Waltz Book 1
My Charmer from Clare Montreal Session
My Darling Asleep O'Neill's
My Darling Asleep Pinewoods
My Darling Asleep Portland 1
My Darling Asleep SPUDS
My Darling Asleep YFN
My Darling Asleep Montreal Session
My Darling Don't Leave Me Montreal Session
My Darling Fair Maid Montreal Session
My Darling I Am Fond o... Montreal Session
My Dear Darling Montreal Session
My Dear Irish Girl Montreal Session
My Dearie Sits Ower La... Montreal Session
My Dermot Montreal Session
My Fairhaired Darling Montreal Session
My Former Wife O'Neill's
My Former Wife Montreal Session
My Heart Is Breaking Montreal Session
My Heart is Sore Montreal Session
My Heart Is Your Slave Montreal Session
My Heart's Full of Joy Montreal Session
My Home Little Couple-Dancemusik
My Honey in the House O'Neill's
My Honey In The House Montreal Session
My Johnny Dear Montreal Session
My Lady Cullen Barnes 1
My Lady Cullen Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
My Lady Foster's Delight Barnes 1
My Lady Foster's Delight Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
My Lady Winwood's Maggot Barnes 1
My Lady Winwood's Maggot Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
My Lady's Courant Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
My Lass is in Uist Little Couple-Dancemusik
My Little Bag That Was... Montreal Session
My Lodging Is on the C... Montreal Session
My Lodging Is on the Cold Ground Mendocino Tune Book
My Lord Byron's Maggot Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
My Lord Byron's Maggot Mendocino Multipart
My Lord Byron's Maggot Mendocino Tune Book
My Love Has Gone Montreal Session
My Love is a Band Boy Montreal Session
My Love is a Lady Montreal Session
My Love Is Fair And Ha... Montreal Session
My Love is Fair and Handsome O'Neill's
My Love is Far Away O'Neill's
My Love is in America O'Neill's
My Love Is In America Montreal Session
My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose Little Couple-Dancemusik
My Love is on the Ocean O'Neill's
My Love Is On the River Montreal Session
My Love She's But a Lassie Yet see Cumberland Square Eight Barnes 2
My Love Will Ne'er For... Montreal Session
My Marianne Portland 1
My Maryanne O'Neill's
My Maryanne Montreal Session
My Mind Will Never Be "Aisy" O'Neill's
My Mind Will Never Be ... Montreal Session
My Name is Charles Guiteau Folk Songs of Upstate New York
My Name it is Nell O'Neill's
My Only Joe and Deary O Montreal Session
My Own Home Waltz Book 1
My Own House Waltz Fiddler's Fakebook
My Own Sweetheart Montreal Session
My Own Young Dear Montreal Session
My Pretty Mary Montreal Session
My Robe is New see Mover and Shaker, A Barnes 2
My Sweetheart Jane O'Neill's
My Sweetheart Jane Montreal Session
My True Love Has Gone ... Montreal Session
My Wife's a Wanton, Wee Thing see Pat's Tradition Barnes 1
Mylecharane Barnes 2
Myra's Jig Portland 2
Mystérieuse Waltz Book 4
M-Z Portland 2
Na amhne bhunchlodaigh Montreal Session
na bla ta Montreal Session
na cailini de on n-iar Montreal Session
na cailini de on tuai g Montreal Session
na cailini de ua callann Montreal Session
na cailini de ua gall-... Montreal Session
na cailini de ua lios-... Montreal Session
na ceirce-francai g an... Montreal Session
Na dearmad na aingeala... Montreal Session
na gairteini de gorm Montreal Session
na potataoi nua d Montreal Session
Na Tocalaide Ua Cill-M... Montreal Session
Na tomanaidhe glais Montreal Session
Na Tri Taoisaig Montreal Session
Nagelschmied Little Couple-Dancemusik
Nail That Catfish to a Tree (Steve Rosen) SPUDS
Nail That Catfish to the Tree Portland 1
Nail that Catfish to the Tree YFN
Naked and Bare Barnes 2
Nampwich Fair Barnes 2
Nancy Montreal Session
Nancy Hynes O'Neill's
Nancy Hynes Montreal Session
Nancy in a Shirttail SPUDS
Nancy My Pride Montreal Session
Nancy Rowland Fiddler's Fakebook
Nancy's Branching Tresses Montreal Session
Nancy's Fancy Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Nancy's Fancy see Fentalarick Barnes 1
Nancy's Waltz Waltz Book 1
Nan's Waltz Barnes 1
Nany Valse Waltz Book 4
Nathaniel Gow's Lament... Montreal Session
Natterjack's reel Montreal Session
Neal's Maggot Barnes 1
Neat, Mr. John Barnes 2
Neckbelly Portland 3
Ned Coleman's Montreal Session
Ned Kendall's Hornpipe Portland 1
Ned Naughton's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Ned of the Hill Montreal Session
Needle Case YFN
Needlecase Portland 2
Nell Flaherty's Drake O'Neill's
Nell Flaherty's Drake Montreal Session
Nell Kennedy O'Neill's
Nell Kennedy Montreal Session
Nellie O'Donovan Montreal Session
Nelly O'Donovan O'Neill's
Nel's Farewell see Dunant House Waltz Barnes 1
Nelson's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Nelson's Victory Montreal Session
Never Grow Old Montreal Session
Never Love Thee More Barnes 1
Never Love Thee More Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Never Love Thee More Mendocino Multipart
Never Love Thee More Mendocino Tune Book
New Apron, The Montreal Session
New Beginning, A Barnes 1
New Bo-Peep Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
New Century, The O'Neill's
New Century, The Montreal Session
New Cloak, The Montreal Session
New Demesne, The O'Neill's
New Demesne, The Montreal Session
New Emancipation Song, The Civil War Songbook
New Fiddle, The Portland 3
New Figary, The Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
New Five Cents Portland 2
New Highland Laddie Montreal Session
New Land, The Waltz Book 2
New Langolee, The Montreal Session
New Lesson, The O'Neill's
New Lesson, The Montreal Session
New Mailcoach, The O'Neill's
New Mail-coach, The O'Neill's
New Mail-Coach, The Montreal Session
New Married Couple, The O'Neill's
New Money Fiddler's Fakebook
New Money Portland 3
New Moon, The Montreal Session
New Mown Meadows, The Portland 3
New New Exchange, The see Adson's Sarabande Barnes 1
New Pair of Shoes, The Montreal Session
New Policeman, The O'Neill's
New Policeman, The Montreal Session
New Potatoes, The Montreal Session
New Rigged Ship SPUDS
New Rigged Ship, The Montreal Session
New Road, The O'Neill's
New Road, The Montreal Session
New School, The Montreal Session
New Stove, The Portland 2
New Trail, The Montreal Session
New Way, The see Princess Royal Barnes 1
New Year's Day in the Morning Barnes 1
New Year's Night Montreal Session
New Year's Song Montreal Session
New York Times Barnes 2
Newburn Lads Montreal Session
Newcastle Barnes 1
Newcastle Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Newcastle Mendocino Multipart
Newcastle Mendocino Tune Book
Newmarket Polka, The Montreal Session
Newmarried Couple, The O'Neill's
Newmarried Couple, The Montreal Session
News From Tripoli Barnes 1
News of the Victory, The see Willow Tree Barnes 1
Newtown Bridge Montreal Session
Ní Felis Gratis Portland 3
Ni Sise Mo Muirnin Montreal Session
Niel Gow's Lament Waltz Book 1
Niel Gow's Lament for ... Montreal Session
Night at the Fair, A O'Neill's
Night At The Fair, A Montreal Session
Night Before Larry Was... Montreal Session
Night Cap, The Barnes 1
Night Cap, The Montreal Session
Night Dance, The O'Neill's
Night Dance, The Montreal Session
Night in Ennis, The Montreal Session
Night of Fun, The O'Neill's
Night Piece, The Barnes 1
Night Piece, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Night Was Calm, The Montreal Session
Night Watch see Arlington Assembly Barnes 2
Night We Made The Matc... Montreal Session
Night We Made the Match, The O'Neill's
Nightcap, The O'Neill's
Night-Geese Polska (Bill Quern) SPUDS
Nina (John Krumm & Bob Stein) SPUDS
Nine Miles Out of Louisville Portland 2
Nine Points of Roguery Portland 3
Nine Points of Roguery, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Nixon's Farewell Portland 1
'nnsa n-gleann Montreal Session
No Fixed Abode Montreal Session
No Longer Can I Stay Montreal Session
No Surrender Montreal Session
Nobel Franz SPUDS
Noble Squire Dacre Montreal Session
Nobody's Jigg Barnes 1
Noch Dagh noch Nacht is mijne rust see Sleepless Swain, The Barnes 2
Noirceur, La Montreal Session
Noisy Curlew, The Montreal Session
Noite de Veran Montreal Session
Nola Little Couple-Dancemusik
Nolan the Soldier Montreal Session
Nonesuch Barnes 1
Nonesuch Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Nonesuch Fiddler's Fakebook
Nonesuch II Barnes 2
Nora an blath g-Cille-... Montreal Session
nora an cuil omra Montreal Session
Nora Criona Clarke Penny Whistle
Nora O'Neill Montreal Session
Nora With the Amber Hair Montreal Session
Norah The Pride Of Kil... Montreal Session
Nord, Reel du Montreal Session
Nord, Reel du Portland 3
North Carolina Breakdown Portland 1
North River Fox, The Portland 3
North Star, The Montreal Session
North Wind, The Montreal Session
Northdown Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Northdown Waltz, The Barnes 1
Northern Lasses, The O'Neill's
Northern Lasses, The Montreal Session
Northern Nancy Barnes 1
Northern Road, The O'Neill's
Northern Road, The Montreal Session
Northern Troupe, The Montreal Session
Norwegian Rheinlander Little Couple-Dancemusik
Norwegian Waltz, The Waltz Book 2
Nothing Can Sadden Us Montreal Session
Nottingham Swing Barnes 1
Now is the Month of May Barnes 2
Nowill Hills Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Nowton Park Barnes 2
Nudeli Little Couple-Dancemusik
Nue Pnues Montreal Session
Nuit Sauvage Montreal Session
Nutting Girl SPUDS
Nutting Girl, The Barnes 2
Nutting Girl, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Nymph Divine Barnes 1
O Arranmore Loved Arra... Montreal Session
O Come You from the Battle-Field? Civil War Songbook
O For One and Twenty! Montreal Session
O I'm a Good Old Rebel Civil War Songbook
O Nancy Don't You Reme... Montreal Session
O White Maive Montreal Session
O! Sweet Adare Montreal Session
O, Susato Barnes 2
Oak Tree, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Oaken Leaves Barnes 1
Oaken Leaves Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Oakleigh House Barnes 2
Oats & Beans 8c Barley Grow Clarke Penny Whistle
Obama's March to the White House Portland 3
O'Brien's March Montreal Session
Obstineux, reel de l' Montreal Session
O'Carolan's Concerto Montreal Session
O'Carolan's Devotion Montreal Session
O'Carolan's Draught Montreal Session
O'Carolan's Farewell Montreal Session
O'Carolan's Lament Montreal Session
O'Carolan's Receipt fo... Montreal Session
O'Connell's Lamentation Montreal Session
O'Connell's Trip to Parliament SPUDS
O'Connell's Welcome to Clare O'Neill's
O'Connor's Fancy O'Neill's
O'Connor's Fancy Montreal Session
O'Connor's Favorite O'Neill's
O'Connor's Favorite Montreal Session
O'Connor's Favourite O'Neill's
O'Connor's Frolics Montreal Session
O'Connors Polka SPUDS
Octagon, The Barnes 2
O'Donnell Aboo Montreal Session
O'Donnell's Hornpipe O'Neill's
O'Donnell's Hornpipe Montreal Session
O'Donovan's Hornpipe O'Neill's
O'donovan's Hornpipe Montreal Session
O'Dweyer's Reel Montreal Session
O'Dwyer's Hornpipe O'Neill's
O'Dwyer's Hornpipe Montreal Session
O'Dwyer's Reel O'Neill's
Oddville Cupola Portland 3
Of Bogie, The Reel Montreal Session
Of in the Stilly Night Montreal Session
Of Mullinavat, The Reel Montreal Session
Of My Love I Was Thinking Montreal Session
of Tulloch, The Reel Montreal Session
O'Fenlon's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Off She Goes Fiddler's Fakebook
Off She Goes Pinewoods
Off She Goes SPUDS
Off She Goes YFN
Off She Goes! O'Neill's
Off She Goes! Montreal Session
Off to California Fiddler's Fakebook
Off to California Little Couple-Dancemusik
Off To California O'Neill's
Off to California YFN
Off to California Montreal Session
Off to the Hunt O'Neill's
Off To The Hunt Montreal Session
Off With the Mask see Mr. Foster's Frolic Barnes 1
Offa's Dyke Barnes 1
og- bean caol fada, an Montreal Session
O'Gallagher's Frolics O'Neill's
O'Gallagher's Frolics Montreal Session
O'Gallagher's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Oh Mother What Shall I Do Barnes 2
Oh Sheela My Love Montreal Session
Oh Susanna Pinewoods
Oh! Dat Low Bridge Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Oh! Erin, My Country O'Neill's
Oh! Friendship Will Smile O'Neill's
Oh! Hag You Have Kille... Montreal Session
Oh! Hag You have Killed Me O'Neill's
Oh! Love is the Soul of a Neat Irish Man O'Neill's
Oh! Mary If My Advice You Take O'Neill's
Oh, My Little Darlin' Portland 3
Oh! The Marriage O'Neill's
Oh! The Shamrock Montreal Session
Oh, Lady, Be Good (Gershwin) SPUDS
Ohia Blossom Ragtime Waltz, The Waltz Book 4
oignons, reel des Montreal Session
Oil the Locks Barnes 1
Ojitos Chinos y Negros Little Couple-Dancemusik
O'Keefe'i Slide Fiddler's Fakebook
O'Keefe's Slide Portland 1
Ol' Bob Portland 3
Old as the Hills O'Neill's
Old as the Hills Montreal Session
Old Batchelor, The Barnes 2
Old Beggarman, The Montreal Session
Old Bell Cow SPUDS
Old Bill Snyder Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Old Blind Bard, The Montreal Session
Old Bog Ground, The O'Neill's
Old Bog Ground, The Montreal Session
Old Boot, The Barnes 2
Old Bush, The Montreal Session
Old Cape Breton March Clarke Penny Whistle
Old Cloak, The Montreal Session
Old Copper Plate YFN
Old Copperplate, The Portland 2
Old Derry March, The Montreal Session
Old Favorite Portland 1
Old Favorite SPUDS
Old Favourite, The Montreal Session
Old Flanagan Portland 1
Old French Fiddler's Fakebook
Old French Fiddling Across America
Old French YFN
Old French Montreal Session
Old Friends Barnes 2
Old Gray Cat YFN
Old Grey Cat Portland 1
Old Grey Cat SPUDS
Old Grey Cat (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Old Grey Gander, The O'Neill's
Old Grey Gander, The Montreal Session
Old Grey Goose, The O'Neill's
Old Grey Goose, The Montreal Session
Old Grey Horse Portland 2
Old Grey Mare SPUDS
Old Hag in the Kiln, The Montreal Session
Old Head of Denis, The Montreal Session
Old Hob or The Mouse Trap Barnes 2
Old Horned Sheep, The O'Neill's
Old Horned Sheep, The Montreal Session
Old Horse and Buggy Portland 3
Old Jimmy Suiion Fiddler's Fakebook
Old Joe Portland 1
Old Joe (Rodney Miller) SPUDS
Old Joe Clark Fiddler's Fakebook
Old Joe Clark Pinewoods
Old Joe Clark SPUDS
Old Joe Clark YFN
Old John Tate Portland 2
Old Langolee, The Montreal Session
Old Leather Breeches, ... Montreal Session
Old Madera Waltz Waltz Book 4
Old Maderia Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Old Maid Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Old Maid, The Montreal Session
Old Maids of Galway, The O'Neill's
Old Maids Of Galway, The Montreal Session
Old Man Dillon O'Neill's
Old Man Dillon Montreal Session
Old Man is a Bed Full of Bones, An Barnes 2
Old Man Quinn O'Neill's
Old Man Quinn Montreal Session
Old Man Rocking the Cr... Montreal Session
Old Man, Old Woman Portland 2
Old Man, Old Woman SPUDS
Old Man's Delight, The O'Neill's
Old Man's Delight, The Montreal Session
Old Melindy Portland 2
Old Mill, The Barnes 1
Old Mole, The Barnes 1
Old Mole, The Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Old Molly Hare Fiddler's Fakebook
Old Molly Hare Fiddling Across America
Old Mother Flanagan Fiddler's Fakebook
Old Mother Flanagan Portland 1
Old Mother Flanigon YFN
Old Noll's Jig Barnes 1
Old Noll's Jig Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Old Noll's Jig Montreal Session
Old Nora Montreal Session
Old Oxford see Oakleigh House Barnes 2
Old Pensioner, The O'Neill's
Old Pensioner, The Montreal Session
Old Plaid Shawl, The Montreal Session
Old Rosin, The Beau Pinewoods
Old Schoolmaster, The O'Neill's
Old Schoolmaster, The Montreal Session
Old Simon the King see Roundabout Our Coal Fire Barnes 1
Old Southern Little Couple-Dancemusik
Old Storyteller, The O'Neill's
Old Story-Teller, The O'Neill's
Old Story-Teller, The Montreal Session
Old Tipparary Jig, The Montreal Session
Old Truagh Montreal Session
Old Vest and Cravat, The O'Neill's
Old Vest And Cravat, The Montreal Session
Old Walls of Liscarrol... Montreal Session
Old Way's Best see Founder's Day Barnes 2
Old West Clare Jig, The Portland 2
Old Wife Behind the Fire Barnes 2
Old Wife Behind the Fire Mendocino Tune Book
Old Woman Lamenting He... Montreal Session
Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket, The Portland 3
Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket, The Montreal Session
Old Woolworths Portland 2
Old Yeller Dog Come Trottin' Through the Meetinghouse Portland 3
Olive Branch Hornpipe Portland 1
Ollistrum Jig O'Neill's
Ollistrun Jig Montreal Session
O'Mahoney's reel Montreal Session
O'Mahony's Frolics O'Neill's
O'mahony's Frolics Montreal Session
On a Bank of Flowers Montreal Session
On a Cold Winter's Day Montreal Session
On Lough Neagh's Banks Montreal Session
On St. Patrick's Day I Was Gay O'Neill's
On the Beautiful Blue Danube Little Couple-Dancemusik
On the Danforth SPUDS
On the Danforth Portland 3
On the Mountain Side On The River Bank Montreal Session
On The River Bank Montreal Session
On the Riverbank O'Neill's
On The Road To Boston Clarke Penny Whistle
On the Road to Boston Montreal Session
On the Sly O'Neill's
On The Sly Montreal Session
On The Wings Of A Skorie Montreal Session
Once a Night Barnes 1
Once I Was Happy Montreal Session
Once More A-Lumbering Go Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Once More I Hail Thee! Montreal Session
Once On a Morning of Sweet Recreation O'Neill's
One Before We Go Montreal Session
One Bottle More Montreal Session
One Heart, One Soul Little Couple-Dancemusik
One is One and All Alone Barnes 2
One Last Time Waltz Book 3
One Legged Man, The Montreal Session
One More Dance and Then Montreal Session
One More River to Cross Fiddler's Fakebook
One Of The Boys Montreal Session
One Step, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
One Sunday After Mass Montreal Session
One Wife Is Enough For Me Montreal Session
Onehorned Cow, The O'Neill's
One-horned Cow, The O'Neill's
Onehorned Cow, The Montreal Session
One-Horned Sheep Portland 1
One-Horned Sheep SPUDS
O'Neill's Hornpipe Montreal Session
O'Neill's March Montreal Session
One-Legged Man, The Montreal Session
Onions, Reel des Portland 1
Only Night of the Week... Montreal Session
Open the Door For Three O'Neill's
Open The Door For Three Montreal Session
Open The Door Softly Montreal Session
Open the Door to Three Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Open the Door to Three see Winifred's Knot Barnes 1
Open Window, The Montreal Session
Opera Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Opera Reel SPUDS
Opus 57 Fiddler's Fakebook
Orage du Québec, L' Portland 3
Orange Blossom Special Fiddler's Fakebook
Orange In Bloom Montreal Session
Orange Nan Barnes 2
Orange Rogue, The O'Neill's
Orange Rogue, The Montreal Session
Oranges & Lemons Clarke Penny Whistle
Oranges and Lemons Barnes 1
Oranges and Lemons Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Ore Boggy Barnes 2
O'Reilly Greyhound O'Neill's
O'Reilly's Favorite Montreal Session
O'Reilly's Greyhound O'Neill's
O'Reilly's Greyhound Montreal Session
O'Reilly's Lamentation Montreal Session
Ore-Valsen Waltz Book 2
O'Rielly's Fancy Montreal Session
Original Canadian Hoedown Fiddling Across America
Original Gaelic Air, An Montreal Session
Original One-Horned Sh... Montreal Session
Orlabear's Maggot Barnes 1
Orleans Baffled Barnes 1
Orleans Baffled Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Orly Triumphant Barnes 2
Ormond House Barnes 1
Orphan, The Portland 2
Oscar and Lucinda's We... Montreal Session
O'Shannahan's Rambles O'Neill's
Oslo Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ossian's Lament Montreal Session
O'Sullivan's March O'Neill's
O'Sullivan's March Montreal Session
Oswestry Square see Offa's Dyke Barnes 1
Other Good Host, The Portland 2
Otter's Holt Montreal Session
Otter's Holt, The Portland 2
Our Highland Cousins Montreal Session
Our Own Little Isle O'Neill's
Our Own Little Isle Montreal Session
Out in the Ocean Montreal Session
Out on the Ocean O'Neill's
Out on the Ocean Portland 1
Out on the Ocean SPUDS
Out On The Ocean Montreal Session
Out on the Road Portland 2
Out With the Boys O'Neill's
Out With the Boys Montreal Session
Out with the Boys Portland 3
Outaouais, Reel de l' Montreal Session
Outlaw of the Hills, The Montreal Session
ouverture, La marche d... Montreal Session
Over the Bridge to Peggy O'Neill's
Over The Bridge To Peggy Montreal Session
Over the Causeway Portland 2
Over the Hills Montreal Session
Over the Hills and Far... Montreal Session
Over the Hills to Glory Country Dance Tunes (set 1)
Over the Ice Waltz Book 3
Over the Moor to Maggie O'Neill's
Over the Moor to Maggie Portland 1
Over The Moor To Maggie Montreal Session
Over the Waterfall Fiddler's Fakebook
Over the Waterfall Pinewoods
Over the Waterfall SPUDS
Over the Waterfall YFN
Over The Waterfall Clarke Penny Whistle
Owen Malone O'Neill's
Owen Malone Montreal Session
Ower the Border Montreal Session
Oxford Castle Montreal Session
Oxford Circus see Parson's Farewell Barnes 1
Oyster Girl SPUDS
Oyster River Hornpipe Portland 1
Oyster Wives' Rant (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Ozark Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Père Bruneau, Reel du Portland 2
Père Doiron Portland 2
P. Joe's Pecurious Pachelbel Special Portland 2
Pachelbel's Canon see Ted Meets Pachelbel Barnes 2
Pachelbel's Frolics Portland 2
Pacific Slope Hornpipe Portland 2
Paddies Evermore Montreal Session
Paddy "Go Easy" Montreal Session
Paddy "Go easy" O'Neill's
Paddy Bolster's Reel O'Neill's
Paddy Brown Montreal Session
Paddy Canny's Portland 1
Paddy Carey Montreal Session
Paddy Carrey's Jig Montreal Session
Paddy Clancy's Montreal Session
Paddy Fahey's #1 SPUDS
Paddy Fahey's Jig #1 Portland 2
Paddy Fahey's Reel No. 1 Portland 1
Paddy Fahey's Reel No. 3 Portland 3
Paddy Fahy's SPUDS
Paddy from Portlaw O'Neill's
Paddy From Portlaw Montreal Session
Paddy in London O'Neill's
Paddy In London Montreal Session
Paddy Kelly's Fiddling Across America
Paddy Killoran's Portland 2
Paddy Mack O'Neill's
Paddy Mack Montreal Session
Paddy McNamara's Reel Montreal Session
Paddy McShane O'Neill's
Paddy Murphy's Wife O'Neill's
Paddy Murphy's Wife Montreal Session
Paddy Now Wont You Be ... Montreal Session
Paddy O'Brien's Montreal Session
Paddy O'Carroll O'Neill's
Paddy O'Carroll Montreal Session
Paddy O'Flynn O'Neill's
Paddy on a Handcar Portland 2
Paddy on the Landfill Portland 1
Paddy on the Railroad Fiddler's Fakebook
Paddy on the Railroad SPUDS
Paddy on the Turnpike Fiddling Across America
Paddy on the Turnpike Portland 3
Paddy on the Turnpike Ia Fiddler's Fakebook
Paddy on the Turnpike IB1 Fiddler's Fakebook
Paddy on the Turnpike IB2 Fiddler's Fakebook
Paddy O'Rafferty O'Neill's
Paddy O'Rafferty Montreal Session
Paddy O'Snap Montreal Session
Paddy Rainey's Jig Montreal Session
Paddy Ryan's Dream O'Neill's
Paddy Ryan's Dream Montreal Session
Paddy Stack's Fancy Jig Montreal Session
Paddy Stack's Fling Montreal Session
Paddy the Dandy Montreal Session
Paddy the Piper Montreal Session
Paddy The Weaver Montreal Session
Paddy Whack O'Neill's
Paddy Whack Montreal Session
Paddy Will You Now Montreal Session
Paddy Will You Now? O'Neill's
Paddy Won't You Drink Some Cider Fiddler's Fakebook
Paddy's Experience O'Neill's
Paddy's Gone to France Montreal Session
Paddy's Pet Montreal Session
Paddy's Resource O'Neill's
Paddy's Resource Montreal Session
Paddy's Return Portland 1
Paddy's Return Montreal Session
Paddy's Surprise O'Neill's
Paddy's Surprise Montreal Session
Paddy's Trip to Scotland Portland 2
Paddy's Whiskers O'Neill's
Paddy's Whiskers Montreal Session
Padraic O'Keefe's Slide Fiddler's Fakebook
paidin an racaire Montreal Session
Paidin Ua Cearbaill Montreal Session
Painter's Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
pairc an coir ce Montreal Session
Palm Sunday O'Neill's
Palm Sunday Montreal Session
Palmer's Gate Portland 2
Pam'sTune Portland 1
Pansy Blossom, The Montreal Session
Parish Girl, The O'Neill's
Parisot's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Parks o' Yester, The Montreal Session
Parlez-Moi d'Amour Waltz Book 4
Parlez-Nous a Boire (Dewey Balfa) SPUDS
Paro Lou Loop Petiote Little Couple-Dancemusik
paroissiens, Gigue de Montreal Session
Parrish Waltz Montreal Session
Parry Sound Reel, The Portland 3
Parson Boasts of Mild ... Montreal Session
Parson Upon Dorothy Barnes 2
Parson's Cap, The Barnes 1
Parson's Farewell Barnes 1
Parson's Farewell Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Parthenia Barnes 1
Partie de Quadrille Montreal Session
Parting Glass (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Parting Glass, The Montreal Session
Parting Lovers, The Barnes 1
Party Tune, The Portland 3
Paspie Menuet see Two Cousins, The Barnes 2
Pat d'Budgie (Graham Townsend) SPUDS
Pat Molloy's Montreal Session
Pat on Parade Montreal Session
Pat the Budgie Breakdown, The Portland 1
Pat the Fowler O'Neill's
Pat Tuohy's Reel O'Neill's
Pat Tuohy's Reel Montreal Session
Pat. Healy's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Patchwork Quile (Krumm/Pasquarello/Sandler/Wilkins) SPUDS
Pateroller Portland 3
Patineur, Reel du Montreal Session
Patins de Pauline, Les Portland 1
Patins de Pauline, Les Montreal Session
Patrick Maloney's Favo... Montreal Session
patriotes, Gigue des Montreal Session
Patriot's Waltz, The Waltz Book 4
Pat's Tradition Barnes 1
Paul Charlesbois, Reel à Portland 2
Paul Cranford's Map Of... Montreal Session
Pay The Girl Her Fourp... Montreal Session
Pay the Girl Her Fourpence O'Neill's
Pays de Haut Portland 1
Pays de Haut SPUDS
Pays de Haut YFN
Pays de Haut Montreal Session
Peace Be With You Barnes 1
Peace Of The Valley, The Montreal Session
Peacemaker, The O'Neill's
Peacemaker, The Montreal Session
Peacock Followed the H... Montreal Session
Peacock Rag Portland 3
Peacock Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Peacocks Fancy Montreal Session
Peacocks March Montreal Session
Peacocks Tune Montreal Session
Pearl of the Flowing T... Montreal Session
Pearl of the White Bre... Montreal Session
Pearls & Diamonds Waltz Book 4
Peas Upon a Trencher Montreal Session
Pease Straw see Leather Lake House Barnes 2
Pecheur, Reel du Portland 1
Peeler and the Goat, The Montreal Session
Peeler Creek Waltz Book 2
Peeler's Jacket, The O'Neill's
Peeler's Jacket, The Montreal Session
Peevish Child, The Montreal Session
Peg Ryan's Little Couple-Dancemusik
Peggy Bawn Montreal Session
Peggy on the Settle O'Neill's
Peggy On The Settle Montreal Session
Peggy's Bend (Bill Quern) SPUDS
Peggy's Nettles Montreal Session
Pell Mell see Dancing Wife, The Barnes 2
Pelletée de neige Montreal Session
Pendu, Reel du Portland 1
Pendu, Reel Du Montreal Session
Penniless Traveller, The Montreal Session
Penny Hill (Hector MacKenzie) SPUDS
Penobscot Memory Little Couple-Dancemusik
Penruddock see Sleeping in the Attic Barnes 2
Pentland Hills Little Couple-Dancemusik
Peor es Nada Little Couple-Dancemusik
Peppers Black Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Per Röst Vals Waltz Book 2
Pere Leon, Reel de Portland 1
Père Mathias, Gigue du Montreal Session
Pernod Waltz Book 2
Pernod (Johnny Cunningham 1984) SPUDS
Perpetual Motion Barnes 2
Perrodin Two Step Fiddling Across America
Persian Garden Little Couple-Dancemusik
Persian's Crew, The Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Pet of the House, The O'Neill's
Pet Of The House, The Montreal Session
Pet of the Pipers Montreal Session
Pet of the Pipers, The O'Neill's
Peter and Peggy Barnes 2
Peter Francisco Fiddler's Fakebook
Peter Kennedy's Fancy O'Neill's
Peter Kennedy's Fancy Montreal Session
Peter Peerie Boat SPUDS
Peter Street O'Neill's
Peter Street Montreal Session
Pete's [Peas] Breakdown SPUDS
Pete's Breakdown Portland 2
Pete's March Portland 2
Peteuse, La Portland 2
Petit Sarny, 6/8 du Portland 2
petit soulier rouge, Le Montreal Session
Petite Souris, La Montreal Session
Petronella Fiddler's Fakebook
Petronella SPUDS
Petronella YFN
Petronella Montreal Session
Petticoat Loose O'Neill's
Petticoat Loose Montreal Session
Petticoat Wag see Trip to Greene Barnes 2
Petticoat, The Montreal Session
Peveril Lasses, The Montreal Session
Pewter Mug, The O'Neill's
Phelim O'Neill O'Neill's
Philabelula All the Way see Nottingham Swing Barnes 1
Philandering Barnes 2
Philip O'Neill O'Neill's
Philip O'Neill Montreal Session
Philippe Bruneau #1, Reel de Portland 2
Philippe Bruneau #2, Reel de Portland 2
Philippe Bruneau, Marche Montreal Session
Phis Fliuch, An Montreal Session
Phoenix Rejuvenated, The Barnes 1
Phoenix, The Barnes 1
Phoenix, The Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Phoenix, The Portland 1
Phone Call, The Portland 3
Physical Snob Mendocino Multipart
Physical Snob, The Barnes 1
Physical Snob, The Mendocino Tune Book
Piccadilly-O see Monica's Delight Barnes 1
Pick Your Partner O'Neill's
Pick Your Partner Montreal Session
Pickadilla Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Picking Up Sticks Barnes 1
Picking Up Sticks Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Picking Up Stitches Barnes 2
Piedmont Portland 3
Pierlala see Five for the Symbol at Your Door Barnes 2
Pierre's Right Arm Montreal Session
Pig Ankle Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Pig Ankle Rag YFN
Pigeon on the Gate Fiddler's Fakebook
Pigeon on the Gate Portland 2
Pigeon on the Gate, The O'Neill's
Pigeon on the Gate, The Montreal Session
Pigtown Clarke Penny Whistle
Pigtown Fling SPUDS
Pike's Peak Portland 1
pilbin lia t, an Montreal Session
Pilgarlick Barnes 2
Pilgrim, The Barnes 1
Pincushion Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Piney Woods Gal Portland 2
Pink Flamingo, The Montreal Session
Pinks and Lilies Barnes 1
Pins and Needles Barnes 1
Pint of Derby, A Barnes 1
piobaire troda c, an Montreal Session
Pipe On the Hob see Triad in L# Major Barnes 2
Pipe on the Hob, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Pipe on the Hob, The O'Neill's
Pipe On The Hob, The Montreal Session
Pipe on the Hob, The Portland 3
Pipe Slang, The Portland 3
Piper's Despair, The O'Neill's
Piper's Despair, The Montreal Session
Pipers Fancy Montreal Session
Pipers Maggot Montreal Session
Piper's Picnic, The O'Neill's
Piper's Picnic, The Montreal Session
Piper's Son, The O'Neill's
Piper's Son, The Montreal Session
Piper's Welcome, The O'Neill's
Piper's Welcome, The Montreal Session
Piper's Whim, The Montreal Session
Pit Hame da Borrowed Claes Fiddler's Fakebook
Pizzicato Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Place In Thy Memory, A Montreal Session
Plaid Mantle, The O'Neill's
Plaid Mantle, The Montreal Session
Plains of Boyle, The Montreal Session
Plan 9 Montreal Session
Planting Stick, The O'Neill's
Planxty Browne Montreal Session
Planxty Burke Montreal Session
Planxty Charles Coote Montreal Session
Planxty Corcoran Montreal Session
Planxty Davis O'Neill's
Planxty Davis Montreal Session
Planxty Denis O'Conor Montreal Session
Planxty Dobbins Montreal Session
Planxty Drew Montreal Session
Planxty Drury Fiddler's Fakebook
Planxty Drury Montreal Session
Planxty Edmond Dodwell Montreal Session
Planxty Fanny Power Waltz Book 1
Planxty Fanny Powers Montreal Session
Planxty George Brabazon Fiddler's Fakebook
Planxty George Brabazon Montreal Session
Planxty Harold Brooks Montreal Session
Planxty Hewlett see Enchanted Place Barnes 2
Planxty Hugh O'Donnell Montreal Session
Planxty Irwin Fiddler's Fakebook
Planxty Irwin Little Couple-Dancemusik
Planxty Irwin Waltz Book 1
Planxty Irwin Montreal Session
Planxty Irwin see Mrs. Pike's Maggot Barnes 2
Planxty Johnston Montreal Session
Planxty Kitty O'Brien Montreal Session
Planxty Lady Athenry Montreal Session
Planxty Lady Blaney Montreal Session
Planxty Lady Wrixon Montreal Session
Planxty Madam Crofton Montreal Session
Planxty Madam Maxwell Montreal Session
Planxty Maguire Montreal Session
Planxty Mary O'Neill Montreal Session
Planxty Miss Burke Montreal Session
Planxty Mrs O'Conor Montreal Session
Planxty Nancy McDermott Montreal Session
Planxty Nancy Vernon Montreal Session
Planxty O'Carolan Montreal Session
Planxty O'Daly Montreal Session
Planxty O'Flynn Montreal Session
Planxty O'Kelly Montreal Session
Planxty O'Neill Montreal Session
Planxty O'Reilly Montreal Session
Planxty O'Rourke Montreal Session
Planxty Scott Montreal Session
Planxty Sir Festus Burke Montreal Session
Planxty Sir Ulick Burke Montreal Session
Planxty Sudley Montreal Session
Planxty Thomas Burke Montreal Session
Planxty Toby Peyton Montreal Session
Planxty Tom Judge Montreal Session
Planxty Wilkinson Montreal Session
Plateau Mont-Royal, Gi... Montreal Session
Please Kindly People Don't Barnes 1
Pleasures of Home, The O'Neill's
Pleasures Of Home, The Montreal Session
Pleasures of Hope, The O'Neill's
Pleasures Of Hope, The Montreal Session
Pleasures of Life, The Montreal Session
Pleasures of the Town, The Barnes 1
Pleasures of the Town, The Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Pleraca dai bis Plow Boy, The Montreal Session
Plowman's Folly Portland 3
Plum Creek Waltz Book 2
Plymouth Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Poddles pog an brideog Montreal Session
pog do co m ta c Montreal Session
Pointe au Pic Montreal Session
Pointe-au-Pic, Reel de Portland 2
Polka de Chateau Chervix Little Couple-Dancemusik
Polka fra Laeso Little Couple-Dancemusik
Polka from Gaite Parisienne Little Couple-Dancemusik
Polka in E Little Couple-Dancemusik
Polka Piquee Little Couple-Dancemusik
Polka Yann Montreal Session
Poll Hapenny Clarke Penny Whistle
Poll Ha'penny O'Neill's
Poll Ha'penny Montreal Session
Polo, Reel A Montreal Session
Pols Fran Acton Fiddling Across America
Polska Little Couple-Dancemusik
Polska #1 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Polska #2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Polska #3 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Polska efter Lars Sjungare Little Couple-Dancemusik
Polska fran Rattvik Little Couple-Dancemusik
Pommeau 1, Le Montreal Session
Pont de l'Etang, Le Reel du Portland 3
Pool's Hole Barnes 1
Pool's Hole Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Poolsche Sara see Sally from Poland Barnes 2
Poor Blind Boy, The Montreal Session
Poor But Happy at 53 Portland 2
Poor Old Woman Portland 1
Poor Old Woman YFN
Poor Old Woman, The O'Neill's
Poor Old Woman, The Montreal Session
Pop Goes the Weasel Country Dance Tunes (set 1)
Popcorn Behaviour Montreal Session
Popcorn, The Portland 2
Popeye the Sailor Man Little Couple-Dancemusik
Popeye's Waltz Waltz Book 3
Poppy Leaf, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Poppy's (Kathy Talvitie) SPUDS
Port Arthur Blues Little Couple-Dancemusik
Port Ellis Montreal Session
Port Gordon Montreal Session
Port Ingean Ui Munroe Montreal Session
Port Joli, Reel de Montreal Session
Port Seamus Ua Brian Montreal Session
Portabella Barnes 1
Porter's Lamentation Barnes 2
Porthole of the Kelp, ... Montreal Session
Portland Gypsy Reel, The Portland 3
Portpatrick O'Neill's
Portpatrick Montreal Session
Portsmouth Barnes 1
Portsmouth Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Portsmouth Mendocino Multipart
Portsmouth Mendocino Tune Book
Portuguese Dance Montreal Session
Posga Brigidin Montreal Session
Possum Up a Gum Stump Portland 1
Possumwood (John Beale) SPUDS
Post Office, The Montreal Session
Postie's Jig Portland 2
Pothole Polka Montreal Session
Pottinger's Reel Portland 3
Poulles Houppees Montreal Session
pour Anne-Marie, Marche Montreal Session
Powers of Punch, The O'Neill's
Powers Of Punch, The Montreal Session
Powers of Whiskey, The Montreal Session
praiscin m-busteoir Montreal Session
Praises of Limerick, The Montreal Session
Pray, Think Barnes 2
Première Partie de Quadrille Portland 3
Presbyterian Hornpipe,... Montreal Session
President Garfield's Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Pressed For Time Montreal Session
Prettiest Girl of All,... Montreal Session
Pretty Blue Seagull, The Montreal Session
Pretty Brown Girl, The O'Neill's
Pretty Brown Girl, The Montreal Session
Pretty Cuckoo, The Montreal Session
Pretty Girls of Ballym... Montreal Session
Pretty Jane Montreal Session
Pretty Little Dog Fiddler's Fakebook
Pretty Little Dog SPUDS
Pretty Little Dog YFN
Pretty Maggie Morrissey Montreal Session
Pretty Maid Milking He... Montreal Session
Pretty Peggy O'Neill's
Pretty Peggy Portland 1
Pretty Peggy Montreal Session
Pretty Peggy Morrissey Montreal Session
Pride of Cluinte, The Portland 3
Pride of Newcastle, The Barnes 2
Pride of the Ball, The O'Neill's
Pride of the Parish, The Montreal Session
Priest and His Boots Montreal Session
Priest and His Boots, The O'Neill's
Priest Avourneen O'Neill's
Priest with the Collar... Montreal Session
Priest's Leap, The O'Neill's
Priest's Leap, The Montreal Session
Primrose Lass, The O'Neill's
Primrose Lass, The Montreal Session
Prince Garden see Dutch House, The Barnes 2
Prince George's Birthday Barnes 1
Prince of Wales Contre Dance see Royal Albert Barnes 1
Prince Rupert's March Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Prince William Barnes 1
Prince William Fiddler's Fakebook
Prince William of Glo's'ter's Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Prince William of Gloucester's Waltz Barnes 1
Princess Royal Barnes 1
Princess Royal Barnes 2
Princess Royal Printanière, La Marche Montreal Session
Princess, The Barnes 1
Princess, The Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Printemps, Le Portland 3
Printemps, Le Montreal Session
Prisoner's Hope, The Civil War Songbook
Prize For The Ladies, A Montreal Session
Professor Martin's Maggot Barnes 2
Proposal, The Montreal Session
Protestant Boys, The Montreal Session
Proudlock's Hornpipe Montreal Session
p'tit bal à l'huile, le Montreal Session
P'tit Félix, Reel du Portland 2
Pub of the Year, The Montreal Session
Puck's Deceit Barnes 2
Puddleglums Misery Montreal Session
Pulse of my Heart Montreal Session
Punch For the Ladies O'Neill's
Punchbowl, The Barnes 1
Punchenella's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Puncheon Floor SPUDS
Punters' Graveyard, The Portland 1
Puppeteer, The Portland 3
Pura Kinka Lupya Ba Little Couple-Dancemusik
Pure Drop, The O'Neill's
Pure Drop, The Montreal Session
Purphy's Jig Montreal Session
Purpurivalssi Waltz Book 4
Pursuit, The see Epsom New Wells Barnes 1
Push About the Jorum O'Neill's
Push About The Jorum Montreal Session
Put in Enough Montreal Session
Put On They Smock on a Monday Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Put On Thy Smock on a Monday Barnes 2
Put on your Clothes Montreal Session
Put Your Little Foot Little Couple-Dancemusik
Putney Ferry Barnes 1
Putney Ferry Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
quadrille Beauharnois,... Montreal Session
Quadrille Bouchard Troisième Partie Portland 2
Quadrille de Beauharnois Portland 3
Quadrille de Rivière ... Montreal Session
Quadrille des Ancêtres Figure 2 Portland 3
Quadrilles des Montagn... Montreal Session
Quadrille Montcalm Portland 3
Quaker's Wife (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Quarrelsome Piper, The O'Neill's
Quarrelsome Piper, The Montreal Session
Quarry Cross SPUDS
Quarry Cross, The Portland 1
quatre d'Antonio Gauti... Montreal Session
Quatres fer en l'air Montreal Session
quatres patates, Reel ... Montreal Session
Queen of Hearts, The Barnes 2
Queen of May, The O'Neill's
Queen Of May, The Montreal Session
Queen of Sheba II, The Barnes 2
Queen of Sheba, The Barnes 2
Queen of the Fair Fiddler's Fakebook
Queen of the Fair, The O'Neill's
Queen Of The Fair, The Montreal Session
Queen Victoria's Country Dance Barnes 1
Queen's Birthday, The Barnes 1
Queen's Birthday, The Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Queen's Jig Barnes 1
Queen's Jig SPUDS
Queen's Jig, The Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Queen's Jig, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Queen's Polka SPUDS
Queen's Polka Montreal Session
Queen's Shilling Montreal Session
Queen's Shilling, The O'Neill's
Queen's Square, The Barnes 2
Quick Scotch Clarke Penny Whistle
Quiet Autumn, A Montreal Session
Quigley's Reel YFN
Quince Dillon's High D Fiddler's Fakebook
Quindaro Portland 1
Quindaro Hornpipe SPUDS
Quite Carried Away Barnes 1
Ré, 6/8 en Portland 2
Rabbit Reel, The Portland 2
Racaire Fanac, An Montreal Session
Races at Carrick, The O'Neill's
Races At Carrick, The Montreal Session
Rachel's French Tune (Rachel Hall) SPUDS
Racine le Beau Portland 3
Rafe's Waltz Barnes 2
Rafe's Waltz Mendocino Tune Book
Rafe's Waltz-Cutty Wren Mendocino Multipart
Ragg, The Barnes 1
Ragg, The Mendocino Tune Book
Ragg. The Mendocino Multipart
Rags, The Fiddling Across America
Ragtime Annie Fiddler's Fakebook
Ragtime Annie Fiddling Across America
Ragtime Annie SPUDS
Ragtime Annie YFN
Ragtime Reel (Bill Wadlinger 1984) SPUDS
Rain on Snow (Dave Wiesler 2003) SPUDS
Rainbow Schottische Little Couple-Dancemusik
Rainbow Tune, The Montreal Session
Rainy Day, A O'Neill's
Rainy Day, A Montreal Session
Rakes of Clonmel, The O'Neill's
Rakes Of Clonmel, The Montreal Session
Rakes of Kildare, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Rakes of Kildare, The O'Neill's
Rakes of Kildare, The Montreal Session
Rakes Of Mallow Pinewoods
Rakes of Mallow SPUDS
Rakes of Mallow, The Montreal Session
Rakes of Rochester Barnes 1
Rakes Of Rochester Mendocino Tune Book
Rakes of Sollohod, The O'Neill's
Rakes Of Sollohod, The Montreal Session
Rakes of Westmeath, The O'Neill's
Rakes Of Westmeath, The Montreal Session
Raking Red Haired Pat Montreal Session
Rakish Paddy O'Neill's
Rakish Paddy Montreal Session
Ralph's Watch Waltz Book 4
Ram Meadow Barnes 2
Rambler from Clare, The O'Neill's
Rambler From Clare, The Montreal Session
Rambler from Ross, The Montreal Session
Rambler in Cork, The O'Neill's
Rambler In Cork, The Montreal Session
Rambler's Rest, The Montreal Session
Rambling Laborer, The Montreal Session
Rambling Pitchfork, The Portland 2
Rambling Pitchfork, The Montreal Session
Rambling Rake, The O'Neill's
Rambling Rake, The Montreal Session
Rambling Sailor, The Montreal Session
Ramnee Ceilidh Montreal Session
Ramsgate Assembly Barnes 1
Ramsgate Assembly Little Couple-Dancemusik
Randolph Farewell Barnes 2
Random Notes Montreal Session
Randy Miller's Reel Portland 1
Randy Wives of Greenlaw YFN
Rannie MacLellan Portland 2
Rantakoivun Alla Waltz Book 4
Rantin' Roarin' Willie Montreal Session
Ranting Rake, The O'Neill's
Ranting Rake, The Montreal Session
Rapcodea Little Couple-Dancemusik
Raphoe reel, The Montreal Session
Rapper Jigs, Three Barnes 2
Raquetteurs, Les Portland 2
Rare Portland 2
Raspberry Bush, The Montreal Session
Rate's Waltz Mendocino Tune Book
Rathlin Island Montreal Session
Rattvikarnas Ganglat Little Couple-Dancemusik
Raveled Hank of Yarn, ... Montreal Session
Ray's Classic Portland 3
Real Princess, The Barnes 1
Real Thing, The Montreal Session
Reaping the Rye Montreal Session
Rebel Raid Portland 2
Reconciliation, The O'Neill's
Reconciliation, The Portland 1
Reconciliation, The Montreal Session
Recovery, The Mendocino Tune Book
Recruiting Officer, The Barnes 2
Red and All Red Barnes 2
Red Apple Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Red Boots, The Portland 3
Red Crow, The Portland 2
Red Fox, The Montreal Session
Red Haired Boy Fiddler's Fakebook
Red Haired Boy Pinewoods
Red Haired Boy SPUDS
Red Haired Boy , The Montreal Session
Red Haired Girl, The Montreal Session
Red House Barnes 1
Red House Mendocino Tune Book
Red House of Cardiff Barnes 2
Red Lark, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Red Lion Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Red Prairie Dawn Portland 3
Red Rose, The O'Neill's
Red Rose, The Montreal Session
Red Saint-Antoine Portland 1
Red Star Line, The see Autumn in Amherst Barnes 2
Red Stockings Montreal Session
Red Stockings, The O'Neill's
Red Wing Fiddler's Fakebook
Red Wing Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Red Wing Little Couple-Dancemusik
Redding Fair Barnes 1
Redesdale Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Red-Haired Boy YFN
Redhaired Boy, The O'Neill's
Red-Haired Boy, The see Gilderoy Barnes 2
Redhaired Hag, The O'Neill's
Redhaired Hag, The Montreal Session
Red-haired Laddie, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Redhaired Man's Wife, ... Montreal Session
Redmond's Frolics Montreal Session
Redondo Portland 3
Redowa #1 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Redowa #2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Redwing SPUDS
Redwing SPUDS
Redwing YFN
Reel #80 SPUDS
Reel à Père Bruneau Portland 2
Reel à Paul Charlesbois Portland 2
Reel Béloeil Portland 2
Reel Beatrice Portland 1
Reel de 1'Hotelier Portland 1
Reel de la Sauvagine Portland 2
Reel de Mattawa Portland 1
Reel De Montagne Fiddling Across America
Reel de Montreal Portland 1
Reel de Montreal SPUDS
Reel de Montreal YFN
Reel de Pere Leon Portland 1
Reel de Pere Leon SPUDS
Reel de Pointe-au-Pic Portland 2
Reel de Remi Portland 1
Reel des Accordeonistes Portland 1
Reel des Eboulements Portland 1
Reel des Eboulements SPUDS
Reel des Esquimaux Portland 2
Reel des Onions Portland 1
Reel des Siamois, Le Portland 2
Reel des Skieurs Portland 1
Reel Desjarlais Portland 2
Reel Du Diable Fiddling Across America
Reel du Grandpère Portland 2
Reel du Grandpere SPUDS
Reel du Lapin Portland 2
Reel du Lievre Portland 1
Reel du Pecheur Portland 1
Reel du Pendu Portland 1
Reel du Semeur SPUDS
Reel Eugene Portland 1
Reel Eugene SPUDS
Reel Félix Portland 2
Reel In F Fiddling Across America
Reel Joseph Portland 2
Reel of Bogie, The O'Neill's
Reel of Mullinavat, The O'Neill's
Reel of Mullinavat, The Portland 2
Reel of Sceachóg, The Portland 2
Reel Saint-Antoine YFN
Reel Saint-Jean Portland 2
Reel Saint-Jean YFN
Reel Saint-Joseph Portland 1
Reel Saint-Paul Portland 2
Reel Semeur Portland 2
Reel St. Antoine SPUDS
Reel St. Etienne SPUDS
Reel St. Josef SPUDS
Reel Ti-Me Portland 1
Reflexion du le Croissant Montreal Session
Regency Waltzes (Lord Downshire's/Patriot's) Waltz Book 4
Reidy's Reel Montreal Session
Reilly's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Reimstalder Chilbi SPUDS
Rejected Lover, The Montreal Session
relenti, Reel au Montreal Session
Releveur, Le Portland 1
Releveur, Le Montreal Session
Remi, Reel de Portland 1
Ren Tin Tin Little Couple-Dancemusik
Repeal Of The Union Montreal Session
Repeal the Poll Tax Portland 3
Repeal of the Union, The O'Neill's
Répondre, Reel à Portland 3
Repertoire de Gaston N... Montreal Session
Répertoire Francine D... Montreal Session
répertoire Isydore So... Montreal Session
réprtoire des frères... Montreal Session
Republican Spirit Portland 2
Resolution Montreal Session
Rest Assured Barnes 2
Retiring Fellow, A Barnes 2
Return From Fingal, The Montreal Session
Return to Crieff Waltz Book 4
Return to Milltown Portland 1
Return to Milltown SPUDS
Return to the Brandywine Waltz Book 2
Reunion Jig Portland 1
Revenge Barnes 1
Reverand Brother's SPUDS
Reverend Brother's Jig Portland 1
Reverie Barnes 2
Review, The Barnes 1
Reynardine Rhubarb and Ginger Montreal Session
Rheinlander Little Couple-Dancemusik
Riamanaige Ag An Aonac... Montreal Session
Riasc na carraige Montreal Session
Ribbon Dance Country Dance Tunes (set 1)
Richard Brennan's SPUDS
Richard's Bouree Montreal Session
Richard's Reminder see Whately Barn Barnes 2
Richer's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Richibucto Reel, The Portland 2
Richmond Fiddler's Fakebook
Richmond (Larry Unger) SPUDS
Richmond Cotillion Fiddler's Fakebook
Richmond Cotillion Portland 1
Richmond Cotillion SPUDS
Rickets' Hornpipe Montreal Session
Ricketts YFN
Rickett's Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Rickett's Hornpipe SPUDS
Rick's Rambles O'Neill's
Rick's Rambles Montreal Session
Ride a Mile O'Neill's
Ride A Mill Montreal Session
Riding a Mile Montreal Session
Riding On a Load of Hay Little Couple-Dancemusik
Riding on a Load of Hay SPUDS
Riding on a Load of Hay Portland 3
Riding On A Load of Hay YFN
Riff City Portland 3
Rigadoon Royal see Peace Be With You Barnes 1
Rights of Man Fiddler's Fakebook
Rights of Man SPUDS
Rights of Man YFN
Rights of Man, The O'Neill's
Rights of Man, The Montreal Session
Rights of Women YFN
Ril Aoife Montreal Session
Ril Du Forgeron Montreal Session
rince bo tair-na- crio sa Montreal Session
Ring O' Bells Barnes 2
Rio, The Reel of Portland 3
Rio Janiero Little Couple-Dancemusik
Rising of the Moon, The Montreal Session
Rising Step, The Montreal Session
Rising Sun, The O'Neill's
Rising Sun, The Montreal Session
Rising Zombie Jig, The Montreal Session
Rivals, The O'Neill's
Rivals, The Montreal Session
River Bend, The Portland 3
Rivière-du-Loup, Le Reel de Portland 3
Ro Ga an Taoisai g Ui... Montreal Session
Ro Ga ci Lle-nara Montreal Session
Ro Ga la Mrais ui la Bain Montreal Session
ro ga mic paidin Montreal Session
Ro Ga ui Cronin Montreal Session
Road from the South, The Portland 3
Road to Athlone, The Montreal Session
Road to Boston Pinewoods
Road to Boston SPUDS
Road to Boston YFN
Road to Boston, The Portland 2
Road to California Portland 1
Road to California SPUDS
Road to Columbus Fiddler's Fakebook
Road To Errogie, The Montreal Session
Road to Errogie, The Portland 3
Road to Glountane, The Portland 2
Road To Hollyhill, The Montreal Session
Road to Lisdoonvarna SPUDS
Road to Lisdoonvarna, The Portland 3
Road to Lisdoonvarna YFN
Road to Lisdoonvarna Montreal Session
Road To Lisdoonvarna (Em) Pinewoods
Road to Lisdoonvarna I, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Road to Lisdoonvarna II, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Road to Lurgan, The O'Neill's
Road To Lurgan, The Montreal Session
Road to Monalea, The Montreal Session
Road to Nowhere, The Montreal Session
Road to Skye Portland 2
Road to the Isles, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Road To The Isles, The Montreal Session
Roaring Barmaid, The Montreal Session
Roaring Jelly Fiddler's Fakebook
Roaring Jelly SPUDS
Roaring Jelly Montreal Session
Robe de Mariée, La Portland 3
Robertson's Reel Portland 1
Robertson's Reel SPUDS
Robin Redbreast Montreal Session
Robin, reel Montreal Session
Robin's Bodhran Portland 1
Robin's Bodhran YFN
Robin's Waltz Montreal Session
Rochester Schottische Portland 1
Rochester Schottische #1 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Rochester Schottische #2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Rochester Schottische I Fiddler's Fakebook
Rochester Song, The Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Rock the Cradle Joe Fiddler's Fakebook
Rock the Cradle Joe YFN
Rock the Cradle, Joe Pinewoods
Rock the Cradle, Joe Portland 1
Rock the Cradle, Joe SPUDS
Rock Valley Jig Portland 2
Rockabilly Reel Portland 2
Rocking the Cradle Montreal Session
Rockingham Cindy Portland 3
Rocks of Brae Portland 1
Rocks Of Cashel, The Montreal Session
Rocky Moorland, The Montreal Session
Rocky Mountain Goal Fiddler's Fakebook
Rocky Road to Dublin I Fiddler's Fakebook
Rocky Road to Dublin, The O'Neill's
Rocky Road To Dublin, The Montreal Session
Rod ta Houll, Da Portland 3
Rodney's Glory Fiddler's Fakebook
Rodney's Glory O'Neill's
Rodney's Glory Montreal Session
Roger Was a Plowboy O'Neill's
Roger Was A Plowboy Montreal Session
Rogers O'Neill O'Neill's
Rogers O'Neill Montreal Session
Roime Mo Posad Montreal Session
Roll Her on the Mountain O'Neill's
Roll Her On The Mountain Montreal Session
Roll Out the Gravel SPUDS
Roll Round the World As It Will O'Neill's
Rollicking Irishman, The Montreal Session
Rolling Down the Hill O'Neill's
Rolling Down The Hill Montreal Session
Rolling In The Barrel Clarke Penny Whistle
Rolling In The Ryegrass Clarke Penny Whistle
Rolling in the Ryegrass Montreal Session
Rolling on the Ryegrass O'Neill's
Rolling On The Ryegrass Montreal Session
Rolling Reel, The Montreal Session
Romantic Kerryman, The Montreal Session
Ronan Boys, The Montreal Session
Rond de Quercy Montreal Session
Ronde des Voyageurs, La Portland 2
Rondo Little Couple-Dancemusik
Rondo alla Turca see Good Man of Cambridge Barnes 2
Rondo IX of "Danserye" see O, Susato Barnes 2
Ronfleuse Gobeil Montreal Session
Ronnel's reel Montreal Session
Roodman's Romp see Cadger's Caper Barnes 2
Room 211 Portland 3
Room for Ramblers Barnes 1
Rooster Song, The Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Rope Dance, The Montreal Session
Rory Dall's Sister's L... Montreal Session
Rory DalPs Port Little Couple-Dancemusik
Rory Of The Hills Montreal Session
Rory O'Moore O'Neill's
Rory O'Moore Montreal Session
Ros an Slei b Rose Garden, The Montreal Session
Rosamond's Pond Barnes 2
Rose by the Door, A Waltz Book 1
Rose Division Fiddler's Fakebook
Rose In The Gap, The Montreal Session
Rose in the Garden, The O'Neill's
Rose In The Garden, The Montreal Session
Rose in the Heather SPUDS
Rose In the Heather Montreal Session
Rose in the Heather, The Portland 2
Rose is White and Rose is Red Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Rose of Drishane, The Montreal Session
Rose of Rochester Barnes 1
Rose of Sharon, The Barnes 1
Rose of Tankerton, The Barnes 2
Rose Tree Barnes 1
Rose Tree Pinewoods
Rose Tree SPUDS
Rose Tree I Fiddler's Fakebook
Rose Tree I YFN
Rose Tree II Fiddler's Fakebook
Rose Tree II YFN
Rose without Rue Montreal Session
Rosebud of Allanvale Waltz Book 2
Rosebud of AllenvaleThe Little Couple-Dancemusik
Roseda Odorata see Mognonette Barnes 2
Roseland Hill Montreal Session
Roseville, The Montreal Session
Rosey Let Me In Montreal Session
Rosie's (Jansen Wendell) SPUDS
Rosin the Bow SPUDS
Rosin the Bow Montreal Session
Rosina Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ross's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Ross's Reel #4 SPUDS
Roudledum O'Neill's
Roudledum Montreal Session
Roudlum Randy O'Neill's
Round About Our Coal Fire Barnes 1
Round O Barnes 1
Round O Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Round Pond Barnes 1
Round the Horn Pinewoods
Round the Horn Portland 1
Round the Horn YFN
Round the Horn (Jay Ungar) SPUDS
Round, The Barnes 1
Round, The Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Rounding Malin Head Montreal Session
Roustabout Fiddler's Fakebook
Route, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Rover, The Montreal Session
Rover's Return, The Montreal Session
Roving Bachelor, The Montreal Session
Roving Blade Montreal Session
Row Well Ye Mariners Barnes 2
Row Well Ye Mariners Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Rowen Barnes 2
Rowling Eye, The Barnes 1
Roxanna Waltz Fiddler's Fakebook
Roxborough Castle Fiddler's Fakebook
Royal Albert Royal Wedding Barnes 1
Royal Empress Tango, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Royal Hunters, The Barnes 2
Royal Meeting, The Barnes 2
Royal Wedding see Happy Pair Barnes 1
Ruairidh Dall Little Couple-Dancemusik
Rub the Bag O'Neill's
Rub The Bag Montreal Session
Rue de Gaspé, Reel de la Portland 3
Ruffled Drawers Portland 1
Rufty Tufty Barnes 1
Rufty Tufty Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Rufty Tufty Mendocino Multipart
Rufty Tufty Mendocino Tune Book
Rufty Tufty Clarke Penny Whistle
Rufus (Judi Stellar) SPUDS
Ruins Of Killmallock, ... Montreal Session
Ruins of Killmallock, The O'Neill's
Ruins of Kilmallock, The O'Neill's
Rumblestrip Portland 3
Run, Johnny, Run A Fiddler's Fakebook
Run, Johnny, Run B Fiddler's Fakebook
Runaway Montreal Session
Runaway Bride, The O'Neill's
Runaway Bride, The Montreal Session
Runaway Jig, The O'Neill's
Runaway Jig, The Montreal Session
Rural Sports Barnes 1
Rushy Mountain, The Montreal Session
Russe, La Barnes 2
Russian Dance, The Barnes 1
Russian Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Russian Two Step SPUDS
Rustiana (Howard Rust) SPUDS
Rusty Gulley, The Montreal Session
Ryan's Polka Montreal Session
Ryan's Slip Jig Clarke Penny Whistle
Rye Straw Fiddler's Fakebook
Rye Straw Fiddling Across America
Rye Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Rythme Portland 2
Séan Ryan's Jig Portland 2
Sörens Vals Waltz Book 4
Sa mhuirnin dhileas Montreal Session
Saari & Kristen Waltz Book 4
Sackett's Harbor Portland 1
Sad is My Fate Montreal Session
Sad Tidings Montreal Session
Saddle the Pony O'Neill's
Saddle the Pony SPUDS
Saddle the Pony Montreal Session
Sadie's Waltz Waltz Book 2
Sadler's Wells Barnes 1
Safe Harbor Portland 3
Safe Haven Barnes 2
Sage Hen Waltz YFN
Sage Leaf Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Sail Away Ladies Portland 3
Sail Away Ladies IA Fiddler's Fakebook
Sail Away Ladies IB Fiddler's Fakebook
Sail Away Ladies II Fiddler's Fakebook
Sailing Back Of Whiddy Montreal Session
Sailing into Walpole's Marsh Portland 2
Sailor and a Farmer's ... Montreal Session
Sailor Jack Montreal Session
Sailor Set on Shore, The O'Neill's
Sailor's Bonnet, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Sailor's Bonnet, The Fiddling Across America
Sailor's Bonnet, The Montreal Session
Sailor's Cravat, The O'Neill's
Sailor's Cravat, The Montreal Session
Sailor's Hornpipe Fiddler's Fakebook
Sailor's Hornpipe (Number 1), The O'Neill's
Sailor's Hornpipe (Number 2), The O'Neill's
Sailor's Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Sailor's Jacket, The O'Neill's
Sailor's Jacket, The Montreal Session
Sailor's Return, The O'Neill's
Sailor's Return, The Montreal Session
Sailor's Wife SPUDS
Sailor's Wife, The Portland 1
Saint Andrew's Assembly Barnes 1
Saint Anne's SPUDS
Saint Anne's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Saint Anne's Reel Fiddling Across America
Saint Anne's Reel Montreal Session
Saint Brides Barnes 2
Saint-Etienne, Reel de Portland 3
Saint-Germain, 6/8 Portland 3
Saint James's Park Barnes 2
Saint Jean, Reel Montreal Session
Saint John's Hoedown Portland 2
Saint Katherine's Barnes 2
Saint Ligori Montreal Session
Saint Margaret's Hill Barnes 1
Saint Martin's Barnes 1
Saint Martin's Country Dance Tunes (set 3)
Saint Martin's Lane Barnes 1
Saint Paul, Reel Montreal Session
Saint Siméon, Reel de Montreal Session
Saint-Antoine, Reel Portland 1
Saint-Antoine, Reel YFN
Sainte Louise, Reel Montreal Session
Saint-Jean, Reel Portland 2
Saint-Joseph, Reel Portland 1
Saint-Joseph, Reel YFN
Saint-Paul, Reel Portland 2
Saint-Stanislaus, Reel Portland 1
Salamanca Reel, The O'Neill's
Salamanca Reel, The Montreal Session
Salimony Waltz Waltz Book 2
Sally Ann A Fiddler's Fakebook
Sally Ann B Fiddler's Fakebook
Sally Ann C Fiddler's Fakebook
Sally Ann Johnson Fiddler's Fakebook
Sally Ann Johnson Portland 1
Sally From Poland Barnes 2
Sally Gardens Fiddler's Fakebook
Sally Gardens Montreal Session
Sally Gardens, The Portland 2
Sally Goodin' 1 Fiddler's Fakebook
Sally Goodin' 2 Fiddler's Fakebook
Sally In Our Alley Barnes 1
Sally in the Garden Fiddler's Fakebook
Sally Johnson Fiddler's Fakebook
Sally Magee O'Neill's
Sally Magee Montreal Session
Sally Was a Poor Girl Portland 3
Salon, Jigue de Montreal Session
Salt of the Earth Barnes 2
Salt River Portland 3
Salt River 12 Fiddler's Fakebook
Salt River II Fiddler's Fakebook
Salty Dog Rag, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Salty River Reel Portland 3
Salutation Barnes 1
Salute to Preston Barnes 2
Salvation, The Portland 2
Salvation, The Montreal Session
Same Old Story, The O'Neill's
Same Old Story, The Montreal Session
San Rafael Waltz Book 3
San Raphael Little Couple-Dancemusik
Sandhill Corner Montreal Session
Sand's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Sandy Boys Portland 1
Sandy Maclntyre's Trip to Boston Portland 1
Sandy River Belle Pinewoods
Sandy River Belle YFN
Sandy River Belle A2 Fiddler's Fakebook
Sandy River Belle Al Fiddler's Fakebook
Sandy River Belles Portland 1
Sandy's Waltz see Christmas at Zeist Barnes 2
Sans Travail, La Gigue... Montreal Session
Sansonette, La Montreal Session
Santa Anna's Retreat Fiddler's Fakebook
Santiago Little Couple-Dancemusik
saor me on t-eug Montreal Session
Saraband, The Barnes 2
Sarabande see Lady Jane Barnes 2
Sarabande see Severn Bore, The Barnes 2
Sarabande op de Duchesse see Duchess Saraband, The Barnes 2
Sarah Barnes 2
Sarah Armstrong's Tune Portland 2
Sarah Armstrong's Tune SPUDS
Sarah's (Bob McQuillan) SPUDS
Sarah's Fiddle Montreal Session
Sarah's Jig Portland 1
Sarah's Mazurka Montreal Session
Sarah's Waltz Montreal Session
Saratoga Hornpipe Portland 1
Saratoga Hornpipe SPUDS
Saros Little Couple-Dancemusik
Sarsfield's Lamentation Montreal Session
Sasha's Waltz Book 4
Satin Slipper, The Montreal Session
Satisfaction Barnes 2
Saturday at the Market Portland 2
Saturday Morning Waltz see Molly Andrew, The Barnes 2
Saturday Night Montreal Session
Saturday Night and Sunday Morn Barnes 1
Saturday Night and Sunday Morn Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Saturday Night Breakdown Portland 1
Saturday Night Breakdown SPUDS
Saucy Sailor, The Barnes 2
Sault's Favorite Montreal Session
Sault's Own Hornpipe O'Neill's
Sault's Own Hornpipe Montreal Session
Sauntering in the Lane Montreal Session
Saut du Lapin Portland 1
Saut du Lapin {Rabbit's Leap} SPUDS
Sauvagine, Reel de la Portland 2
Save Me From Death Montreal Session
Saxon's Montreal Session
Say No More (Mark Simos) SPUDS
Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle Fiddler's Fakebook
Scarce O' Tatties Clarke Penny Whistle
Scarce o'Tatties Portland 1
Scarce O'Tatties (Norman MacLean) SPUDS
Scars and Tattoos Portland 2
Scartaglen Little Couple-Dancemusik
Scatter the Mud O'Neill's
Scatter the Mud Portland 2
Scatter the Mud YFN
Scatter The Mud Montreal Session
Scattery Island Slide Clarke Penny Whistle
Scattery Island Slide,... Montreal Session
Sceachóg, The Reel of Portland 2
Scherzo in Cm see Mary K Barnes 2
Schneida Little Couple-Dancemusik
Scholar, The O'Neill's
Scholar, The Portland 1
Scholar, The Montreal Session
School Days Little Couple-Dancemusik
Schottische Little Couple-Dancemusik
Schottische from Lima Little Couple-Dancemusik
Schottische From the Ameer Little Couple-Dancemusik
Schubert Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Schubkarrn Little Couple-Dancemusik
Scolding Wife, The O'Neill's
Scolding Wife, The Montreal Session
Scollay's SPUDS
Scollay's Reel Pinewoods
Scollay's Reel Portland 1
Scollay's Reel YFN
Scotch Cap Barnes 1
Scotch Cap Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Scotch Jemmy Barnes 2
Scotch Mary O'Neill's
Scotch Mary Montreal Session
Scotch Measure, The Barnes 1
Scotch Morris Barnes 1
Scotch Style Jig Portland 2
Scotland the Brave Fiddler's Fakebook
Scotland the Brave Pinewoods
Scotland the Brave Montreal Session
Scottish Little Couple-Dancemusik
Scottish a Catinaux Little Couple-Dancemusik
Scottish du Grassier Little Couple-Dancemusik
Scotty O'Neil Portland 2
scrios b-paris Montreal Session
Scudderie des bois Montreal Session
Sea Captain, The O'Neill's
Sea Captain, The Montreal Session
Seaman's Club, The O'Neill's
Seaman's Club, The Montreal Session
Seamus Cooley's Portland 3
Seamus McManus Waltz Book 2
Seamus O'Brien Waltz Book 2
sean an loingseoir Montreal Session
Sean Ban Montreal Session
Sean Bean ag Caoinea D... Montreal Session
Sean Bhean Bhochd, An Montreal Session
Sean Frank's Portland 2
Sean Gead Liat, An Montreal Session
Sean McGuire's Montreal Session
Sean Reid's Favourite Montreal Session
Sean Ryan's SPUDS
Sean Ryan's Montreal Session
Sean Ryan's Polka SPUDS
Sean Sa Cheo Clarke Penny Whistle
sean sgeal cea dna, an Montreal Session
Seanamhac Tube Station Portland 3
Seanahmac Tube Station Montreal Session
Seanbhean na gCartai Portland 1
Searnus O'Brien Little Couple-Dancemusik
Seaside Polka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Sechs Loeffel Little Couple-Dancemusik
Sechsunddreibiger Little Couple-Dancemusik
Second Wedding, The O'Neill's
Second Wedding, The Montreal Session
Sedany Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Sedany see Dargason Barnes 1
Seeking Turf Portland 3
Seid Amach an Coinnioll Montreal Session
Seige Of Rochelle, The Montreal Session
Seilg, An Montreal Session
Seisd Miccleirai G Montreal Session
Seisd na Cei Tre-la M Montreal Session
Seisd Uilliam Bain Montreal Session
Seize the Day Portland 3
Sellenger's Round Barnes 1
Sellenger's Round Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Sellenger's Round Mendocino Tune Book
Semeur, Reel Portland 2
Semeur, Reel du Montreal Session
Seneca Falls YFN
Seneca Square Dance Portland 1
Seneca Square Dance SPUDS
Seneca Square Dance YFN
Sergeant Cahill's Favorite O'Neill's
Sergeant Cahill's Favourite O'Neill's
Sergeant Early's Dream O'Neill's
Sergeant Early's Dream Portland 2
Sergeant Early's Jig O'Neill's
Sergeant Stack's Favorite O'Neill's
Sergeant Stack's Favourite O'Neill's
Sergt Cahill's Favorite Montreal Session
Sergt Early's Dream Montreal Session
Sergt Early's Jig Montreal Session
Sergt Stack's Favorite Montreal Session
Set Américain Portland 2
Set américain Montreal Session
Setting of the Sun, The Montreal Session
Setting Sun, The Montreal Session
Seven for the Seven Stars in the Sky Barnes 2
Seven Year Waltz, The Montreal Session
Sevens Portland 2
Severn Bore, The Barnes 2
Sewage Reel Portland 2
Seymour's Fancy Montreal Session
Shaalds o' Foula, Da Portland 1
Shaalds of Foula, The see Foula Reel Barnes 2
Shady Grove Portland 2
Shady Groves Montreal Session
Shady Lane, The O'Neill's
Shady Lane, The Montreal Session
Shaker's Follow-On see Simple Gifts Barnes 2
Shakin' Down the Acorns Portland 3
Shamrock Shore, The Montreal Session
Shamrocks in the Galax Portland 1
Shan Van Vocht, The Montreal Session
Shanahan's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Shandon Bells O'Neill's
Shandon Bells Montreal Session
Shandy Hall Barnes 1
Shane O'Neill's March Montreal Session
Shannon et Vicky Montreal Session
Shannon Waltz, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Shanty Boy, Farmer Boy Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Shaskeen Clog, The Montreal Session
Shaskeen Reel, The O'Neill's
Shaskeen Reel, The Montreal Session
Shaun Truish Willichan Montreal Session
She Favorite, The Barnes 2
She Is Far from the Land Montreal Session
She Left a Star Waltz Book 4
She Rose and Let Me In Barnes 2
She Says She's Confused Portland 1
Shearing the Sheep O'Neill's
Shearing The Sheep Montreal Session
Sheebag and Sheemore Waltz Book 1
Sheebeg and Sheemore Fiddler's Fakebook
Sheebeg and Sheemore see Bonny Cuckoo Barnes 1
Sheehan's Portland 1
Sheehan's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Sheehan's Reel O'Neill's
Sheehan's Reel Montreal Session
Sheelah's Wedding O'Neill's
Sheep on the Mountains, The O'Neill's
Sheep On The Mountains... Montreal Session
Sheepskin and Beeswax Montreal Session
Sheepskin and Beeswax Portland 3
Sheilah Coyle's Portland 2
Shelvin Rock I Fiddler's Fakebook
Shenandoah Falls Portland 1
Shenandoah Falls SPUDS
Shepherd, The Montreal Session
Shepherd's Daughter, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Shepherd's Hey Barnes 2
Shepherd's Holiday Barnes 1
Shepherd's Holiday Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Shepherd's Wife Waltz Book 1
Shepherd's Wife, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Sherbrooke, reel de Montreal Session
Sherburn's Breakdown Portland 3
Sheridan of Coolcanig Montreal Session
Sherlock's Shetland Fiddler, The Montreal Session
She's A Daughter of Da... Montreal Session
She's A Dear Maid To Me Montreal Session
She's as False as She'... Montreal Session
Shetland Medley Waltz Book 2
Shew's the Way to Wall... Montreal Session
Shimmering Waters see Rowen Barnes 2
Shindigo Jig Montreal Session
Shingly Beach Montreal Session
Ship in Full Sail Portland 1
Ship in Full Sail Montreal Session
Ship in the Clouds Fiddler's Fakebook
Ships Are Sailing Fiddler's Fakebook
Ships are Sailing SPUDS
Ships Are Sailing, The O'Neill's
Ships Are Sailing, The Montreal Session
Shloymele, Malkele SPUDS
Shoe the Donkey Montreal Session
Shoes and Stockings Portland 1
Shoes and Stockings SPUDS
Shoo Fly Portland 1
Shoo Fly SPUDS
Shoot the Turkey Buzzard Fiddler's Fakebook
Shooting Creek Fiddler's Fakebook
Shores of Lough Gowna, The Portland 2
Short and Sweet Barnes 2
Short and Sweet see Orlabear's Maggot Barnes 1
Short Grass, The O'Neill's
Short Grass, The Montreal Session
Shottis efter Tiraas Hans Little Couple-Dancemusik
Shottis fran Enviken Little Couple-Dancemusik
Shottis fran Havero Little Couple-Dancemusik
Shottis Fran Idre Fiddling Across America
Shottis fran Idre Little Couple-Dancemusik
Shove That Pig's Foot a Little Farther in the Fire SPUDS
Shove That Pig's Foot a Little Further in the Fire Portland 1
Showman's Fancy, The Montreal Session
Showman's Jig, The Montreal Session
Shrewsbury Lasses, The Barnes 1
Shropshire Lass Barnes 1
Shuffle About Portland 2
Shuffle and Cut O'Neill's
Shuffle And Cut Montreal Session
Shuffle Reel, The O'Neill's
Shuffling Back Portland 2
Shule Aroon Montreal Session
Shuter's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Si Bheag Si Mhor Montreal Session
'Si Bri Gidin Mo Run Montreal Session
Si Gi e Mo Gra D, A Montreal Session
si gile ni conallain Montreal Session
Siamois, Le Reel des Portland 2
Siamois, Reel de Montreal Session
Sicilian Dance Barnes 1
Siciliano see Alice Barnes 2
Sidereal Shuffle, The Portland 2
Siege of Ennis, The Montreal Session
Siege of Limerick, The Barnes 1
Siege of Limerick, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Siege of Troy, The Montreal Session
siesd camerona c Montreal Session
Silk Handkerchief, The Montreal Session
Silken Cravat, The Montreal Session
Silken Vallet, The Montreal Session
Silken Wallet O'Neill's
Silken Wallet, The Montreal Session
Silver Crown, The Montreal Session
Silver Primrose, The Barnes 2
Silver Spear Montreal Session
Silver Spear, The Portland 1
Silver Spire Portland 2
Silver Spire Montreal Session
Silver Spire, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Silver Threads among the Gold Fiddler's Fakebook
Silver Tip, The O'Neill's
Silver Tip, The Montreal Session
Silver Wedding Bells Waltz Book 1
Silvermore Montreal Session
Simple Gifts Barnes 2
Simple Tune Portland 3
Since First I Saw Your Face Barnes 2
Siobeg, Siomor Little Couple-Dancemusik
Siobhan O'Donnell's Portland 2
Sion House Barnes 1
Sion House Mendocino Tune Book
Sion-House Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Sir John Fenwick's Little Couple-Dancemusik
Sir John Fenwick's The... Montreal Session
Sir Patrick Bellew's M... Montreal Session
Sir Philip McHugh O'Neill's
Sir Philip Mchugh Montreal Session
Sir Philip McHugh Montreal Session
Sir Robert Peel, The Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Sir Roger de Coverley Mendocino Tune Book
Sir Roger De Coverly Mendocino Multipart
Sir Watkin's Jigg Barnes 2
Sit Around the Cheerfu... Montreal Session
Sit Down beside Me Montreal Session
Sit under My Protection Montreal Session
siu bal faoi soluis n-... Montreal Session
siu balta c, an Montreal Session
Six for the Six Proud Walkers Barnes 2
Six O'Clock Waltz, The Montreal Session
Six-Mile Bridge O'Neill's
Sixpence, The Montreal Session
Sixpenny Money Montreal Session
Sixty-Three is the Jubilee Civil War Songbook
Ski Doo Montreal Session
Skibbereen Lasses, The O'Neill's
Skibbereen Lasses, The Montreal Session
Skieurs, Reel des Portland 1
Skin Pants Little Couple-Dancemusik
Skippin' Cat Portland 1
Skippin' Cat (Jack Link 1986) SPUDS
Skipping Through the D... Montreal Session
Skippingham Portland 3
Skiver the Quilt O'Neill's
Skye Boat Five-step Little Couple-Dancemusik
Skye Boat Song Little Couple-Dancemusik
Skye Boat Song Montreal Session
Skylark, The Montreal Session
Skylark's Ascension, The Montreal Session
slainte do,m cailin donn Montreal Session
Slainte Righ Pilib Montreal Session
Slan Le Carraig An Hide Little Couple-Dancemusik
Slash Away the Pressin... Montreal Session
Slattery's Fancy Montreal Session
Slaughter House Barnes 1
Slaughter House Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Slaughter House II Barnes 1
Sleep On My Kathleen Dear Montreal Session
Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin' Fiddler's Fakebook
Sleeping in the Attic Barnes 2
Sleeping Lulu Fiddler's Fakebook
Sleeping Lulu Portland 3
Sleepless Swain, The Barnes 2
Sleepy-Eyed John Portland 3
Sleepy Maggie O'Neill's
Sleepy Maggie Montreal Session
Slieve Gallen Montreal Session
Slievenamon O'Neill's
Slievenamon Montreal Session
Sligo Air Montreal Session
Sligo Chorus, The O'Neill's
Sligo Chorus, The Montreal Session
Sligo Creek Portland 1
Sligo Fancy, The Montreal Session
Sligo Lasses, The O'Neill's
Sligo Lasses, The Montreal Session
Sligo Maid Fiddler's Fakebook
Sligo Maid Portland 2
Sligo Maid, The Montreal Session
Slip, The Barnes 1
Slip, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Slipper Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Slipper Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Slippery Kate Portland 3
Sloan's Lamentation Montreal Session
Slof Galliard, The Barnes 1
Slope Road Jig Fiddling Across America
Sly Patrick Montreal Session
Small Coals an' Little... Montreal Session
Smash the Windows Fiddler's Fakebook
Smash the Windows O'Neill's
Smash the Windows Pinewoods
Smash the Windows SPUDS
Smash the Windows YFN
Smash the Windows Montreal Session
Smile of Nancy Barlow,... Montreal Session
Smiling Susan Montreal Session
Smith's Delight O'Neill's
Smith's Favourite Montreal Session
Smith's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Smithy Hill Barnes 1
Smoke in the Wind Mendocino Tune Book
Smoke on the Water SPUDS
Smokey Chimney, The Montreal Session
Smoky House, The O'Neill's
Smoky House, The Montreal Session
Snake River Reel Portland 2
Snoring Mrs. Gobeil Fiddler's Fakebook
Snow on the Hills, The O'Neill's
Snow On The Hills, The Montreal Session
Snow on Valafield Portland 1
Snow Storm, The Montreal Session
Snowbird In the Ashbank Fiddling Across America
Snowbird on the Ashbank Fiddler's Fakebook
Snowbird on the Ashbank Portland 2
Snowdrops (Bob Pasquarello 1989) SPUDS
Snowflake Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Snowshoes A Fiddler's Fakebook
Snowstorm, The Waltz Book 4
Snowy Breasted Pearl, ... Montreal Session
Snug in the Blanket O'Neill's
Snug In The Blanket Montreal Session
Sod of Turf, The O'Neill's
Sod Of Turf, The Montreal Session
Soet roosie root see Sweet Rosie Red Barnes 2
Soft Horse Reel, The Montreal Session
Softly Good Tummas Mendocino Tune Book
Softly, Good Tummas Barnes 2
Soir et Matin Waltz Book 2
Soirée Chez Alcide Portland 3
Soldier and the Sailor... Montreal Session
Soldier Tonight Is Our... Montreal Session
Soldier's Joy Barnes 2
Soldier's Joy Fiddler's Fakebook
Soldier's Joy Pinewoods
Soldier's Joy YFN
Soldier's Joy, The O'Neill's
Soldier's Joy, The Montreal Session
Soldier's Return, The Civil War Songbook
Solstice Maid, The Waltz Book 4
Sommarvals (Summer Waltz) Montreal Session
Sommermichl Little Couple-Dancemusik
Sommervalsen Waltz Book 3
Sommervalsen (Ale Moller) SPUDS
Son Alegre Little Couple-Dancemusik
Son of a Bear Montreal Session
Son of Prosperity, The Montreal Session
Songs of the Harpist Barnes 2
Sonny Brogan's Portland 2
Sonny's Mazurka Fiddler's Fakebook
Sonny's Mazurka Montreal Session
Sorciere Heureuse, La Montreal Session
Sorrowful Maiden, The Montreal Session
Sorry Too Late Montreal Session
Soulton Jigg Barnes 2
Soup of Good Drink, The Montreal Session
soupe aux pois, Reel d... Montreal Session
Sourgrass and Granite Montreal Session
Souter Creek Montreal Session
South Downs Jig Montreal Session
South of the James YFN
Southern Breeze, The Montreal Session
Southern Shore, The Montreal Session
Southrons' Chaunt of Defiance, The Civil War Songbook
SouthwestBridge, The Portland 1
Southwind Fiddler's Fakebook
Southwind Little Couple-Dancemusik
Southwind Pinewoods
Southwind Waltz Book 1
Souvenir de Caracas Waltz Book 3
Soweto Slide Portland 1
Space Party Montreal Session
Spadookis Portland 2
Spagnolette Reformeert see Gold for the Mahieus Barnes 2
Spalpeen Fanach O'Neill's
Spalpeen Fanach, The Montreal Session
Spancil Hill Montreal Session
Spaniard Mendocino Multipart
Spaniard, The Barnes 1
Spaniard, The Mendocino Tune Book
Spanish Gypsie Barnes 2
Spanish Jig Barnes 1
Spanish Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Spanish Waltz Waltz Book 1
Sparkle of Starlight Portland 3
Sparf Pars Polska Little Couple-Dancemusik
Sparkling Blue Eyes Montreal Session
Spatter the Dew O'Neill's
Spatter The Dew Montreal Session
Spatter the Dew see Heydaze Barnes 2
Speed the Plough Barnes 1
Speed the Plough Fiddler's Fakebook
Speed the Plough SPUDS
Speed the Plough Montreal Session
Speed the Plow Portland 1
Speed the Polough Country Dance Tunes (set 1)
Speedwell Barnes 2
Spellan the Fiddler O'Neill's
Spellan The Fiddler Montreal Session
Spellan's Delight Montreal Session
Spellan's Fancy Montreal Session
Spellan's Fiddle Montreal Session
Spellan's Inspiration Montreal Session
Sperantsa Pierduta Waltz Book 3
Spinners Delight, The Montreal Session
Spinner's Lilt, The Montreal Session
Spinning Wheel, The O'Neill's
Spinning Wheel, The Montreal Session
Spirit of the dance Montreal Session
Spirvan's Fancy O'Neill's
Splashing of the Churn... Montreal Session
Splendid Shilling, The Barnes 1
Split Rock, The Portland 2
Spokane Waltz Waltz Book 3
Spootiskeny Portland 1
Spootiskerry Montreal Session
Spootiskerry (Ian Burns) SPUDS
Spootiskerry / The Fateful Head YFN
Sport Montreal Session
Sporting Bachelor, The O'Neill's
Sporting Bachelor, The Montreal Session
Sporting Boys, The O'Neill's
Sporting Boys, The Montreal Session
Sporting Irishman, The Montreal Session
Sporting Paddy Portland 3
Spotted Cow, The O'Neill's
Spotted Cow, The Montreal Session
Spotted Pony SPUDS
Spotted Pony II SPUDS
Spout Reel, The O'Neill's
Sprig of Shillelah, A O'Neill's
Sprig Of Shillelah, A Montreal Session
Sprightly Widow, The O'Neill's
Sprigs of Laurel Barnes 2
Spring Fever (Bob Pasquarello) SPUDS
Spring Garden Barnes 1
Spring Garden Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Spring Garden, The O'Neill's
Spring Garden, The Montreal Session
Spring Into the Drink Montreal Session
Spring Morning, The Waltz Book 2
Spring Wedding Barnes 2
Spring Well, The Montreal Session
Spring, The Barnes 1
Springfield Girl Portland 2
Springlek Little Couple-Dancemusik
Spry Young Lad, The Montreal Session
SPUDS Polka (Bob McQuillen) SPUDS
Squeeze-In Processional Montreal Session
Squire Parsons see Hortonia Barnes 2
Squire, The (Bob Pasquarello 1995) SPUDS
Squirrel Hunter SPUDS
St Bernard's Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
St Bruno en Musique Montreal Session
St Esprit, Reel de Montreal Session
St Marc, Reel Montreal Session
St Patrick Was a Gentl... Montreal Session
St Patrick's Day Montreal Session
St. Anne's Reel Pinewoods
St. Anne's Reel YFN
St. Joseph's reel Montreal Session
St. Patrick's Day O'Neill's
St. Patrick's Day Montreal Session
Stack of Barley, The Montreal Session
Stack of Wheat, The Montreal Session
Stack the Rags O'Neill's
Stack the Rags Montreal Session
Stack's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Stage Hornpipe, A Montreal Session
Stagger the Buck O'Neill's
Stagger The Buck Montreal Session
Stagshaw Bank Fair Montreal Session
Staines Morris Barnes 1
Staines Morris Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Stan Chapman's SPUDS
Stan Chapman's Jig Portland 2
stanadoir suga c, an Montreal Session
Stangate Bridge see Yes! I Am Mireille's Daughter Barnes 2
Stanley Forever Mendocino Multipart
Stanley Forever Mendocino Tune Book
Star Above the Garter SPUDS
Star above the Garter, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Star Above the Garter, The Portland 1
Star Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Star Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Star of Kilkenny, The O'Neill's
Star Of Kilkenny, The Montreal Session
Star of Killkenny, The O'Neill's
Star of Munster SPUDS
Star of Munster YFN
Star of Munster, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Star of Munster, The O'Neill's
Star of Munster, The Portland 1
Star of Munster, The Montreal Session
Star of the Country Down, The Barnes 1
Star of the County Down Fiddler's Fakebook
Star of the County Down Little Couple-Dancemusik
Star of the County Down Pinewoods
Star of the County Down Waltz Book 1
Star of the County Down Montreal Session
Stars & Stripes Forever (John Philip Sousa) SPUDS
Stately Manor Barnes 2
Staten Island Fiddler's Fakebook
Staten Island SPUDS
Staten Island YFN
Staten Island Montreal Session
Stav Lavan Little Couple-Dancemusik
Stay a Wee Bit, Bonnie... Montreal Session
Stay All Night Portland 1
Stay Where You Are O'Neill's
Stay Where You Are Montreal Session
Steam Packet, The O'Neill's
Steam Packet, The Montreal Session
Steamboat Hornpipe (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Steciak's Waltz Book 2
Steel Hoop, The Barnes 2
Steeplechase, The Portland 2
Stens Vals Waltz Book 4
Stenvals Little Couple-Dancemusik
Step and Fetch Her Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Step Around Johnny Portland 3
Step Back SPUDS
Step Stately Barnes 1
Step Stately Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Steph's Reel / Campbell's Farewell to Redgap YFN
Stepping Stones Barnes 2
St-Etienne St-Joseph, Reel Montreal Session
Steve's Kitchen Jig Montreal Session
St-Laurent du Fleuve Montreal Session
Stolen Moment, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Stolen Purse, The O'Neill's
Stolen Purse, The Montreal Session
Stone In the Field, The Montreal Session
Stone's Rag Fiddler's Fakebook
Stone's Rag Portland 2
Stone's Rag YFN
Stoney Creek Fiddler's Fakebook
Stoney Point Fiddler's Fakebook
Stony Fork Fiddler's Fakebook
Stool of Repentance Portland 1
Stool of Repentance SPUDS
Stop Press (Peter Marshall) SPUDS
Stormy Voyage, The Montreal Session
Storyteller, The Montreal Session
Stourton Wake Barnes 2
Stranger From Limerick... Montreal Session
Stranger in Cork, A Montreal Session
Straw Seat, The O'Neill's
Straw Seat, The Montreal Session
Strawberry Beds, The O'Neill's
Strawberry Blossom, The O'Neill's
Strawberry Blossom, The Montreal Session
Streamlet, The Montreal Session
Streams Of Bunclody, The Montreal Session
Streams of Kilnaspig, ... Montreal Session
Streams of Lovely Nancy see Angels Unawares Barnes 2
Strike the Gay Harp O'Neill's
Strike the Gay Harp Montreal Session
Strike the Young Harp Montreal Session
String of Trucks Portland 2
String Theory, The Portland 2
Strolling Mason, The Montreal Session
Strolling Thro' the Park Little Couple-Dancemusik
Strop The Razor Montreal Session
Strop the Razor (1st setting) O'Neill's
Strop the Razor (2nd setting) O'Neill's
Struggling Heart, The Portland 2
Suantraidhe eirinneach Montreal Session
Successful Campaign Barnes 2
Such a Boychik! Portland 3
Sudden Memories (Doug Healy) SPUDS
Sueno de una Munequita Waltz Book 3
Sugar Hill Fiddler's Fakebook
Sugar Hill Portland 3
Sugar in the Gourd Fiddler's Fakebook
Sugar in the Gourd Fiddling Across America
Sugra Caislean-nua Da Montreal Session
Suisin Ban, An Montreal Session
Sulphur Creek Montreal Session
Sulzbacher, Little Couple-Dancemusik
Summer Evening Montreal Session
Summer Haze Waltz Book 4
Summer Is Come, The Montreal Session
Sun Assembly Barnes 1
Sun Assembly Mendocino Tune Book
Sunday River Waltz Waltz Book 1
Sunderland Lasses Montreal Session
Sunrise, The Montreal Session
Sunshine Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Sunshine Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Supple Dancer, The Montreal Session
Surrey Hills Barnes 2
Surveyor's Reel Portland 3
Susan see Fairy Queen, The Barnes 2
Susanbirds of Wendell, The Portland 3
Susannah Gal Fiddling Across America
Suserl Little Couple-Dancemusik
Susi's Waltz Waltz Book 2
Sussex Cottage Mendocino Tune Book
Sussex Waltz Waltz Book 3
Svedala Hambo Little Couple-Dancemusik
Svensk Shottis #1 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Svensk Shottis #2 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Svensk Shottis #3 Little Couple-Dancemusik
Swaggering Jig, The O'Neill's
Swaggering Jig, The Montreal Session
Swallow Tail Jig, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Swallow's Nest, The Montreal Session
Swallow's Tail Reel, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Swallow's Tail Reel, The Montreal Session
Swallow's Tail, The O'Neill's
Swallow's Tail, The Montreal Session
Swallowtail SPUDS
Swallowtail Jig YFN
Swallowtail Reel YFN
Swallowtail Reel, The Montreal Session
Swallowtail Swedish Jig, The Montreal Session
Swedish Jig (Arthur Darley) SPUDS
Swedish Rhapsody Little Couple-Dancemusik
Swedish Waltz SPUDS
Sweeney's Little Couple-Dancemusik
Sweeney's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Sweeney's Polka Montreal Session
Sweeney's Wheel Montreal Session
Sweeping the Cobwebs O... Montreal Session
Sweep's Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Sweep's Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Sweet Betsy From Pike Clarke Penny Whistle
Sweet Biddy Daly O'Neill's
Sweet Biddy Daly Montreal Session
Sweet Biddy Of Ballyvo... Montreal Session
Sweet Biddy of Ballyvourney O'Neill's
Sweet Bunch of Daisies Fiddler's Fakebook
Sweet Castle Hill Montreal Session
Sweet Home Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Sweet Jenny Jones see Mortsel Circle Barnes 2
Sweet Journeys Waltz Book 1
Sweet Kate Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Sweet Kathleen Machree Montreal Session
Sweet Killaloe Montreal Session
Sweet Molly Montreal Session
Sweet Molly Malone Montreal Session
Sweet Reunion Montreal Session
Sweet Rosie Red Barnes 2
Sweet Sixteen Portland 1
Sweetheart Reel, The Montreal Session
Swells of Coolrahan, The Montreal Session
Swift from the Covert Montreal Session
Swing Away Portland 2
Swing Your Partner Portland 2
Swing Your Partner SPUDS
Swingin' in a Leisure Suit Portland 2
Swingin on a Gate YFN
Swinging Around The Ci... Montreal Session
Swinging Around the Circle O'Neill's
Swinging Fiddles Fiddler's Fakebook
Swinging on a Gate Fiddler's Fakebook
Swinging On A Gate Pinewoods
Swinging on a Gate SPUDS
Swipesy see Devilish Delight of Doctor Dennard Barnes 2
Swords into Ploughshares Portland 3
Sybil's Au Revoir Barnes 1
Symphony, The Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Symphony, The see Aye Me Barnes 1
ta an ceart agad a gra d Montreal Session
Ta an geimhreadh thart Montreal Session
ta bair duinn ceann eile Montreal Session
ta cro tuir ag tea cd Montreal Session
ta me mo codla d 's na... Montreal Session
ta mo croi de crai dte Montreal Session
Tabhair Dom do Limh Montreal Session
Tadoussac, reel de Montreal Session
Tady's Wattle O'Neill's
Tady's Wattle Montreal Session
Taggart's Reel #3 Portland 3
Tail Toddle YFN
Tailor's Thimble, The O'Neill's
Tailor's Thimble, The Montreal Session
Tailor's Wedding, The O'Neill's
Tailor's Wedding, The Montreal Session
Taim ag Fei Tea m Leatba Montreal Session
Taim ag Fuirea c Leatsa Montreal Session
Taim cuirthadh dn saoghal Montreal Session
Taim Go Uai Gnea c Ano... Montreal Session
Taim Posda Bliadhain a... Montreal Session
Tain't So Little Couple-Dancemusik
Take a Dance Barnes 1
Take A Dance Mendocino Tune Book
Take Back the Virgin Page Montreal Session
Take Hence The Bowl Montreal Session
Take Her Out and Air Her Country Dance Tunes (set 9)
Take It Easy O'Neill's
Take It Easy Montreal Session
Take Me Back to Georgia Fiddler's Fakebook
Take Me Now While I'm In Humor O'Neill's
Take Me Now While I'm In Humour O'Neill's
Take Me Out to the Ballgame Little Couple-Dancemusik
Take My Hand Montreal Session
Take Your Choice O'Neill's
Take Your Choice Montreal Session
Taking Care of Mom Portland 3
Tall Slender Maiden, The Montreal Session
Tallis' Canon (John) Barnes 1
Tam Lin Montreal Session
Tamaulipeco Little Couple-Dancemusik
Tambourine Dance, The Barnes 1
Tamlin Portland 2
Tamony's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Tampico Road (Sarah Gowan) SPUDS
Tango Argentino Little Couple-Dancemusik
Tango D'Irene Little Couple-Dancemusik
Tanning the Leather Montreal Session
t-aos ceoil-eirinnai g... Montreal Session
Tar liomsa Montreal Session
Tar Road to Sligo Portland 2
Tar Road to Sligo SPUDS
Tar Road to Sligo Montreal Session
Tarbolton Montreal Session
Tarbolton Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Tarbolton Reel Montreal Session
Tarmon's Polka Clarke Penny Whistle
Tartar Frigate Portland 2
Tater Patch Fiddler's Fakebook
Tater Patch Portland 1
Tatter Jack Walsh Montreal Session
Tatter Jack Walsh Portland 3
Tatter the Road O'Neill's
Tatter The Road Montreal Session
Taxman Mazurka, The Montreal Session
Te Budum og Sommarens Gladje Little Couple-Dancemusik
tea c an mea don- bo tair Montreal Session
tea c toitea c, an Montreal Session
Tea in the Morning O'Neill's
Tea In The Morning Montreal Session
Tea Song, The Portland 2
Teac Beag Faoi An Cnoc... Montreal Session
Tear the Calico O'Neill's
Tear The Calico Montreal Session
Tea-Totaller Reel, The Montreal Session
Tebo Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Ted Meets Pachelbel Barnes 2
Teddy Bear's Picnic, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Teddy O'Neil Little Couple-Dancemusik
Teddy O'Neill Montreal Session
Teetotaler's Fancy, The O'Neill's
Teetotaler's Fancy, The Montreal Session
Teetotaller Montreal Session
Teig Maire's Daughter Montreal Session
Telephone Tune, The Portland 2
Tell Her I Am O'Neill's
Tell Her I Am Montreal Session
Tell Her Lies and Feed Her Candy Portland 1
Tell Me Dear Eveleen Montreal Session
Tempelhouse Jig, The Montreal Session
Temperance Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Temperance Reel SPUDS
Temperance Reel YFN
Temperance reel Montreal Session
Temple Change, The Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
temple, Reel du Montreal Session
Temple-Barr Barnes 2
Templehouse Jig, The O'Neill's
Templehouse Jig, The Montreal Session
Templehouse Reel, The Montreal Session
Templehouse, The O'Neill's
Templehouse, The Montreal Session
Ten for the Ten Commandments Barnes 2
Ten Penny Bit YFN
Ten Pound Lass Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase Fiddling Across America
Tenpenny Bit SPUDS
Tenpenny Bit, The O'Neill's
Tenpenny Bit, The Montreal Session
Tent at the Fair, The Montreal Session
Tenting on the Old Camp Ground Civil War Songbook
Terpsichore Barnes 1
Terpsicourante Barnes 2
Terrebonne, Gigue de Montreal Session
Terrebonne Depot Portland 3
Terry "Cuz" Teahan's Hornpipe Portland 2
Terry Heigh Ho The Gri... Montreal Session
Terry Heigh Ho, the Grinder O'Neill's
Terwilliger Tempo, The Portland 3
Teviot Bridge Portland 2
Texarcana Little Couple-Dancemusik
Texas Gales Fiddler's Fakebook
Texel Island, The Barnes 2
Thady You Gander see There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose Barnes 2
Thames Valley Diamond Barnes 1
Thanksgiving Montreal Session
That Dreamy Rag Little Couple-Dancemusik
That Night In Bethlehem Clarke Penny Whistle
That Sneaky Glide Little Couple-Dancemusik
That Sultry Waltz Waltz Book 4
Thatcher, The Montreal Session
That's Right Too Portland 2
ThcKlngoflhel'ilrle Fiddler's Fakebook
Theid Mi Dachaigh Little Couple-Dancemusik
Theme and Variations Little Couple-Dancemusik
There Is No Milk In the House O'Neill's
There's a Brown Skin Gal Fiddler's Fakebook
There's an End to My S... Montreal Session
There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose Barnes 2
There's Something Abou... Montreal Session
They Are Gone Montreal Session
Thief of Lough Erne, The O'Neill's
Thief Of Lough Erne, The Montreal Session
Thirty Years Ago O'Neill's
Thirty Years Ago Montreal Session
This is Not My Sweetheart Montreal Session
Thomas and Sally Barnes 2
Thomas Leixlip the Proud Montreal Session
Thomas Pomerleau 1, Ma... Montreal Session
Thompson's Reel O'Neill's
Thompson's Reel Montreal Session
Thou Art Gone Far Away Montreal Session
Thou of the Beautiful ... Montreal Session
Though Dark Be Our Sorrows O'Neill's
Threadbare Coat, The Montreal Session
Three Captains, The O'Neill's
Three Captains, The Montreal Session
Three Forks Of Cheat Fiddling Across America
Three Gude Men Barnes 2
Three Halfpence a Day O'Neill's
Three Halfpence A Day Montreal Session
Three Little Drummers, The O'Neill's
Three Little Drummers,... Montreal Session
Three Meet Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Three Potatoes in a Bag Montreal Session
Three Sea Captains, The O'Neill's
Three Sea Captains, The Montreal Session
Three-In-One Two-Step Fiddler's Fakebook
Threepenny Bit, The O'Neill's
Threepenny Bit, The Montreal Session
Threshers, The Montreal Session
Threshing the Barley Montreal Session
Through the Gates Portland 2
Thrush's Nest, The Montreal Session
Thunderhead Montreal Session
Thy Fair Bosom Montreal Session
Ti-Bé, Reel Portland 3
Tickle The Strings Montreal Session
Tie the Bonnet O'Neill's
Tie The Bonnet Montreal Session
Tie the Petticoat Tighter O'Neill's
Tie The Petticoat Tighter Montreal Session
Tie the Ribbons O'Neill's
Tie The Ribbons Montreal Session
Tie Your Dog, Sally Gal SPUDS
Ti-Jean Morin Montreal Session
Ti-Jean, Reel à Portland 2
Ti-Jules, Reel à Portland 2
Till the Tide Comes In Montreal Session
Tilly Lamp, The Montreal Session
Tim & Lydia's Wedding Day Waltz Book 4
Tim Finnegan's Wake Clarke Penny Whistle
Tim Healey's Montreal Session
Tim Hogan's Jig O'Neill's
Tim Hogan's Jig Montreal Session
Tim the Market Man O'Neill's
Tim The Market Man Montreal Session
Tim the Marketman O'Neill's
Tim the Thatcher O'Neill's
Tim The Thatcher Montreal Session
Tim the Turncoat O'Neill's
Tim The Turncoat Montreal Session
Timberline Portland 2
Ti-Mé, Reel Montreal Session
Ti-Me,Reel Portland 1
ti-minoues, Reel des Montreal Session
Timmy Clifford's Portland 2
Timothy Downing Montreal Session
Timour the Tartar Fiddler's Fakebook
Tink a Tink Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Tinker's Reel, The O'Neill's
Tinker's Reel, The Montreal Session
Tinware Lass, The O'Neill's
Tinware Lass, The Montreal Session
tiobra d-arainn Montreal Session
Tiosgnad Paidin Montreal Session
Tip the Cruiskeen O'Neill's
Tip The Cruiskeen Montreal Session
Tipperary Montreal Session
Tipperary Hills O'Neill's
Tipperary Hills Montreal Session
Tipsy Sailor, The Portland 2
Tir the Ribbons Montreal Session
Tiro L'Auto Little Couple-Dancemusik
Tit for Tat O'Neill's
Tit For Tat Montreal Session
To Limerick We Go Montreal Session
Tobin's Favorite O'Neill's
Tobin's Favorite SPUDS
Tobin's Favorite Montreal Session
Tobin's Favourite O'Neill's
Tobin's Jig Fiddler's Fakebook
Tobin's Resource Montreal Session
Tod's Assembly Barnes 1
tog air ais an duille ... Montreal Session
Tog uadhso an cupan Montreal Session
toirea m, an Montreal Session
Tolka Polka Montreal Session
Tom and Jerry Fiddler's Fakebook
Tom Billly's Reel Portland 1
Tom Billy's Montreal Session
Tom Billy's Jig Portland 1
Tom Clair's Maggie Montreal Session
Tom Jones Barnes 1
Tom Jones Montreal Session
Tom Morrison's Reel Portland 1
Tom Reilly's Portland 2
Tom Steele O'Neill's
Tom Steele Portland 2
Tom Steele Montreal Session
Tom Sullivan's Montreal Session
Tom Trainor's Portland 2
Tomahawk Portland 3
Tomas Mo Dearbratair Montreal Session
Tombigbee Waltz Waltz Book 1
Tomgraney Castle O'Neill's
Tomgraney Castle Montreal Session
Tommy Bhetty's Montreal Session
Tommy Bhetty's Waltz Waltz Book 3
Tommy Johnson Montreal Session
Tommy Mulhaire's Jig Portland 2
Tommy Peoples' Montreal Session
Tommy's Tarbukas Portland 1
Tommy's Tarbukas Montreal Session
Tomorrow Morning O'Neill's
Tomorrow Morning Montreal Session
Ton, The see Constancy Barnes 1
Tone Rowe (Brendan Tonra) SPUDS
ToneRowe Portland 1
Tongadale Reel, The Montreal Session
Tongadale Reel, The Portland 3
Tongs by the Fire, The O'Neill's
Tongs By The Fire, The Montreal Session
Tonra's Jig Portland 1
Too Much Mustard Little Couple-Dancemusik
Too Young to Marry Fiddler's Fakebook
Too Young to Marry Portland 1
Top and Bottom Barnes 2
Top Corner (Judi Stellar) SPUDS
Top of Cork Road Portland 1
Top of Cork Road SPUDS
Top of Cork Road, The O'Neill's
Top Of Cork Road, The Montreal Session
Top Of The Hill, The Montreal Session
Top of the Morning, The O'Neill's
Top Of The Morning, The Montreal Session
Top the Candle Montreal Session
Top the Candle! O'Neill's
Topaz, The Barnes 2
Tori Barone's (Bill Quern 2001) SPUDS
Torn Jacket, The Portland 3
Tosavalsen Waltz Book 1
Toss the Feathers Fiddler's Fakebook
Toss the Feathers O'Neill's
Toss The Feathers Montreal Session
Tossing of the Hay, The Montreal Session
Tossing on the Waves Montreal Session
Tosvalsen Little Couple-Dancemusik
Touch and Take Barnes 1
Touch and Take Country Dance Tunes (set 6)
Touch Me if You Dare O'Neill's
Touch Me If You Dare Montreal Session
Touchstone, The Barnes 1
Touhey's Favorite Reel Montreal Session
touriste, La gigue du Montreal Session
Tourment, Le Portland 2
Tourment, le Montreal Session
Tourment, Le (Jean-Paul Loyer) SPUDS
Tourner à Trois see Turning By Threes Barnes 2
Tow Row Row O'Neill's
Tow Row Row Montreal Session
Tracy's Turn Portland 3
Trail of the Lonesome Pine SPUDS
Tralee Gaol Clarke Penny Whistle
Tralibane Bridge Montreal Session
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! Civil War Songbook
Transported Barnes 2
Transtrand Waltz Book 2
Trathgun Biadh Little Couple-Dancemusik
Traveller, The O'Neill's
Traveller, The Portland 1
Traveller, The Montreal Session
Traversier, Reel de Montreal Session
Treigteoir Dana, An Montreal Session
Trenchmore Barnes 1
Tres Elegante Waltz Book 3
Trgnala Rumjona Little Couple-Dancemusik
Triad in L# Major Barnes 2
Tricentenaire, Reel du Montreal Session
Trim The Bonnet Montreal Session
Trim the Velvet O'Neill's
Trim The Velvet Montreal Session
Trip It Up Stairs O'Neill's
Trip It Up Stairs Montreal Session
Trip O'er Tweed, A Barnes 1
Trip on the Erie, A Folk Songs of Upstate New York
Trip to Amsterdam, A Barnes 1
Trip to Athlone Portland 2
Trip to Athlone Montreal Session
Trip to Ballyshannon Portland 1
Trip To Brittany, The Montreal Session
Trip to Canterbury, A Barnes 1
Trip to Castle Howard, A Barnes 2
Trip to Durrow Portland 1
Trip to Galway, A O'Neill's
Trip To Galway, The Montreal Session
Trip to Greene Barnes 2
Trip To Herve's, The Montreal Session
Trip to Highgate Barnes 1
Trip to Kilbum Mendocino Multipart
Trip to Kilburn Mendocino Tune Book
Trip to Kilburn, A Barnes 1
Trip to Kilburn, A Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Trip to Killarney, A Montreal Session
Trip to Maisnte Mendocino Multipart
Trip to Margate Mendocino Tune Book
Trip to Orpington Barnes 1
Trip to Pakistan Montreal Session
Trip to Paris Mendocino Multipart
Trip to Paris Mendocino Tune Book
Trip to Paris, A Barnes 1
Trip to Poughkeepsie, A Barnes 1
Trip to Richmond Barnes 2
Trip to Ridgewood Barnes 1
Trip to Skye Montreal Session
Trip to Sligo Fiddler's Fakebook
Trip to Sligo Portland 1
Trip to Sligo YFN
Trip to Teddington see Archbishop Barnes 1
Trip to the Cottage, A O'Neill's
Trip To the Cottage, A Montreal Session
Trip to the Gargle, A O'Neill's
Trip to the Jubilee Barnes 1
Trip to the Manors Barnes 2
Trip to Town-o Barnes 2
Trip to Tunbridge Barnes 1
Trip to Tunbridge Mendocino Multipart
Trip to Tunbridge Mendocino Tune Book
Trip To Tunbridge (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Trip to Virginia Barnes 1
Trip to Windsor Portland 2
Tripping Up the Stairs Portland 1
Tripping up the Stairs Montreal Session
Triumph, The Barnes 2
Triumph, The Country Dance Tunes (set 2)
Troika! Little Couple-Dancemusik
Trois, Gigue a Montreal Session
Troll Soup Portland 3
Trollspolska Little Couple-Dancemusik
Trombone Rag Portland 3
Trude Evans Fiddler's Fakebook
True Kit Barnes 2
True Love Can Ne'er Fo... Montreal Session
Trumpet Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Trumpet Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Trying To Go To Sleep Montreal Session
Tuar Mor Polka No. 2,... Montreal Session
Tuisduin, an Montreal Session
Tullamore Piper, The Montreal Session
Tulloch Gorm Montreal Session
Tumble the Tinker Montreal Session
Tumbledown Montreal Session
Tunbridge Beauties Barnes 2
Tune for Emily Ball Montreal Session
Tune for Frankie Montreal Session
Tunturisatu Waltz Book 2
Tuque Bleue, La Portland 2
Tuque Bleue, Reel de la Montreal Session
Turkey in the Peapatch Portland 2
Turkey in the Straw Fiddler's Fakebook
Turkey in the Straw Pinewoods
Turkey in the Straw YFN
Turkey in the Straw Montreal Session
Turkeys in the Straw O'Neill's
Turlough the Brave Montreal Session
Turlute à Lisan Hubert, La Portland 3
Turlutte Acadienne Montreal Session
Turn of the Tide Barnes 2
Turning By Threes Barnes 2
Turning of the Tide, The Portland 1
Tushkar, Da Portland 2
Tuttle's Portland 3
Tuttle's Reel YFN
Tuttles Reel Montreal Session
'Twas on a Summer Morning Montreal Session
Twelve for the Twelve Apostles Barnes 2
Twenty-Eighth of January Fiddler's Fakebook
Twenty-Ninth of May, The Barnes 1
Twenty-Ninth of May, The Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Twenty-Ninth of May, The see Blue-Eyed Stranger Barnes 2
Twenty-Something Barnes 2
Twilight Star, The Montreal Session
Twin Brothers, The Montreal Session
Twin Centers of the Universe Waltz Book 2
Twin Sisters Portland 2
Twin Sisters I Fiddler's Fakebook
Twinkle Little Star Fiddler's Fakebook
Twisting Of The Hayrope (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Twisting of the Rope, ... Montreal Session
Two Cousins, The Barnes 2
Two Pauls, The Barnes 2
Two Rivers Waltz Book 2
Two Rivers (Larry Unger) SPUDS
Two Wide Nickels Portland 1
Twopenny Jig, The O'Neill's
Twopenny Jig, The Montreal Session
Ty Coch Caerdydd see Red House of Cardiff Barnes 2
Tyrollienne Little Couple-Dancemusik
Tyrone Castle Montreal Session
u balli de gei mrea d Montreal Session
ua cuil-ca... Montreal Session
ua du btai g an rinceoir Montreal Session
ua siridein Montreal Session
ua tra g go tra g Montreal Session
Uaill-cuma Mic-coillte Montreal Session
uar fairea can, an Montreal Session
Ugly Customer, An Montreal Session
Ugly Customer, An O'Neill's
Uir-Chill A' Chreagain Clarke Penny Whistle
Uisge Logain Montreal Session
Ukrainian Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ulster Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Ulster Outcry, The Montreal Session
Un air trompeur Montreal Session
Un Canadien Errant Waltz Book 2
Una Sera In Lumio Little Couple-Dancemusik
Uncle Herm's Hornpipe Fiddling Across America
Uncle Bob's Boogie Portland 3
Unconditional Surrender Civil War Songbook
Under and Over Mendocino Tune Book
Under and Over see Jacob Hall's Jig Barnes 1
Underhand Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Unfortunate Cup of Tea, The O'Neill's
Unfortunate Rake, The Montreal Session
Union Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Union Jigg Barnes 1
Union Street Jig Portland 1
Union Street Session Portland 3
Unknown Bouree Montreal Session
Unknown Glasgow Jig Montreal Session
Unknown Glasgow Polka Montreal Session
Unknown Glasgow reel Montreal Session
Unknown Mazurka Montreal Session
Unknown Montreal reel Montreal Session
Unknown Piper, The Montreal Session
Unknown Polka Montreal Session
Unknown Schottische DM... Montreal Session
Unrequited Love Barnes 1
Up and About in the Mo... Montreal Session
Up and Down Again O'Neill's
Up And Down Again Montreal Session
Up Downey Portland 3
Up Goes Ely Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Up In the Air Montreal Session
Up In The Garret Montreal Session
Up Jumped the Devil Fiddler's Fakebook
Up on a Lofty Mountain Barnes 1
Up Roscommon Montreal Session
Up Sligo Portland 2
Up South Portland 3
Up Tails All Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Up the River Portland 1
Up the Steep Pitch Portland 3
Up With Aily Barnes 1
Up With Aily Country Dance Tunes (set 11)
Up With Aily II Barnes 2
Up With Sharon see Birthday Greetings Barnes 2
Upon A Summers Day Mendocino Tune Book
Upon a Summer's Day Barnes 1
Upon a Summer's Day Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Upper Valley Waltz Book 4
Urra! Le sean Eirinn g... Montreal Session
Utpick Waltz SPUDS
Utpick(Ookpik) Waltz Waltz Book 1
vacanciers, Reel des Montreal Session
Vacant Chair, The Civil War Songbook
Valcartier Set, First Part Fiddling Across America
Valcartier Waltz Waltz Book 3
Valentine's Day Barnes 1
Valley Forge Portland 2
Valley Near Sliavnamon... Montreal Session
Valleyfield, Reel de Montreal Session
Valleyfield, Reel de Portland 3
Vals des Jeunes Filles Little Couple-Dancemusik
Vals Efter Mollevit Little Couple-Dancemusik
Vals Etter Ka'l Fant Little Couple-Dancemusik
Vals fra Agerkrog Little Couple-Dancemusik
Vals fra Rattvik Little Couple-Dancemusik
Vals fran Orsa Waltz Book 2
Vals fran Skane Little Couple-Dancemusik
Vals Ore Dalarna Little Couple-Dancemusik
Vals til Hans Waltz Book 2
Valsajo, La Waltz Book 4
Vals-Clog Guillemette Waltz Book 3
Valse a Bouscatel Little Couple-Dancemusik
Valse a Deux Temps Waltz Book 2
Valse a PA. Waltz Book 3
Valse Aldor Waltz Book 2
Valse Bernadette Waltz Book 3
Valse Bernadette Montreal Session
Valse Brillante Little Couple-Dancemusik
Valse de Pastouriaux Waltz Book 3
Valse des Bois Montreal Session
valse des cerfs-volant... Montreal Session
Valse des Espoirs Fanés, La Waltz Book 4
Valse des Fables Waltz Book 4
Valse des Jeunes Filles (Waltz of the Little Girls) Waltz Book 1
Valse des Jouets (Waltz of the Toys) Waltz Book 1
valse des jouets, La Montreal Session
Valse des Niglos Waltz Book 4
Valse d'Hiver Waltz Book 2
Valse d'Hiver Montreal Session
Valse du coq Montreal Session
Valse du Vieux Moulin Waltz Book 3
Valse Elise Little Couple-Dancemusik
Valse Joyeuse, La Waltz Book 4
Valse Laurencienne, La Waltz Book 4
Valse Laurencienne, La Montreal Session
Valse Philippe Waltz Book 2
Valse Saint Jean Montreal Session
Valse Suzanne Montreal Session
Valse Westphalia Montreal Session
Valse-clog Lacroix Montreal Session
Valsinette Waltz Book 3
Varsovienne Little Couple-Dancemusik
Varsovienne Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Varvindat Friska Little Couple-Dancemusik
Vaughn's Ramble Barnes 2
Vendredi Trad Montreal Session
Vera's Valedictory see Dr. Vincent's Delight Barnes 1
Verre-Bouteille, Reel du Montreal Session
Verret's Portland 2
Very Poor Pay O'Neill's
Viceroy, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Victor's Return, The O'Neill's
Victor's Return, The Montreal Session
Vienna Barnes 2
vieux garçons, Reel des Montreal Session
vieux moulin, reel de Montreal Session
Vignerons, Les Montreal Session
Villa Rosa Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ville de Quebec Waltz Book 4
Villi Ruusu (Wild Roses) Waltz Book 3
Violon guérisseur Montreal Session
Virée dans Villeray, Le Montreal Session
Virginia Reel, The Portland 1
Virgin's Frolick, The Barnes 2
Virtuous Wife, The see St. Martin's Lane Barnes 1
Visit to Ireland, A O'Neill's
Visit To Ireland, A Montreal Session
Viva el West Side Portland 2
Vivace see Designing Woman, The Barnes 2
Vivaldi in Paradise Barnes 2
Vladimir's Steamboat Portland 2
Vladimir's Steamboat Montreal Session
Volpony Barnes 1
Volunteer, The Portland 2
Vossarul Little Couple-Dancemusik
voyage d'Eric St-Pierr... Montreal Session
Wa Is Me, What Mun I Do? Barnes 2
Wagner Portland 3
Wagon Wheel Portland 3
Wagoner Fiddler's Fakebook
Wagoner Fiddling Across America
Wagoner One Step, The Portland 1
Wagoner's Lad (The) Clarke Penny Whistle
Wait Awhile Montreal Session
Waiting for Fish Waltz Book 3
Waiting for Janet Montreal Session
Waiting for Nancy Portland 1
Waiting for Nancy (Curt Bouterse 1972) SPUDS
Waiting for Snow Waltz Book 2
Wake Up Susan I Fiddler's Fakebook
Wake Up to Cape Breton Portland 2
Wakefield Hunt Barnes 1
Waldo Portland 2
Walk Along John SPUDS
Walk Home, The Portland 1
Walk Out Of It Hogan Montreal Session
Walk Out of It, Hogan O'Neill's
Walk Up Georgia Row Portland 2
Walker Street O'Neill's
Walker Street Portland 1
Walker Street / Madame Bolduc YFN
Walkin' in the Parlor Fiddler's Fakebook
Walking in My Sleep Fiddler's Fakebook
Walking in My Sleep Portland 2
Wallace Twins, The Montreal Session
Walled Garden Waltz Montreal Session
Wallflowers Clarke Penny Whistle
Wallop the Potlid O'Neill's
Wallop The Potlid Montreal Session
Wallop the Spot O'Neill's
Wallop The Spot Montreal Session
Walls of Enniscorthy Montreal Session
Walls of Enniscorthy, The O'Neill's
Walls of Limerick, The Montreal Session
Walls of Liscarroll, The O'Neill's
Walls Of Liscarroll, The Montreal Session
Walmer Castle Barnes 1
Walpole Cottage Barnes 1
Wals Voor Polle Waltz Book 3
Walsh's Favorite Montreal Session
Walsh's Frolics Montreal Session
Walter Bulwer's No. 1 SPUDS
Waltham Abbey Barnes 2
Walton Abey see Waltham Abbey Barnes 2
Waltz Country Dance Barnes 2
Waltz For Corwin Mendocino Multipart
Waltz For Corwin, A Mendocino Tune Book
Waltz for Eliza Waltz Book 4
Waltz for Mary Kay, A Waltz Book 2
Waltz from Jarna Waltz Book 3
Waltz from Orsa Little Couple-Dancemusik
Waltz of the Floating Bridge Waltz Book 2
Waltz of the N's Waltz Book 3
Waltz Quadrille Fiddling Across America
Waltz, A Waltz Book 2
Waltzing with You Waltz Book 2
Walzer Aus Earl Little Couple-Dancemusik
Walz-Mazurka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Wandering Willie Montreal Session
Wand'ring Willie see Girl's Best Friend, A Barnes 2
Warm Summer Night Waltz Book 3
Washington County Fiddler's Fakebook
Washington's March Portland 2
Wasn't She Fond of Me? O'Neill's
Was'nt She Fond of Me? Montreal Session
Watch the Birdie see Hillingdon Heath Barnes 2
Watchmaker, The O'Neill's
Watchmaker, The Montreal Session
Water Music (Handel) see New Beginning Barnes 1
Waterbound Portland 1
Waterbound / Stay All Night YFN
Waterfall Waltz Barnes 1
Waterfall Waltz Little Couple-Dancemusik
Waterfall Waltz II Barnes 1
Watermans Montreal Session
Watermill, The Portland 3
Waters of Holland II, The Barnes 1
Waters of Holland, The Barnes 1
Watkin's Ale Barnes 2
Wattentaler Masolka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Watton Town's End Country Dance Tunes (set 4)
Waves of Tory, The Montreal Session
Waves of Tramore Montreal Session
Way to Norwich, The Barnes 1
Waynesboro Portland 1
Ways of the World Fiddler's Fakebook
We Are Coming Father Abra'am Civil War Songbook
We Are Coming From the Cotton Fields Civil War Songbook
We Met At The Fair Montreal Session
We Shall Meet but We Shall Miss Him Civil War Songbook
We Won't Go Home Till Morning Country Dance Tunes (set 1)
Wearied Lad, The O'Neill's
Wearing of the Green, ... Montreal Session
Weary Maid, The Montreal Session
Weaver's Gallopede Mendocino Multipart
Weaver's Gallopede Mendocino Tune Book
Weavers, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Webley Figure Eight Barnes 2
Wedding Day Montreal Session
Wedding March from Unst Fiddler's Fakebook
Wedding o' Blyth, The Montreal Session
Wedding of Ballyporeen, The O'Neill's
Wedding Of Ballyporeen... Montreal Session
Wedding Reel, The Portland 2
Wedding reel, The Montreal Session
Wedding Ring, The Barnes 2
Wedding Vow Mendocino Tune Book
Wedding Waltz Waltz Book 2
Wedding, The O'Neill's
Wedding, The Montreal Session
Wedgewood Waltz Waltz Book 1
Wednesday Night Waltz Fiddler's Fakebook
Wee Johnny Montreal Session
Wee Murdie Montreal Session
Weeping, Sad and Lonely Civil War Songbook
Weighing Anchor Portland 3
Welcome Home O'Neill's
Welcome Home Montreal Session
Welcome to Cork O'Neill's
Welcome To Cork Montreal Session
We'll All Away to Sunn... Montreal Session
We'll All Take a Coach and Trip It Away O'Neill's
Well Done Jack Barnes 2
We'll Drink Good Health O'Neill's
We'll Drink To Good He... Montreal Session
Well Hall Barnes 1
Well Hall Mendocino Multipart
Well Hall Mendocino Tune Book
Well House see Dance for Joy Barnes 2
We'll Wed and We'll Bed see Dublin Bay Barnes 1
Wellington (Judi Stellar 2006) SPUDS
Wellington's Advance O'Neill's
Wellington's Advance Montreal Session
Wells Humour Barnes 2
Were I a Clerk Montreal Session
West End Park Street Montreal Session
West Fork Gals Clarke Penny Whistle
West Fork Gals Fiddler's Fakebook
West Fork Gals SPUDS
West Fork Girls Pinewoods
West Texas Waltz Waltz Book 3
Western Country Fiddler's Fakebook
Western Country Portland 1
Western Lasses, The O'Neill's
Western Lasses, The Montreal Session
Western Lilt, A Montreal Session
Western, The Montreal Session
Westminster Hall see Mr. Merrill's Maggot Barnes 2
Westmorland Barnes 2
Westphalia Little Couple-Dancemusik
Westphalia SPUDS
Westphalia Waltz Book 1
Westphalia Waltz Fiddler's Fakebook
Wexford Lasses, The O'Neill's
Wexford Lasses, The Montreal Session
Whack At the Whigs, A O'Neill's
Whack at the Whigs, A Montreal Session
What Ails You? O'Neill's
What Ails You? Montreal Session
What Shall I Do? O'Neill's
What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? Clarke Penny Whistle
What Shall We Do With the Baby-O? Barnes 1
What Sounds Can Compare? O'Neill's
Whately Barn Barnes 2
What-Not (Sarah Gowan 2002) SPUDS
What's That to Any One Montreal Session
Wheels of the World Portland 2
Wheels of the World, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Wheels of the World, The O'Neill's
Wheels Of The World, The Montreal Session
Wheelwright, The Montreal Session
Whelan's Old Sow Portland 3
When a Man's in Love H... Montreal Session
When Erin First Rose Montreal Session
When First I Met Thee Montreal Session
When History's Muse Montreal Session
When I Crossed the Valley Montreal Session
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Civil War Songbook
When Laura Smiles Barnes 2
When Sick Is It Tea Yo... Montreal Session
When Sick is it Tea You Want? O'Neill's
When Sick Is It Tea You Want? Portland 1
When the Cock Crows it... Montreal Session
When This Cruel War is Over Civil War Songbook
When William At Eve Montreal Session
When You Go Home O'Neill's
When You Go Home Montreal Session
When You Meet a Pretty... Montreal Session
Where Are You Going Love? Montreal Session
Where Did You Find Her? O'Neill's
Where Did You Find Her? Montreal Session
Where's the Slave so L... Montreal Session
While Gazing on the Mo... Montreal Session
Whim, The Barnes 1
Whim, The Country Dance Tunes (set 8)
Whin Blossom, The Montreal Session
Whirlgig, The Country Dance Tunes (set 7)
Whirligig Barnes 1
Whirligig's Last Bow, The Barnes 2
Whirligig's Maggot see Whirligig's Last Bow, The Barnes 2
Whirling Dervish (Jansen Wendell) SPUDS
Whish, The Barnes 1
Whish, The Country Dance Tunes (set 10)
Whiskers White Cockade Barnes 2
Whiskey and Water O'Neill's
Whiskey And Water Montreal Session
Whiskey and Water Montreal Session
Whiskey before Breakfast Fiddler's Fakebook
Whiskey Before Breakfast Pinewoods
Whiskey Before Breakfast SPUDS
Whiskey Before Breakfast YFN
Whiskey Before Breakfast Montreal Session
Whiskey You're The Devil! Montreal Session
Whiskey, You're the Devil! O'Neill's
Whistle and I'll Wait ... Montreal Session
Whistle o'er the Leave... Montreal Session
Whistling Barber, The O'Neill's
Whistling Billy, The Story Of Clarke Penny Whistle
Whistling Mike O'Neill's
Whistling Mike Montreal Session
Whistling Rufus Fiddler's Fakebook
White Blanket, The O'Neill's
White Blanket, The Montreal Session
White Bread and Butter Montreal Session
White Buffalo Portland 3
White Cockade, The Montreal Session
White Cockade, The see Yorkshire Square Eight Fiddler's Fakebook
White Horse Breakdown Fiddler's Fakebook
White Petticoat SPUDS
White Petticoat, The Portland 2
White Petticoat, The YFN
White Petticoat, The Montreal Session
White River Bottoms Portland 2
White Rose, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
White Rose, The Waltz Book 2
White-Mountain Maid, The Montreal Session
Whiteside's Hornpipe Montreal Session
Whitney's Fancy O'Neill's
Whitney's Fancy Montreal Session
Who Are You? Montreal Session
Who'll Buy My Besoms? O'Neill's
Who'll Save the Left? Civil War Songbook
Wibsey Roundabout Barnes 1
Wicklow Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Wicklow Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Widow Brady, The O'Neill's
Widow Brady, The Montreal Session
Widow Cantwell's fancy, The O'Neill's
Widow Cantwell's Fancy... Montreal Session
Widowed Bride, The Montreal Session
Widow's Curse, The Montreal Session
Widow's Daughter, The Montreal Session
Wild Awake O'Neill's
Wild Colt, The Montreal Session
Wild Geese, The Montreal Session
Wild Hills O' Wannie's, The Little Couple-Dancemusik
Wild Hog in the Woods Portland 2
Wild Irish Boy, The Montreal Session
Wild Irishman, The Montreal Session
Wild One (Mer Pantaleaoni Boel) SPUDS
Wild One!, The Portland 2
Wild Rose of the Mountain Fiddler's Fakebook
Wild Rose of the Mountain Fiddling Across America
Will My Love Be True? Montreal Session
Will o'the Wisp see Trip to Richmond Barnes 2
Will They Ever Return? Montreal Session
Will You Come Down to ... Montreal Session
Will You Come Down to Limerick O'Neill's
Will You Come Home Wit... Montreal Session
Will You Come Home With Me? O'Neill's
Will You Come In? Montreal Session
Will You Go To Sheriff Muir? Clarke Penny Whistle
Willa Fiord Montreal Session
Willafjord Portland 2
Willafjord SPUDS
Willafjord YFN
William Hardie's Waltz... Montreal Session
William White's Reel O'Neill's
William White's Reel Montreal Session
Williams' Hornpipe Montreal Session
Willie Coleman's Portland 2
Willie Coleman's Montreal Session
Willie Wagtail see Baby Boomer's Birthday Barnes 2
Willow Tree Mendocino Tune Book
Willow Tree, The Barnes 1
Willow Tree, The Montreal Session
Willy Nilly Barnes 2
Willy Nilly Waltz Book 2
Willy Reilly Montreal Session
Willy Walsh's Jig O'Neill's
Willy Walsh's Jig Montreal Session
Willy's Jig Portland 1
Wilmington Waltz Waltz Book 4
Wily Old Bachelor, The O'Neill's
Wily Old Bachelor, The Montreal Session
Wind that Shakes the Barley SPUDS
Wind that Shakes the Barley YFN
Wind That Shakes the Barley Montreal Session
Wind That Shakes the Barley, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Wind That Shakes the Barley, The O'Neill's
Winding Sheet Portland 2
Windmill, The Montreal Session
Windy Height, The Montreal Session
Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie's Reel Portland 2
Winifred's Knot Barnes 1
Winifred's Knot Country Dance Tunes (set 5)
Wink and I'll Follow You Montreal Session
Wink and She'll Follow You O'Neill's
Wink of Her Eye, The O'Neill's
Wink of Her Eye, The Montreal Session
Winner's Redowa Little Couple-Dancemusik
Winnie Hayes' Montreal Session
Winnifred Montreal Session
Winsome Widow, The Montreal Session
Winster Gallop Montreal Session
Winster Galop, The Barnes 2
Winter Apples O'Neill's
Winter Apples Montreal Session
Winter at Pemaquid Light Portland 3
Winter Dreams Barnes 2
Winter Garden Quadrille Montreal Session
Winter is Past, The Montreal Session
Winter Memories Barnes 2
Winter Waltz Barnes 2
Wintergrun Little Couple-Dancemusik
Wise Maid Montreal Session
Wise Maid, The Fiddler's Fakebook
Wise Nora O'Neill's
Wise Nora Montreal Session
Wise Nora Clarke Penny Whistle
Wishing Well, The Montreal Session
Wissahickon Drive Portland 1
With A Mile Of Clonbur Montreal Session
With All My Heart O'Neill's
With All My Heart Montreal Session
With Biddy By My Side Montreal Session
With Ourselves Portland 3
Within a Mile of Clonbur O'Neill's
Within A Mile Of Clonbur Montreal Session
Within a Mile of Dublin O'Neill's
Within A Mile Of Dublin Montreal Session
Within This Village Dw... Montreal Session
Wives' Victory, The Barnes 2
Wizard's Walk, The Portland 1
Wizard's Walk, The Montreal Session
Woeful Lover, The Barnes 2
Woeful Widow, The O'Neill's
Woeful Widow, The Montreal Session
Wolverton Hall Barnes 2
Woman I Never Forgot, The Portland 1
Woman of the House, The O'Neill's
Woman of the House, The Montreal Session
Women's Rock, The Montreal Session
Wood Duck Mendocino Multipart
Wood Duck Mendocino Tune Book
Wood Duck, The Barnes 1
Wood Duck, The Waltz Book 2
Wood Duck, The (Fried de Metz Herman 1978) SPUDS
Woodchopper's Breakdow... Montreal Session
Woodchopper's Reel Fiddler's Fakebook
Woodchopper's Reel, The Montreal Session
Woodcock, The O'Neill's
Woodcock, The Portland 2
Woodcock, The Montreal Session
Wooden Shoes Barnes 2
Woodicock see Whirligig Barnes 1
Woodlands Walk Mendocino Multipart
Woodlands Walk Mendocino Tune Book
Woodlark Barnes 1
Woodridge Breakdown Portland 3
Woods' Lamentation Montreal Session
Woods of Kilkenny, The O'Neill's
Woods Of Kilkenny, The Montreal Session
Woods of Kilmurry, The Montreal Session
Woods of Old Limerick,... Montreal Session
Woofin' the Cat Portland 2
Wooing Mairi Barnes 1
World is Turned Upside Down, The O'Neill's
Wounded Hussar, The Montreal Session
Wren Hornpipe, The O'Neill's
Wren Hornpipe, The Montreal Session
Wren, The SPUDS
Wren's Nest, The Montreal Session
Wright's Humour Barnes 2
Wrights of Litchfield, The Barnes 2
Wrong Foot Forward Montreal Session
Wylam Away Montreal Session
Yale Boola Little Couple-Dancemusik
Yankee Dancers Portland 2
Yankee Doodle Clarke Penny Whistle
Yarmouth Reel see Galopede Barnes 1
Ye Banks and Braes Little Couple-Dancemusik
Ye Social Powers see Once a Night Barnes 1
Year of Jubilo Fiddler's Fakebook
Year of Jubilo Little Couple-Dancemusik
Year of Jubilo SPUDS
Year of the Jubilo YFN
Yearlings in the Canebrake Portland 2
Yellow Barber Portland 2
Yellow Flail, The O'Neill's
Yellow Flail, The Montreal Session
Yellow Garron, The Montreal Session
Yellow Joak, The Montreal Session
Yellow John Montreal Session
Yellow Legs O'Neill's
Yellow Legs Montreal Session
Yellow Little Boy, The Montreal Session
Yellow Stockings Barnes 2
Yellow Stockings Mendocino Multipart
Yellow Stockings Mendocino Tune Book
Yellow Stockings Montreal Session
Yellow Wattle, The O'Neill's
Yellow Wattle, The Montreal Session
Yes! I Am Mireille's Daughter Barnes 2
Yesterday Morning O'Neill's
Yesterday Morning Montreal Session
Yesterday's Kisses Montreal Session
Yew Piney Mountain Fiddling Across America
Yo Te Arno Little Couple-Dancemusik
Yolanta Kruk's Polka Montreal Session
York Fusiliers see Convention Barnes 1
Yorkshire Square Eight Barnes 2
You Know I'm Your Priest O'Neill's
You Married My Daughter but yet You Didn't Portland 2
You Married My Daughter but Yet You Didn't YFN
You Married My Daughter, and Yet You Didn't Fiddler's Fakebook
You Need Not Fear Montreal Session
You Never Did Hear O'Neill's
You Never Saw Her Equal Montreal Session
You Never Saw Rosey Montreal Session
You Rogue You Dar'n't Meddle Me O'Neill's
You Rouge You Dar'n't ... Montreal Session
You Stole My Heart Away Montreal Session
Youghal Harbor O'Neill's
Youghal Harbor Montreal Session
Youghal Harbour O'Neill's
You'll Never Be Any Good Montreal Session
You'll Not Deceive Me ... Montreal Session
Young Arthur Daly O'Neill's
Young Arthur Daly Montreal Session
Young Black Cow, The Montreal Session
Young Bridget Montreal Session
Young Catherine Montreal Session
Young Damon's Flight Barnes 2
Young Edmond O'Neill Montreal Session
Young Ellen of My Heart Montreal Session
Young Francis Mooney O'Neill's
Young Francis Mooney Montreal Session
Young Jane Little Couple-Dancemusik
Young Kate of Kilcummer Montreal Session
Young Lads Prepared For Marriage O'Neill's
Young Lady, The Montreal Session
Young Man's Dream, The Montreal Session
Young Man's Fancy Barnes 1
Young Phillis Zorinski Barnes 2
Young Terence McDonough Montreal Session
Young Tim Murphy O'Neill's
Young Tim Murphy Montreal Session
Young Tom Ennis O'Neill's
Young Tom Ennis Montreal Session
Young Widow Mendocino Tune Book
Young Widow, The Barnes 1
Young Widow, The Portland 1
Young William Plunkett Montreal Session
Young Woman's Lament, ... Montreal Session
Youngest Daughter, The O'Neill's
Youngest Daughter, The Montreal Session
Young's Wisdom Barnes 1
Your Bag is Handsome, My Boy O'Neill's
Your Mother's Fair Pet O'Neill's
Your Mother's Fair Pet Montreal Session
You're Right My Love Montreal Session
You're Right, My Love O'Neill's
Yoy Stay Away a Long time O'Neill's
Yunogo - The Two Russian Captains (Bill Quern) SPUDS
Yurt in the Meadow YFN
Zealand Barnes 1
Zephyrs and Flora Barnes 1
Zephyrs And Flora Mendocino Tune Book
Zingara Mazourka Little Couple-Dancemusik
Zinnia's Favorite Portland 3
Zisook's Schottische (Bill Quern 2001) SPUDS
Zwei Kapellan Little Couple-Dancemusik
Zwiefacher Little Couple-Dancemusik